How Knowledge Can Be Lost Over Time – Dr. Tony Nader

How knowledge can be lost over time

Brief Transcript:

It is the nature of life and individual life to have freedom of choice, and decision making. And, with time the feeling of everything is going well, it is all fine, everything is okay leads to lack of practice of technology that allows the individual to remain in touch with their deep self. Therefore gradually one looses the connection to the source. It is like a river flowing and as it flows far, and far it can loose its connection to the source by having some branches here and there, go here and there, and then it can become stale and looses its energy, strength and flow, and therefore suddenly go away from the original purpose of life.

So, human choice and ability to choose with time allows the individual to choose one thing or the other. People can choose something that can create life which is not as ideal, and therefore they can try it, it is part of the curiosity and the natural aspect of human life and then gradually with time one forgets the importance of the knowledge that allows life to be lived on this level.

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