How Veda in the Physiology Applies to Each of Us ~ Dr. Tony Nader

How Veda in the Physiology Applies to Each of Us

Brief Transcript:

If we have to say what one would take as a whole from this whole Veda in the Physiology. What one would kind of at the end of the day say, “why is it interesting, what does it do to me? How much more I can feel I understand something knowing that this is the case, that Veda is physiology?”

One aspect, which is very important is that the connection between the abstract and the concrete, between the subjective and the objective. That ultimately they are the same. That the physical is truly nothing but the non-physical consciousness. That matter is actually itself an expression of intelligence, an expression of the dynamics of intelligence. That the creator is in his creation, that we as human beings have the structure and mechanism that allow us to experience Totality, Infinity, Pure Being… to shake hands with God to commune with the divine because we are structured in the actual form and structure of the will of god, if you like to go into religious terms. Or, we are the embodiment of the Totality of the Unified Field of the laws of nature and that a human being contains the total universe in fact truly in her or in him…


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