Fragments of a Love Story: Reflections on the Life of a Mystic by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee [Updated June 12, 2012]

The mystical path is the most intoxicating and paradoxical, difficult, and even dangerous journey one can ever take. Fragments of a Love Story is a series of personal writings describing the passionate love, heartache, and confusion that belong to this journey. In particular Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee explores what for him is a central paradox: what belongs to the individual, the “I” who makes the journey, and what belongs to God. Whose journey really is it?

He discusses this primary mystical question from his own experiences of 40 years travelling the mystical path within the context of the Sufi tradition. Some of these passages are very personal, heartfelt, full of contradictions and difficulties he has experienced. Other passages are more objective, more detached, placing his experiences and questions clearly within this ancient mystical tradition. In this way he shows how the Sufi path is lived today by a contemporary mystic.

Fragments of a Love Story takes the reader beneath the surface into the heart of the mystical relationship with the Divine, which for the Sufi is the relationship of lover and Beloved. He describes how this secret love affair is within the heart of each of us, waiting to come alive, unique to each of us, and yet how confusing it can be, especially for our rational Western consciousness.This book is about the story of the soul and the passion that exists within the core of our being, and how demanding and difficult it is to live this love affair. But it also describes the beauty, wonder, and power of the divine love that awakens within the heart — a love that is within each of us.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee is a Sufi teacher and author, and these writings come from his own experience of the Sufi path.

Taking Spiritual Responsibility for the Planet

If we take spiritual responsibility for what is happening to the world, we incarnate the Divine into ourselves and into the world. It is not just physical responsibility, it is also spiritual. We bring the light of divine consciousness—which as human beings we carry—into ourselves and into creation.

“Super Soul Sunday” Preview: Open Your Heart

This week on “Super Soul Sunday,” watch Oprah’s riveting conversation with Sufi mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. The ancient tradition of Sufism could change your view on spirituality forever. Then, don’t miss the U.S. television premiere of Love Hate Love. Executive produced by Sean Penn, this documentary tells the story of three families forever changed by acts of terrorism—and why they choose a path to hope.

Click here for audio of a recent talk by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, in which he discusses this new book, and reads from the last chapter: Where the Two Seas Meet (audio MP3, 40 minutes/46 mb).

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Irshad Manji on Allah, Liberty and Love

Irshad Manji, director of the Moral Courage Project at New York University, talks to Timothy Garton Ash about her new book, Allah, Liberty and Love.


Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole

In this extraordinary book, shamanic dream teacher Robert Moss shows us how to become shamans of our own souls and healers of our own lives.

The greatest contribution of the ancient shamans to modern healing is the understanding that in the course of any life we are liable to suffer soul loss — the loss of parts of our vital energy and identity — and that in order to be whole and well, we must find the means of soul recovery. Moss teaches us that our dreams give us maps we can use to travel to the places where we can find and bring home our lost or stolen soul parts. He shows us how to recover our animal spirits and ride the windhorse of spirit to places of healing and adventure in the larger reality. We discover how we can heal ancestral wounds and open the way for cultural soul recovery.

You’ll learn how to enter past lives, future lives, and the life experiences of parallel selves and how to bring back lessons and gifts. “It’s not just about keeping soul in the body,” Moss writes. “It’s about growing soul, becoming more than we ever were before, embodying more of the Greater Self.” With fierce joy, he incites us to take the creator’s leap and bring something new into our world.
Present! – Dreaming with Robert Moss (part one)

In Part One of this interview with Mel Van Dusen, writer, lecturer and professor of ancient history, Robert Moss, talks about dreams and their power in guiding us to an experience of deeper realities and fuller lives.

In Part Two of this interview with Mel Van Dusen, writer, lecturer, and professor of ancient history, Robert Moss, talks about dreams, coincidence and imagination and their power in guiding us to an experience of deeper realities and fuller lives.

Reiki and the Endocrine System ~ Humanity Healing



Reiki is synonymous with Universal Life Energy. Reiki is an integrative therapy that helps the individual find balance, harmony and alignment because it works primarily with the energy fields and the flow of vital energy.

One of the most practiced Reiki techniques is the placing the hands over the seven regions of the human body where the energy centers are located. Naturally, the Universal Life Energy is brought to these centers in order to revitalize and maintain the entire human body. These energy centers, or chakras, are intrinsically related to our endocrine system.

It is much easier to access any disease through these energy centers and through the “organs” that process their assimilated energies, the glands. Because Reiki utilizes the vital energy of life from the Universe, the healing can take place on multidimensional levels, in different subtle bodies and in diverse timelines.

Reiki healing can assist with the clearing of traumas, fears, frustrations, anger and bitterness of the past, as well as it can prepare someone for diverse events in the future. Energy travels and it is not restricted to spatial or chronological dimensions. A Reiki practitioner can send healing at a distance if they have the agreement of the patient.


The Endocrine Glands

Our endocrine glands are the physical projections of each of the seven chakras. They are sustained by specific energy patterns generated by the Universal Light energy. The chakras also reveal the fundamental emphasis of the individual, the focus of “I”. If a person identifies himself primarily with the feelings, the centers of the heart and solar plexus are most active and prominent than others. A very bright front indicates a degree of personal integration; a coronal light indicates the development of spiritual consciousness.

The thread of consciousness that awakens is connected to the core of the Crown Chakra. During sleep this flow of energy decreases, being revived at the moment of awakening. The thread of life, the Sutrama Cord, however, attaches the heart chakra to the physical heart, and that connection does not break while the individual is alive.

At the time of death, the thread of consciousness withdraws from the Crown Chakra and the thread of life is off the heart, signaling the disintegration of all the other chakras.

The main functions of the etheric chakras are: To absorb and distribute prana or vital energy to the etheric body, and through this, the physical body to maintain dynamic links with the corresponding chakras in emotional and mental bodies.

The physical body is affected not only by the speed of the stream of etheric energy, but also by the degrees of harmony and uniformity of the energy flow, and any obstruction that may distort the normal patterns of energy , inevitably will result in the loss of vitality and disease.

The endocrine system is composed by glands, and in other words are these glands are the ones that orchestrate all the activities of the physical body: its shape, its manifestations, their perceptions, and so on. Our glands are the Adrenals, the Pancreas, Thymus (heart chakra), the Gonads (sexual), Thyroid, Pituitary, Pineal. These organs when are blocked or energetically impaired, are responsible for physical problems and the appearance of diseases. Before they manifest in the physical plane, all illnesses manifest themselves first as obstructions on the subtle bodies.

Here are some of these problems and how they first appear as imbalances and their energetic drive.

Adrenals: anger, impatience, addiction, materialism, guilt, addiction, shame, violence, fear of death can cause: kidney pains, spine, bones, teeth, large intestine, anus, rectum, prostate, anemia, overweight, low blood pressure, fatigue, poor muscle tone, circulation problems, imbalance in body temperature, leukemia and nervous tension.

Gonads (sexual glands): control, submission or sexual dissatisfaction, promiscuity, rejection, loneliness, resentment, revenge, jealousy, envy, depression, reproductive system, can cause dysfunctions over the bladder, hips, legs, feet, sciatic nerve, muscle spasms, cramps, colic , menstrual disorders and hormonal imbalances.

Pancreas: anxiety, worry, indecisiveness, prejudice, mistrust, neglect, lies, usually causes problems with the spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, lower back, the vegetative nervous system, sense of inferiority, lack of logic and reason, insecurity and insomnia .

Thymus: disillusionment, transition, panic, depression, can be the source of heart arrhythmia, inefficient circulatory system, respiratory system; tract and bronchial, upper back, the Vagus nerve, skin, flushing, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart palpitations, acidosis, and panic disorder inability to love.

Thyroid: Failure, causes apathy, despair, limitation, fear, insecurity, self-reproach, submission, throat, tonsils, larynx, vocal cords, esophagus, susceptibilities of bacterial and viral infections, colds, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, muscle pains and headaches ( neck), dental problems, hardening of the jaws, herpes and fear of failure in social life.

Pituitary: When malfunctioning and not receiving the proper quota of energy it can manifest as symptoms; greed, arrogance, tyranny, stiffness, disposal, central nervous system, eyes (blindness, cataracts, glaucoma), hearing (deafness), nose (rhinitis), lack of logical reasoning, drug addictions, alcohol and other compulsions.

Pineal: When presenting deficiency on assimilating energy, the Pineal could present the individual with neuroses, irrationality, confusion, phobias, hysteria, obsession, brain pains, insomnia, migraine, sensory disorders, neuroses, hysteria, obsession and materialism.

Reiki will bring to the glands of universal life energy so they can have their proper and healthy functions, for instance:

Adrenals: survival and earthly life, connecting with the material world and physical energy.

Gonads (sexual glands): reproduction and sexuality.

Pancreatic: personality, vitality, action, and will, peace and harmony, self-esteem, protection from negative vibrations.

Thymus: unconditional love, marriage, healthy immune system.

Thyroid: communication, creativity, initiative, independence.

intuition, perception, logical reasoning.

Pineal: connection to higher energies, the fullness of being. So Reiki rebalances your body, your health and brings great peace of mind.

Eckhart Tolle – Bringing Stillness Into Everyday Life

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