How Humanity Came into Being The Evolution of Consciousness ~ Martin Lockley, Ryo Morimoto

“How Humanity Came into Being” is our story – the collective story of all humankind. Life, from its earliest days, is a constant exploration of our physical, emotional, mental and ultimately spiritual relationship with the world.

It is no wonder, then, that we ponder the perennial questions:

Where did we come from?;
What is our destiny as a species?;
Why the miracle of consciousness, self-awareness and the agony and ecstasy of existence?;
Why do we have a sense of order, morality, purpose, and even intimations of the divine?

This unique and remarkably readable book explores such questions of existence. The authors present a fascinating journey through our anthropological history, including art and science, linguistic, spiritual and other cultural innovations; in short, all things that make us a unique species.

Drawing on the latest research and ideas, they go on to show that we are poised at an evolutionary turning point as human beings move towards a collective awakening. For anyone interested in human consciousness, this book is an important signpost, indicating the way forward.
Martin Lockley grew up on nature reserves in Wales and England, where he later earned his Ph.D. in paleontology and his Welsh track and field colors. Now a professor at the University of Colorado, Denver, he works and writes on fossil tracks and field conservation issues and teaches courses on the evolution of consciousness

Ryo Morimoto was born in Japan and studied at the University of Colorado, Denver, where he developed an interest in consciousness studies. He is a graduate student at Brandeis University studying anthropology.

Discovery Retreats: Dr. Martin Lockley on “The evolution of human consciousness.”

Dr. Martin Lockley is a renowned world expert in the fields of paleontology, geology and evolution. A native of England, he created the Dinosaur Tracks Museum at the University of Colorado at Denver, and is currently its director. A fountain of knowledge on dinosaurs, fossil footprints and prehistoric creatures, renowned paleontologist Martin Lockley leads an expedition to find and identify dinosaur foot prints within the Gateway confines as well as an excursion just outside Gateway to search for more tracks.

GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness ~ Marian Van Eyk McCain

From the Introduction …
“… the book is divided into four parts. In the first, entitled ‘Understanding,’ we shall be looking at the various threads which have created the weave we call GreenSpirit.
The first is cosmology. In describing this, we shall be drawing on the work of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme, co-authors of The Universe Story , that masterful telling of the tale of our existence, from the ‘Big Bang’ onwards.

Another major thread is Creation Spirituality. In other words, a spirituality centered on the beauty and mystery of the world we see around us, rather than on some imaginal realm of gods and angels. Here we shall be turning to the thought and writings of Matthew Fox, the iconoclastic Christian priest who became unpopular with the Roman Catholic church for his insistence that the concept of ‘original sin’ needed to be replaced by one of ‘original blessing’ and who eventually left that church to become an Episcopalian instead.

A third thread is the thread of Deep Ecology: a way of appreciating the Earth and all its life forms by acknowledging their intrinsic value, as opposed to measuring their value on the basis of their usefulness—or otherwise—to human beings.

Then there is Gaia Theory: the discovery that our planet Earth, far from being merely a lifeless rock with a thin covering of air and water and life clinging to it like lichen on a stone, displays all the attributes of a living organism, including the ability to self regulate.

Lastly, there is Ecopsychology. This is a way of understanding ourselves and our psyches in terms of our relationship with Nature, both around us and, just as importantly, within us.

In the second part of the book, ‘Spiritual Pathways,’ we examine the ways in which all these ideas fit together with some of the traditional religions and how each of those may be practiced from a Green Spirit orientation.

Part III, ‘Greening Our Culture,’ is concerned with how we might bring—and indeed are already beginning to bring—GreenSpirit thinking to bear on the different institutions and sectors of human society, such as law, medicine, education, politics, economics, design and so on.

Finally, in Part IV, ‘Walking our Talk,’ we discuss the practicalities of living a GreenSpirit lifestyle. This is a lifestyle in which ecologically-minded behaviors such as simple living, ‘downshifting,’ recycling, frugality and so on all flow from a pure and boundless love of the Earth rather than from fear or because some individual, institution or government tells us it is the right thing to do.

We look at the history of GreenSpirit as an organization, what it provides for its members now and how the reader may link up with the services and opportunities it provides for people who wish to become part of our ever-widening spiritual community. Like planets in a solar system, this is a community which in turn is part of a larger one, in a web of relationships that spans the globe. Here, as we listen to people describing their experiences of GreenSpirit, it becomes clear how well and how satisfyingly it stands alone as a form of spirituality that lacks nothing and requires no compromise, no translation of language and no special props or dedicated buildings.

You will hear many voices in this book. Some of the contributors are already well known names, some not so well-known. A number of the essays included here are extracts from longer works or are transcripts of talks given at GreenSpirit events over recent years. Some are adapted from writings previously published in the GreenSpirit Journal or in the form of booklets printed by GreenSpirit Books. Some of the work is brand new and written especially for this book.

Together, this collection of writings presents, for the first time in one volume, a comprehensive picture of GreenSpirit both as an organization and as a philosophy of life. From these pages you will discover what GreenSpirit is, what it stands for and how it can provide a way out of our current dilemmas and into a joyous, sustainable, peaceful and harmonious future.”

GreenSpirit – Path to a New Consciousness

This new book has been described as ‘The definitive guide to green spirituality’. Featuring contributions from twenty-nine inspirational writers, including Matthew Fox, Brian Swimme, Satish Kumar, Emma Restall Orr, David Korten and Neil Douglas-Klotz.

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