Cosmic Accounting: A Journey to Enlightenment Nine Keys for a Life in Balance By Indeara Hanoomansingh

Cosmic Accounting: A Journey to Enlightenment is a spiritual guide with nine key steps for a balanced lifestyle. The Life Balance Process for Inner Transformation™ shows you how to explore divinity so that you can experience true abundance, inner peace, and enlightenment. By combining accounting principles with universal truths and ancient wisdom, the cosmic journey will take you into the world of money, mysticism, and divine beings, like you’ve never seen before.

You can embrace a new awareness that we are interconnected, and spirit, wealth, and empowerment are part of the same cosmic energy. In a time when many of us are concerned about the state of our financial affairs, it provides a spiritual solution to our modern dilemma.

You can learn how to:

> Integrate the wisdom of infinite intelligence in many areas of your life including
your relationships, health, career, and finances;
> Understand money from a spiritual perspective and create a flow of abundance;
> Uncover the secrets of your true Self with a personal inventory;
> Recognize the magical relationship between your work and becoming enlightened;
> Transform suffering and challenges into the fuel for your enlightenment;
> Rewrite your destiny in the accounting of your life;
> Reclaim your divine birthright for financial freedom and live your soul’s purpose.

Even though others might be able to point us in the right direction, no one can embark on the amazing journey of enlightenment for us. For the truth seeker, the answers can only come from within. Uncover the magic within these pages.

INDEARA is a metaphysical teacher and intuitive business consultant. She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the City University of New York, QC. After many years of spiritual experiences, Indeara transcended to an enlightened consciousness. She inspires many people in her wellness retreats, meditation classes, and online videos. Her dream is to create a Global Enlightened Business Network™, where you can “connect with your soul’s divine purpose.”
Cosmic Accounting: A Journey to Enlightenment – Nine Keys for a Life in Balance

Here is the video of the official worldwide release of my new book, Cosmic Accounting: A Journey to Enlightenment-Nine Keys for a Life in Balance.

It teaches 9 key divinely inspired steps which, when followed, are assured to change your life for the better and create a more enlightened global consciousness. Enjoy!

Spiritual Life in Balance

Indeara is talking about her upcoming book Cosmic Accounting A Journey to Enlightenment to help all of us feel the energy and the amazing new spiritual evolution for planet amazing energy for all of us for Spirit Wealth and Empowerment

Dean Radin on Consciousness -Interviewed by Adrian Nelson

Dean Radin is a well known consciousness researcher and author. He holds the position of senior scientists at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

0:00:10 Why do you research anomalies of consciousness ?
0:01:08 Why are psi effects on random number generators significant ?
0:02:55 What are remote staring experiments about ?
0:04:35 Why are psi phenomena ignored by mainstream science ?
0:10:30 Why is there a taboo about researching extended properties of consciousness ?
0:12:40 What are presentiment / precognition experiments about ?
0:21:40 Do experiments show that participants have awareness about the future ?
0:24:10 Where do you see the future of psi research ?
0:27:10 What are the philosophical implications of consciousness research ?
0:28:20 Is there an observer driven component to the establishment of physical reality ?

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