The Art of Uncertainty ~ How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It ~ Dennis Merritt Jones

Dennis was prompted to write the The Art of Uncertainty – How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It for two reasons. First were the obvious challenges so many people are facing which brings them to the edge of “not knowing” what tomorrow holds. Second, he believes many are ready to evolve in ways that require major life style choices and changes but may not know how to initiate that process.

The focus of the book offers practical, spiritual tools that will help anyone who is brought to the edge of uncertainty to lean over with faith and confidence, knowing there is something within them that knows how to transcend any fear about the future.

There is no area of our lives where we are not forced to step onto the pathway of uncertainty at one point or another whether it be in our relationships, our careers, our physical health or our finances. Why not enter the mystery consciously and intentionally every day? From the day we were born–when we entered the mystery of life–until the day we leave the planet, the only way to grow is to step into the unknown time after time after time.

The Art of Uncertainty
is about learning to use our time spent in this Earth School wisely. Regardless of your level of education, the ultimate school of life itself is always in session. As we make living in the mystery a daily practice, we prepare ourselves for the adventure regardless of whether we are pushed onto the pathway of uncertainty by inspiration or desperation, or by pleasure or pain. In either case, we shall discover it is a journey we can learn to love. With its “Points to Ponder” and “Mindfulness Practices” at the end of each chapter you can consider The Art of Uncertainty the perfect guidebook on how to step into the mystery of life and love it.

Dennis Merritt Jones: The Art of Uncertainty

Dennis Merritt Jones speaks at the Inside Edge Foundation.

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