1. ‘I AM’ is your God & your own Self 2. My Being, my Ego and I 3. Transcending Ego ~ Mooji

‘I AM’ is your God & your own Self

‘I AM’
is your God
& your own Self
Mooji in New York

My Being, my Ego and I

Transcending Ego ~ Mooji

Transcending Ego ~ Video clip “I Love Satsang”, recorded 13 Jan 2010 in Tiruvannamalai, India

2012 We’re Already in It – HD Trailer

Offering a rich medley of interpretations of the Mayan Prophecies blended with ancient wisdom and scientific probabilities, well known experts and druids share their predictions and perceptions about 2012. This positive and illuminating movie may inspire your thoughts about our evolution through the 2012 timeline.

Bringing to light the mysteries of our shifting realities, they highlight many aspects of ET life such as communications from other worlds, the Crop Circle phenomena, and other intriguing wonders we are experiencing at this time. Addressing the obvious challenges we face as a species who has lost their balance with greed, they suggest we focus more on the New Reality of higher consciousness, mental telepathy, and world peace. They also suggest we stop participating in those (greed) aspects of life altogether; one person at a time.

Beautifully crafted and filmed in the UK Crop Circles and ancient stone formations of Southern England by award winning film maker Patty Greer, the film is visually stunning and deeply thought provoking. You are offered a brilliant array of information about the 2012 phenomena: the Mayan Prophecies, polar shifts, solar flares, changes in the electromagnetic field, messages coming through the Crop Circles, UFO visitations, financial collapse, tsunamis and earthquakes, and ultimately spiritual evolution for our precious planet.

This movie won the 2009 EBE Award for Best Feature Film – UFO Or Related at the International UFO Congress Convention, and the Silver Sierra Award in Yosemite. Selling out at the 2010 Glastonbury Symposium in England, it has received rave reviews worldwide! Featuring: Patricia Cori (Italy), Ian R. Crane (UK), Barbara Lamb (USA), Simon Peter Fuller (UK) Isabelle Kingston (UK), Geoff Stray (UK), Jack Groverland (USA), Nick Ashron (UK), Marc Cuthbert (UK), Duke O’Niel (USA), Terry Dobney (UK), and Gordon Rimes (UK).
 Run time 85 minutes. DVDs available at: http://www.PattyGreer.com.

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