Live Your Divinity: Inspiration for New Consciousness by Adamus Saint-Germain / Geoffrey Hoppe / Linda Hoppe [updated July 11. 2012]

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Well-known channelers Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe share the spiritual messages of Adamus Saint-Germain, the ascended master and teacher from the angelic Crimson Council,in Live Your Divinity. Saint Germain has manifested in many lifetimes, expressing various identities in many adventures on Earth: from a rebellious rabbi in the time of Jesus to Mark Twain. Many believe that Adamus St. Germain is here today to teach us about new consciousness and new energy.

In Live Your Divinity, the wisdom of Adamus comes through loud and clear in the plain-talking voice of Geoffrey Hoppe. Culled from Adamus’s messages given before live audiences around the world, these excerpts relay that, ultimately, personal growth and spiritual development can only be realized through an increased awareness of the very experience the reader is already having on their path of awakening.

Among the messages:

> Everything is simple and it’s already within you.
> Your dreams are messages from your divine, parts of you that exist in the other realms.
> Your “lost love” and “soul mate” is you.
> You have already ascended and now you’re going backwards in time to experience how you
got there.
> There is no need for redemption, only acceptance.

Live Your Divinity
is for those who are waking up and hungry for channeled information from the ascended masters. It reinforces, clarifies, validates, and encourages–bringing readers increased awareness as they move through the Awakening Zone.

While in Slovenia for a book launch and workshop in May 2012, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe were interviewed on the national TV for the program Duhovni utrip – Spiritual beat. For more information about Adamus Saint-Germain, the Crimson Circle and Geoff & Linda, please visit

In this interview Miriam Knight of New Consciousness Review discusses Geoffrey’s latest book, Live Your Divinity: Inspiration for New Consciousness.

Amoda Maa Jeevan shares about the unfoldment of the present moment… of radical awakening

With great fluency and spontaneity, Amoda succinctly flows with her spiritual knowledge..the true power of total shift from myopic view of ego and mind to the 360 degree shift in inner consciousness.

A brilliant enlivening and over pouring of raising one’s consciousness of bridging Heaven to Earth.. of spirituality to practicality.

Amoda’s interview on Bridging Heaven to Earth TV Show –

Thomas Hübl: 1. God Connection 2. Sharing the Presence 3. Cosmic Address 4. Evolution

Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher. His work integrates the essence of the great wisdom traditions, scientific learning, and personal experiences. It is rooted in an uncompromising clarity which leads to the birth of new ‘we-cultures’ and societal transformation.

Thomas has the special talent to recognize people in the deep and accurately apply the timeless knowledge revealed to him in contact. The mediation takes place in dialogic exchange. People thereby gain a deeper dimension of self-awareness and responsibility for the whole. This radical transcendence of the ego-centric world view opens the door to the depth of authentic expression, to serve in the world and to focus on the absolute.

Thomas Hübl devotes his life to the task of researching awareness and to support people in their process towards greater awareness. His work has world-wide resonance. He brings insights into the social discourse and exchanges across borders with those who have innovative ideas and visions to the current situation in the world, such as Ken Wilber.

Thomas Hübl: God Connection

The personal and impersonal aspects of Sharing the Presence: Finding the authentic expression for every human being and how to open our inspiration, god connection and intuition.

Thomas Hübl: Sharing the Presence

About the radicality of presence, the different levels of looking deeper and how to practice transparency.

Thomas Hübl: Cosmic Address

Every feeling, motivation, thought or intepretation has a cosmic address: a level of consciousness and a place in the body where it happens.

Thomas Hübl: Evolution

Evolution as the participation in the creative impulse of the universe — how our inner alignment teaches us how to manifest our highest god potential in our day-to-day life.

Eckhart Tolle – Death and The Eternal (video)

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