Sacred Attention: A Spiritual Practice For Finding God in the Moment ~ Margaret D. McGee

Just One Moment of Close Attention Can Be a Prayer to God

“Does God communicate through the natural world? Through the slug on the compost pile, the leaf on the lawn, the stone tumbled on the beach, the air that feeds my lungs, the dreams that fill my nights? How will I know unless I pay attention?”
–from the Introduction

Close attention to even one grain of creation’s one object, person, routine, image, or word of scripture’can be a prayer to God. On the beach, in the woods, turning the compost pile, or at your desk, you need only slow down and look with your eyes. Offering a prayer of attention to an element of God’s creation opens a channel of communication between you and God. In that moment, deep change can occur.This inspiring guide will help you develop a practice of attention as a way of talking and listening to God.

Framed on the Christian liturgical year together with images of the seasons of earth, each chapter includes a brief narrative that illustrates the surprising richness that can be found in an attention-getting moment. Each narrative is followed by a prayer, suggested scripture readings, and a specific practice to help you develop ways of paying attention as a way of connecting with God.

Through these easy practices, you will experience how one moment of attention can turn into a prayer of power and intimacy. You will discover how learning to simply stop, look and listen can yield moments of healing and transformation. It is a way of experiencing God that you can do any time, anywhere, as part of any activity’ you need only slow down and pay attention.

Margaret D. McGee, M.A., is author of Sacred Attention: A Spiritual Practice for Finding God in the Moment; Haiku – The Sacred Art; and Stumbling Toward God: A Prodigal’s Return.

As a speaker and retreat leader, Margaret has presented on themes of mindfulness and creativity throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a liturgist and non-denominational celebrant, she co-creates unique and personal ceremonies for blessed events. Margaret shares her further adventures In the Courtyard, at

Born and raised in Ohio, Margaret moved to Washington state after receiving her Master in English degree at Ohio University. Today, thousands of miles from her birthplace, traveling an always-surprising spiritual path, she find herself more and more interested in the mysterious union of spirit and matter, in the way humans experience the sacred in time and place, and in talking that over with her fellow pilgrims.


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