Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories: Brian L Weiss & Amy Weiss

We all have lived past lives. We all will live future ones. What we do in this life will influence our lives to come. This knowledge can heal us physically and emotionally.

Dr Brian Weiss‘ conversion from skepticism to belief in reincarnation has had a profound effect worldwide, via his recounting of the story in his first book, bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Brian Weiss, delivers a powerful revolutionary teaching on the physical, emotional and spiritual healing available to all through embracing the reality of reincarnation.

Miracles Happen is a remarkable teaching tool that can be used by all to improve their lives, to evolve along their spiritual paths, to experience more joy, love and happiness in the present moment, and to ultimately understand that there is no need to fear death as we are all immortal and innately spiritual beings; Many Lives, Many Masters. Now, Brian’s readers complete the cycle as they explain how his works allowed them to understand the ‘space between lives’. Each story is used to illustrate practical lessons for how you too can comprehend this revelation and draws upon Brian’s and his daughter Amy’s practices as past-life regression experts. Our past lives are the key to a blissful, secure future and this book is the ultimate guide from two of its top practitioners.

ASK DR. WEISS: Spiritual love; psychic abilities; changing our destiny

ASK DR. WEISS: Dr. Weiss answers YouTube viewers’ questions about the nature of spiritual love; the development of psychic and intuitive abilities; and the possibility of changing our destiny and our future. He also introduces his new book, “Miracles Happen,” which will be released on October 2, 2012. This video is captioned and can be translated into the language of your choice.

For Dr. Weiss’s previous book: Same Soul, Many Bodies: Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives Through Progression Therapy View Here

Karmic Astrology II ~ Humanity Healing

Every action generates a reaction, which is physical, as of all our attitudes and feelings can enhance or hinder our lives. In fact, we are all going through an inevitable evolutionary process: we are evolving as a species, not only physically but also spiritually. For those that who believe in past lives, Karmic Astrology presents reasonable answers to explain our unexplainable habits, phobias, blocks and difficulties.

The study of Karmic Astrology facilitates the journey of discovery of many the possibilities and connections with past lives and events lives through an investigative method.

Astrology is not something we should believe in blindly, but it is a powerful tool to deepen the understanding of ourselves, elucidating what mundane logic cannot explain.

In knowing ourselves better, we allow ourselves to leverage our strengths, to develop skills, and accept the limitations, all leading towards a more harmonious life.

Karmic Astrology has a profound and spiritual focus on energy flow, which is the main tool to open certain doors in our life that otherwise, would be unknown to us. The word karma means action in higher levels and subtle reactions.

The Known Universe is circular and all that we send or give out, returns. If the energy sent is not refined, it will come back as an understanding that will lead to learning experiences, spiritual awakening and even an expansion of consciousness.

The Twelfth House

In Karmic Astrology, the Twelfth House is the most important section of our map, because it stores the experiences of our previous lives. Also known as the home of the subconscious, it reigns over our unconscious behavior, where the balance or imbalance of our inner mental world is and its effects will reflect in our conscious life.

Indeed the 12th House has the keys of our spiritual success or stagnation. When the barriers of the 12th House, such as guilt complexes and old belief systems, are overcome; our lives experiment a powerful transformation. Karmically, if you have several planets in the 12th House, they are worth studying closely.

Saturn, the Greatest Master

By studying Saturn influences, we can discover the source of various restrictions and limitations in our lives. Where Saturn is located in our maps will be the area where we will have our greatest life lessons.

The positioning of Saturn in our map will register where we structure and how we structure our lives. For instance, Saturn in the Fifth house, the House of Children, may make it difficult for you to have a child, limit your abilities to raise children, or even can describe how you can limit your life for that child. Traditionally, Saturn limits but he does not put concrete barriers. A lesson that was not well-learned from previous lives will bring Saturn in your life as a corrective agent, delivering lessons on discipline and self-control.

Jupiter, the Benefactor

Our karmic past is not only a compound of high loads, or just restrictions, but it can represent the many gifts and abilities and talents we developed in the past that allowed us to expand our horizons.

Jupiter indicates our spiritual rewards, the learning grounds as the areas of our life we can expect expansion in concrete facts. Jupiter reflects in this lifetime, the fairness and generosity we learned in previous lives.

Planets in Retrograde

There are planets that we see over a period of time that are perceived as if they were walking backwards in reference to the movement of the planet Earth. Because of this apparent movement, they are called retrograde planets. They can cause difficulties or generate blockages in the light of their “expression” inside your life. For instance, Mercury retrograde may influence the way we communicate, do business, contracts and travels. As a rule of thumb, their significance in karmic astrology mainly refers to an area in our past life in which we may not have totally assimilated the lesson or the experience and we are called through the retrogression to complete this learning

The Lunar Nodes or Karmic Portals

The Lunar nodes are points in the sky where the moon orbits around the earth and that intersect with the Earth’s orbit around the sun. The principle of reincarnation is illustrated by the lunar axis, where the descending node refers to our past and where the ascending node shows our future according to the South Node lessons we need to learn in this and other lifetimes.

At the sign of the South node we find familiar habits and behaviors which we have carried from past lives and that keep us stuck in certain comfort zones: our South Node is our path of least resistance.

When we overcome the difficulties and challenges of our North Node, we gain new experiences, different perspectives and we ignite new wheels to promote our self-evolution

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