Sojourns of the Soul: One Woman’s Journey around the World and into Her Truth ~ Dana Micucci

Sojourns of the Soul is the quintessential armchair travel book for the spiritual seeker. Dana Micucci’s touching memoir chronicles seven sacred journeys that span 14 years of Micucci’s life, during which she explores the connection of inner growth to world travel that eventually leads to her own enlightenment. Unlike other inspirational travel books, Sojourns of the Soul provides a rare mix of in-depth wisdom and literary insights from the holistic view of an experienced female traveler.

Dana Micucci
gives a compelling account of her growing spiritual illumination through visits to some of the most sacred places on earth. Her lively, engaging narrative takes us through the Australian outback, Angkor in Cambodia, the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, Lhasa in Tibet, Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, the Monastery of Christ in the Desert in New Mexico and Machu Picchu in Peru. As her travels progress, Micucci links each visit to the awakening of a particular chakra – the chakras being the seven energy centers of the body in Hinduism, associated with progressive enlightenment.

In the afterword, Micucci reflects on how her experiences continue to shape her life after resuming her career as a journalist in New York City. She finds she is more tolerant, can engage in daily activities with more heart-centered awareness, and can sustain states of joy and gratitude for longer periods of time.

Readers who yearn for long-delayed adventure won’t be able to put this book down. With the added benefit that it is not just a journey log but more of a seeker’s manual in which travel is simply the vehicle, they will find it’s unnecessary to travel to far-flung places for the spiritual inspiration available in their everyday lives. As Micucci says, “Each day brings new remembrances of our divinity, of the Divine presence in all beings, and of our eternal connection to each other. I am so grateful to be here NOW . . . with you.”

Dana talks about her new spiritual travel memoir, SOJOURNS OF THE SOUL: ONE WOMAN’S JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD AND INTO HER TRUTH.

Alan Steinfeld interviews Dana Micucci on her book: Sojourns of the Soul

This is an inner and outer journey of one woman as she explores the world and herself. Sojourns of the Soul takes the reader on a journey through the world’s most sacred and exotic lands, including the Australian Outback, Cambodia, Egypt, Tibet, the Yucatan, New Mexico and Peru. As she explores each “souljourn,” Micucci finds herself in seven successive stages that correlate with each of the seven spiritual energy centers of the body, called chakras. These stages take the reader from an awakening all the way to activation.

This spiritual memoir gives readers an inside look into each destination through Micucci’s eyes, observing not only the spirituality and lessons to be learned at each location, but also the intimate details of the landscape. While observing the Aborigines in the Outback with Micucci, readers will not only learn about their own connections to the oldest known human culture, but will also get detailed descriptions of the eucalyptus forests and galleries of millennia-old Aboriginal paintings.

The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals by Amelia Kinkade

As a professional animal psychic, Amelia Kinkade helps clients locate lost pets, diagnose baffling behavior, and further explore the indelible bond that exists between people and their animal companions. But her real mission is to convince people that, with the proper dedication, training, and understanding, everyone can do what she does . Here, she explains the subtle cues that form the foundation of animal communication, and provides guided exercises that allow readers to explore these cues for themselves.

With gentle encouragement, she shows how to look for communications typically drowned out in the noise and chaos of modern life, whether they take the form of clairaudience or clairvoyance. Filled with amazing stories, “The Language of Miracles inspires readers to sit down with the animals in their lives and explore the unspoken world between them.

Amelia Kinkade is the author of Straight From the Horse’s Mouth: How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers and The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals (RandomHouse and New World Library.) She is an international speaker who lectures in 10-15 countries a year in the US, Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, France, Cyprus, the Isle of Man, the Canary Islands, and South Africa where she trains animal lovers from all walks of life including doctors and vets. Amelia was featured in The 100 Top Psychics in America. (Simon and Schuster) Miss Kinkade’s books are now available in 32 countries.

Her unique abilities have been the focus of hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles world-wide, many of which are available on the “press page” of this site, including The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, ABC News, The Boston North Shore Sunday, The London Sunday News of The World, Good Housekeeping, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, New Woman in England, Bilt de Frau in Germany and the cover of the Freitseit Kurier in Vienna. Miss Kinkade has appeared on television programs, most of which are available on the “video interviews” page of this site including The View, The Other Half, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Extra, VH1, Jenny Jones, The BBC News, Carte Blanche in South Africa, and numerous news broadcasts in the US, Europe, and Australia. She has been heard on over 300 radio programs in the last few years from Memphis to Cape Town, South Africa. A BBC documentary was created around her work with the elephants in the Kruger National Park and a BBC children’s programming tour was created for her youngest most open-minded fans.
Amelia Kinkade – The Psychic Show

Amelia Kinkade, Telepathic Animal Communicator

Being One with All: Amelia Kinkade, Artist, Author and Telepathic Animal Communicato

Oprah and Deepak Chopra in India

Oprah sits down with world-renowned thought leader Deepak Chopra in his homeland of India to discuss his groundbreaking work, family and creating harmony in your own life.

Deepak shares his thoughts about Death, Soul, mind-body-spirit connection, and about enlightenment and living in the present moment, with this interview conducted in Jaipur, India, against the background of paradoxes and contradictions that are India’s cultural heritage.

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