The Real Rules of Life Balancing Life’s Terms with Your Own by Ken Druck, Ph.D.

Finally someone is telling the truth about how life really is. And Ken Druck knows what he’s talking about.

No matter what we say, do, or believe in, life has its own terms. And they’re not what we thought. Life presents us all with challenges and setbacks. The life we thought we’d signed up for is not the one we get. Then what? How do we summon the raw courage and strength to go on? Create Plan B and grow wiser from the experience?

Ken Druck’s personal journey through tragedy after the death of his daughter Jenna led him to discover the secrets of how we survive life’s worst losses and uncover its hidden opportunities for spiritual deepening, renewal, discovery, meaning, and even joy. We discover how to be a part of the unseen miracles and opportunities that are right under our noses.

Ken Druck knows the Real Rules of Life. From his own experience and as a trusted coach and confidant to people all over the world, including leaders facing their greatest challenges, Ken knows the difference between wishful thinking and grounded truth. His refreshingly honest approach to turning adversity into opportunity makes up the heart and soul of this book.

The Real Rules of Life is not a quick fix, nor does it trivialize life’s struggles. It shows you how to heal. How to grow your soul. How to thrive. How to be both broken and whole at the same time by getting and staying real. And how to live more consciously. Ken Druck inspires you to make peace with life as it really is. Once you know the Real Rules, you can balance life’s terms with your own and live boldly.

Ken Druck, Ph.D.
Ken Druck, Ph.D., is one of the nation’s pioneers in personal transformation, breaking fresh ground in male psychology, executive coaching, organizational consulting, parent effectiveness, healing after loss, and, most recently, the art of turning adversity into opportunity. Druck Enterprises, Inc. (DEI), is a leading coaching, consulting, and team-building firm with a broad base of clients including Microsoft, Pfizer, IBM, U-T San Diego, and the YMCA.
Ken Druck: The Real Rules of Life book trailer

Ken Blanchard & Ken Druck talk about The Real Rules of Life

Ken Blanchard and Ken Druck discuss Druck’s new book: “The Real Rules of Life: Balancing Life’s Terms with Your Own” and how faith and courage help lead us back to love following a life change, loss of a loved one, medical issue…

Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed by Kent Smith

A True Story – The Continuation of Life and Love in Spite of Tragedy

Join Kent as she takes you on her mystical journey through life. The fatal car accident of her lover, Russell, in 2005, has an unforeseen outcome. Not only does he let her know that he is still alive and with her, but he also reveals specific details—names, dates, places, events—of a future life they will have together when reincarnating in the middle of the 21st century as Mark and Eva Wexford. But he doesn’t stop here…He says “tell our story” and asks that a time capsule be buried 1300 miles away. It is to be opened July 24, 2067. When asking why, it was simply stated, “It is time for the truth to be known.”

Along with her father, Wick, who crossed in 1995, Russell helps Kent to unravel some of life’s greatest mysteries including what to expect for 2012 as information flowed across this etheric wavelength. This beautiful story will not only make you laugh and cry, it will also reveal the higher truth of who we are as human beings living in “parallel universes or finite planes of light.” Kent also shares her captured visions from beyond the veil—a gift on one of her many spiritual scavenger hunts.

This journey is not without the watchful eye of her spirit guide, St. Thomas of Aquinas, who guides and consoles her during her challenges on Earth and brings forth many beautiful messages. Everyone loves a love story …and to combine it with some cutting-edge thoughts about science and spirituality will no doubt captivate every reader. Kent too feels that her many personal experiences, challenges and triumphs, could be an inspiration for others as we all search for love in our lives, and the deeper meaning to life itself.

Kent Smith

About this author

Kent received a Bachelor of Science degree from Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, in 1976, with an emphasis in Social Work and Psychology.

As a NASA contractor for 22 years working for United Space Alliance (USA), she held several technical support positions within the Mission Operations Directorate. While at USA, she coordinated flight operation review meetings for space shuttle flights; supported flights in real time as a backroom flight controller; and, coordinated flight crew procedures for International Space Station (ISS), expeditions both domestic and abroad. Currently, she works for Wyle, who is contracted to NASA, to provide support in the Human Heath and Performance Directorate. As an Operational Psychology Coordinator, she supports astronauts and their families prior to, and during, International Space Station (ISS) on-orbit crew expeditions.

On a personal note, Kent’s involvement with metaphysics started at a very young age when she started having out-of-body experiences (OBEs). With a curious mind, she has always questioned the reality of life itself and this experience we call “death.” Since her teenage years, she has sought answers about life through many sources. Upon finding that she could communicate regularly with her deceased loved ones, she set out to learn as much as she could about life from their perspective. Amazing answers were revealed and a story that should not be left untold.

Kent has three grown children and one grandchild. She lives in the suburbs of Houston, TX.

Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed – Book Trailer

Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed is for anyone who has lost a loved one, sought a deeper meaning to life or mulled the mysteries of life beyond death. It’s a love story, a soul adventure and a guidebook to a world beyond normal perception.

Accompany Kent on “spiritual scavenger hunts” with deceased lover Russell and father Wick as they unravel some of life’s greatest mysteries.

Love Promised is a reassuring and riveting read for anyone who has had paranormal experiences with those who have crossed over. What is life really all about when the unexplainable happens? Kent Smith provides a compelling framework for exploring the boundless possibilities of spirit communication.

What’s really in store for 2012? Kent Smith’s deceased lover Russell and father Wick tell Kent to be prepared for natural, power and electronic disruptions in 2012.

Kent Smith weaves her wealth of experience as a grief counselor, intuitive insights, and knowledge of metaphysical and cutting-edge science into an accessible examination of life after death, reincarnation and communication with the other side.

Extra-planetary Experiences: Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness by Thomas James Streicher

Deep insights into human consciousness revealed by accounts of travel to other planets, moons, and stars

• Includes interviews with 7 people who have had extra-planetary experiences, including astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Norma Milanovich, and Ingo Swann

• Reveals the positive effects of these events on the interviewees’ lives, from cosmic consciousness and loss of fear of death to enhanced spiritual insights

• Contextualizes these accounts with 19th- and 20th-century reports as well as alien-human encounters in ancient Sumerian, Vedic, Egyptian, Tibetan, and biblical records

Since prehistoric times all cultures report encounters with strange beings and crafts from the sky as well as stories of extra-planetary experiences–that is, travel to other planets, moons, and stars. In the case of modern accounts, these benevolent alien-human interactions bear striking resemblance to one another, even among people with no knowledge of other alien-human claims. And all experiences marked a spiritual turning point in the person’s life, providing a loss of the fear of death, enhanced spiritual insights, a connection to cosmic consciousness, or increased motivation to be of service to humanity.

Exploring fresh dimensions of ET contact and extra-planetary experience (XPE) using Harvard professor and researcher John Mack’s witnessing approach to paranormal incidents, Thomas Streicher interviews 7 renowned people who have experienced XPE–including astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Norma Milanovich, and Stanford-tested remote viewer Ingo Swann–and shares the positive spiritual effects of XPE on their lives. Placing their experiences in the context of historical accounts of alien-human encounters from ancient Sumerian, Vedic, Egyptian, Tibetan, Hopi, Dogon, and biblical records as well as 19th- and 20th-century testimonies from Orfeo Angelucci, Billy Meier, Elizabeth Klarer, and others, the author reveals the similarities of these experiences with those of his interviewees. Streicher shows these experiences are not contrived hallucinations but genuine transformative spiritual awakenings akin to near-death and out-of-body experiences.

About the Author(s) of Extra-Planetary Experiences
Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D., a student of Dr. John Mack, earned his doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University. The founder and director of Divine Spark, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people through free meals and other means to activate the divine spark within each of them, he lives in Nevada City, California.
OffPlanet Radio Live-06-06-2012-Thomas James Streicher-XPE and Human-Alien

As our guest, Thomas Streicher, demonstrates, we limit experiences by our human perceptual concepts and the categorizing of phenomena. The field of UFOlogy would do well to expand the boundaries of inquiry, and that is what Dr. Streicher achieves in his book, and on this show. A childhood contactee, Thomas had nowhere to go with his personal experiences. Religion, science, and academia all deploy narrow methods of inquiry and dogma that stifle the human spirit’s quest into the unseen realms.

Human-alien contact becomes a wider scope of understanding when examined from the unique perspectives of experiencers who lack empircal data, but go directly to the experiences which mark and change their lives and consciousness. In this interview, Thomas talks about his own experiences and how they have defined his life mission, his outlook, and his need to engage a true “service to others” ethic. His experiences, and those of his interview subjects, create another line of inquiry which establishment disciplines would do well to emulate. His book is an achievement of mapping human experiences to the ongoing changes in the Earth and the linkages of human consciousness back to our origins.

Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D., a student of Dr. John Mack, earned his doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University. The founder and director of Divine Spark, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people through free meals and other means to activate the divine spark within each of them, he lives in Nevada City, California.

Extra-Planetary Experiences : Alien-Human Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness. This is a serious UFO book and can even be considered academic. It sheds a positive look on alien abductions from people who have had experience with extra-planetary experience (XPE). This book stands out compared to similar genres because it introduces the term XPE. Extra-Planetary ExperiencesAlien-Human Contact and the Expansion of ConsciousnessBy (author) Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D.Foreword by Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

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