To Catch a Cosmic Mockingbird ~ Christian Howard [updated Sept 28, 2012]

Direct Challenge to Stephen Hawking: – After Reading This Book You Will Retract Your Theory That the Universe Created Itself.

In his book To Catch a Cosmic Mockingbird, author Christian Howard shatters all boundaries and joins quantum physics, paranormal events, consciousness and spirituality.

In contrast to Hawking’s physics-based theory that the universe created itself, with verified examples like Alexandrina Da Costa’s not eating or drinking for thirteen years Mr. Howard shows that under certain conditions the laws of physics are irrelevant. Further examples like the returns from death of Dr.Eben Alexander, Anita Moorjani and Dr. Mary Neal show clearly that consciousness exists in a dimension independent of physical reality.

In SOUL SURVIVOR, the return of a former WW II fighter pilot as the little boy James Leininger and his nightmares of being shot down once again shows that individual consciousness exists in its own dimension. The logical question the author sets out to answer goes way beyond Hawking and his co-writer Mlodinoff – is there also some kind of consciousness that exists beyond the ‘body’ universe?

This question is also on the minds of today’s top scientists. Stanford cosmologist Andrei Linde said the definition of our universe will remain ‘fundamentally incomplete’ until we add consciousness into the mix. Dr. Linde writes – “To me, understanding life and consciousness would be even more important than understanding the universe…But we start with the universe because it is simpler.”

Quantum physicist Leonard Susskind said he would like to see something to ‘bring it all together’. This was the author’s specific intent – to join science, consciousness and paranormal experience. Breaking the barriers and showing how they can work together has never been done before. The timing could not be better because the discovery of the God particle is causing scientist to suggest that science itself has now reached the doorway of philosophy.

Besides making Hawking and Mlodinoff change their minds, Mr. Howard claims that after reading his book the reader will never again need to ask humanity’s basic questions – where did everything came from, why is it here and where is it going?

To Catch a Cosmic Mockingbird
could become the philosophical foundation for a new era in humanity’s understanding of itself, and be as the author describes in the subtitle – The Code for a New Millennium.

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