Shifting into Tao In 8 Months, 81 Verses, 81 Simple Lessons By Losita Bhattacharya

What are you seeking – love, happiness, peace, abundance? We are all seeking a better life for ourselves. However, all outward seeking is a reflection of something far more important – the inner seeking of our soul.

Our soul has an inner purpose that is common to every human being on the planet. This purpose has been given several names – the shift, spiritual change, awakening, enlightenment, unity consciousness and ascension. Knowingly or unknowingly, our inner spirit is on an expedition towards reconnecting with the universal consciousness or God-consciousness through awakening to the truth of its inner nature. When we consciously participate in this shift, we expedite this re-connection.

The shift is a simple process, if we allow change to flow through us and if we are able to trust our heart. In Shifting to Tao in 8 Months, 81 Verses, 81 Simple Lessons, Losita Bhattacharya recounts her own spiritual journey that created a shift in her thoughts, her consciousness and her view of life.

Losita is a writer and spiritual coach. Over the last few years, she experienced an inner transformation that catapulted her on a spiritual path, taking her away from her previous job in the corporate world to becoming a full time spiritual coach, helping others find their way through their shift in consciousness. Based on her own shift and coaching clients through their spiritual journeys, Losita created the ‘Journey to Spirit’ and ‘Oneness’ workshops that she conducts around the world. She writes regularly on her blog, and she can be reached through her website,

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