When Do I See God?: Finding the Path to Heaven by Jeff Ianniello

“Thus, the story evolved. It was no longer about a man’s simple journey into heaven, but a probable scenario for those that hold on to doubts about the nature, or even the very existence, of God.”

When a flash flood claims Steven Drilach’s life, he finds that existence does not end with the death of the body. He steps into an afterlife where all his dreams can come true and anything he imagines can be his. Following the lead of his afterlife guide, he learns of the connections between the physical world he left behind and the spiritual realm where he now resides. During his journeys back to earth, he discovers lost souls unwilling to accept their own death and unable to move on to a spiritual existence. Through their experiences, he learns to face his own personal doubts and to understand what truly separates him from God. Here is a fascinating exploration of the relationship between the seemingly horrible events that occur on Earth (wars, genocide, abuse, murder, insanity) and mankind’s belief (or disbelief) in a loving God.

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Jeff Ianniello earned his MBA from Farleigh Dickinson University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from The College of New Jersey. He is an accountant, a web developer, and the author of seven books, including Alien Cradle (science fiction), the Delver Magic Book series of three fantasy novels, and Soul View, a spiritual thriller. As he extended his creative abilities, he expanded the scope of his writing and ventured into spiritual concepts. He owes everything to his wife and soul mate, Joan, who has led him to understand the true meaning of destiny. They currently live in New Jersey with their dog, Jilly.


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