The Way of The Heart: Teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene ~ Sophie Rose

Astonishing Lessons for the 21st Century from the Spiritual Masters

After years of daily meditation, Sophie Rose was contacted by a being that she perceived as Jesus. A non-religious person, at first she was shocked by the possibility that the divine presence might be real. Ultimately, Rose realized that she was to be a conduit for two of the greatest spiritual masters who have ever lived. Her astonishing new book presents a series of detailed spiritual lessons as relayed to her by Jeshua and Mary Magdalene.

Dictated to the author during the silence of her meditations was the “Way of the Heart” course, consisting of thirty-six lessons. In the tradition of the international best-seller, A Course in Miracles, Rose lays out the channeled series of spiritual messages as a blue print for connecting with one’s soul, with God and with others in a compassionate, loving way. Also included in the book are questions from a small group of people who were able to -remarkably- receive answers from the two beings.
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Sophie Rose: Jesus & Mary Magdalene
Hosted by Simran Singh
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The Author

Sophie Rose
was born in France. She holds a Master’s Degree in Law but mostly worked in marketing until 1999, when she moved to the United States.

She began her spiritual quest in 1998, practiced meditation with different teachers and quickly became an avid meditator. Sophie was contacted by Jeshua and Mary Magdalene in February 2010. The Way of The Heart was dictated in 2011.

She is a contributing author of The Sacred Shift, Co-Creating Your Future, and writes spiritual articles for national and international magazines.

Sophie is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition and has always favored a direct experience of spirituality. She is a spiritual counselor and thoroughly enjoys mentoring people on the path.


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