The Tumultuous Events In The Middle East and Spiritual Solutions~ Deepak Chopra

With the onslaught of social media, google hangout,and all the multifarious cyberspace networks, the much talked about Global Brain will inevitably become a reality that will witness the “breaking of boundaries” of thoughts,ideas, and human expressions.

Deepak’s comments on the recent events in the Middle East provide avenues for inner reflection and finding solutions in the spiritual realm. View Here on the Google Hangout, where Deepak Chopra talks to Ahmed Shihab-Eldin about politics, the tumultuous events in the Middle East, and his latest book, “Spiritual Solutions”. Click Here To Preview

” To offend another religion is disgraceful and shameful. To be easily offended is poor self-esteem and lack of faith”

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s experience of Samadhi / Satori

What do you think a Noetic world would look like?
When I went to the moon, I was a pragmatic test pilot, engineer, and scientist. My experience had shown beyond all question that science works. But there was another aspect to my experience during Apollo 14, and it contradicted the “pragmatic engineer” attitude. It began with the breath-taking experience of seeing planet Earth floating in the vastness of space.

The presence of divinity became almost palpable, and I knew that life in the universe was not just an accident based on random processes. This knowledge came to me directly—noetically. Clearly, the universe had meaning and direction. Then my thoughts turned to daily life on the planet. With that, my sense of wonderment gradually turned into something close to anguish.

It seemed as though humans were unconscious of their individual role in – and individual responsibility for – the future of life on the planet. Science, for all its technological feats, had a limited worldview.

When we see our fundamental unity with the processes of nature and the functioning of the universe – as I so vividly saw it from the Apollo spacecraft – the old ways of thinking and behaving will disappear.

Throughout history people have sought to resolve the differences between their objective methods and their subjective experience—between outer and inner. Humanity needs to rise from the personal to the transpersonal, from self-consciousness to cosmic consciousness.

For the past 40 years, the Institute of Noetic Sciences has been trail-blazing the confluence of outer and inner space research. It is the ultimate frontier in man’s attempt to understand himself and the nature of the universe.

This union of head and heart, insight and instinct, will ensure that as science comes to comprehend the nonmaterial aspect of reality as well as it knows the material, our knowledge will become wisdom, our love of power will become the power of love, and the universal aspect of cosmic consciousness can then emerge.

Looking at the earth, through the small portal of the Apollo 14 capsule, I had a vision for the world. I founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to bring that vision to reality, to assist mankind to reach our fullest potential—a vision born from a new perspective.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is bridging ancient wisdom and modern science to explore the web of our interconnection through education, community, and applications. I invite you to explore your inner world more deeply through the research, education, practical applications, and resources available through IONS.

Best regards,

Edgar Mitchell, ScD
IONS Founder
P.S. Join us in celebrating IONS’ 40th Anniversary year, looking to the next 40 years of IONS for the EONS.

Anniversary celebrations include:
Thursday, September 27th Phone Call with IONS CEO, Steve Villano

Tuesday, October 9th Q’ero Indians at EarthRise at IONS Campus

Friday, October 26 – Sunday, October 28 Board and Donor Weekend at EarthRise, Including a Public Proclamation Ceremony Bestowing the Key to the City of Petaluma

Edgar Mitchell
Interview 2012
Visionary: Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD, PhD

We hope you enjoy this six minute video, taped this year, in which Edgar describes his journey from the moon and reasons he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Deepak Chopra’s New Book “Spiritual Solutions” [Updated Sept 22, 2012]

In his latest book “Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenges,” best-selling author Deepak Chopra teaches readers how to transform obstacles into opportunities by raising their level of awareness.

“The secret is that the level of the problem is never the level of the solution,” said Chopra in the book.

Whether looking to lead a more fulfilling life; finding time for meditation; or wanting to jumpstart a stagnant career, this new book offers tools and strategies to help meet life’s challenges from within.

“There is no greater power for success and personal growth than your own awareness,” said Chopra.

Click Here To Preview

The Fundamentals of Your Own Spiritual Solutions

Find out more about Spiritual Solutions at Deepak provides a template to create your own spiritual solutions. The fundamental is very simple. Awareness can be contracted and you can get disconnected from the world, feel threatened. Awareness can be also expanded and you could feel connected and feel a sense of wholeness. Pure awareness is the state of consciousness where you feel one with the world. Our thoughts are only one component of awareness, but thought is not the most important aspect of how we experience reality; it is the finest level of feeling. As a start you need to determine in what state of awareness you happen to be in. Problems occur in contracted awareness. Solutions start to emerge and when you move move to expanded awareness. Love, compassion, joy and equanimity move you into expanded awareness.

Want Deepak Chopra to help you solve your problem or challenge? We are looking for videos to feature in a new YouTube original series titled “Spiritual Solutions”, launching in July 2012. You tell us your problem and Deepak will provide the answers – from the spiritual to the sublime to the just plain straightforward. No question is out of bounds, though not all will be answered. If you would like to be featured, upload a response video or email us a link to your video after reviewing the requirements below! And remember there are no stupid questions…but the responses are always spiritual when Deepak Chopra is answering them.

Please share this video with others — you never know who might be in need of a spiritual solution!

Video Requirements:

1. We are looking for succinct (1 min or less) videos that are interesting and honest. Feel free to be creative and expressive!

2. When you send us a link or post a response video, make sure your video is set to UNLISTED on YouTube. Your video must be new, not a video you’ve already uploaded and is public. You can send us links at:

3. Please don’t include music or copyrighted images in your video (i.e. please don’t film yourself in front of a photo or painting). If you must, only use music that you create, that is from the public domain, or that you have a license to use. If you use licensed music, we will also need a copy of that license agreement.

4. Only submit your own original videos. If accepted, this video must live on the THE CHOPRA WELL channel EXCLUSIVELY and CANNOT be live on the internet ANYWHERE else, including your own Youtube channel.

5. You must be over 18 to submit a video. If you are not over 18, please have your parent or guardian submit the video for you or have them contact us at:

So – what’s your problem?

Check out Deepak’s new book, which this series is based on:
“Spiritual Solutions” on Amazon –

Deepak’s latest book is Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenges. Here with Alan Steinfeld of Order book at:… Here Deepak gives a comprehensive overview of some of the key concepts (and more) of spiritual solutions. He also talks about the 3 basic levels of awareness: Contractive, Expansive and Pure….

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