God and the Brain The Physiology of Spiritual Experience ~ Andrew Newberg

Is it our biological destiny to seek the divine? Is faith in a higher power a survival trait? On God and the Brain, Dr. Andrew Newberg presents intriguing evidence that the human brain is a “believing machine”—and that our capacity for self-transcendence and spirituality helps drive our evolution as a species.

This pioneer of brain studies presents the first audio course on his groundbreaking research into the fascinating links between faith, neurobiology, and the mysteries of the psyche, including:

>Why this emerging science enriches both the faithful and the skeptical
>How prayer and meditation enhance your health—tips for tailoring a spiritual regimen that
suits your individual needs
>How the world’s spiritual paths uniquely shape the brain and mind
>The “myth-making brain”—the survival value of our storytelling and human imagination
>The biology of forgiveness—why this critical spiritual skill is so important to your
physical and psychological wellness

No matter what you believe—or don’t believe—about God, the parts of your brain that manifest spiritual experience have a profound impact on your entire identity. With his balanced approach of spiritual wonder and scientific rigor, Dr. Andrew Newberg is a leader in exploring the uncharted territory where our human bodies overlap with our experience of the sacred. On God and the Brain, he shares core insights that will deepen your understanding of our most human gift—the experience of the divine. 

Universal Morality, Inclusivity, and the Brain – Andrew Newberg

Andrew B. Newberg, MD
Universal Morality, Inclusivity, and the Brain

The United Nations, New York – September 11, 2009
Toward a Common Morality

Andrew Newberg, M.D -Neurology of Saints & Gurus

Andrew Newberg, M.D gives a more scientific explanation of various mystical processes such as near-death experiences ,meditation and how these can affect one’s perspective upon reality as well as upon one’s life.

Andrew Newberg, M.D. is an associate professor of radiology and psychiatry and an adjunct assistant professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and director of the Center for Spirituality and the Mind. He is co-author of Why God Won’t Go Away, Born to Believe, and The Mystical Mind.

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