Karma: How to View It, Use it, and Lose It ~ Karen Reed Hadalski

Karma isn’t a mystery. Karma isn’t an esoteric philosophy. Karma is a natural law–the Law of Cause and Effect–and, just like gravity, it is constantly at work in the world and in your life, whether you know it or believe in it or not. The book you are holding will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to discover and understand the playing-out of karma in your physical, mental, psychological, social, and spiritual life. It will help you to make sense of your life-circumstances and provide a road map for traveling to a more fulfilling, joyous, and purposeful future.

Karma: How To View It, Use It, and Lose It will also introduce you to a group of people who have successfully applied the tenets of this law, along with a clear understanding of the principles of reincarnation, to create productive, successful, meaningful lives for themselves: from inventors, composers, healers, and military leaders to teachers, business people, artists, and bureaucrats. Once you’ve read it, your life and the way you view your world will never be the same.


Excerpt: pp. 37-38: “If everything in the observable universe has a cause, and every cause has a determinate effect; if “nature” includes not only the universe with all its phenomena, but the laws and principles that guide that universe as well; and, if we are a part of the natural world, how could it be that everything under the sun is governed by the same laws and principles–except human beings?

The concept of Karma is simply the extension of the law of universal causation to include man’s moral and spiritual life. It asserts that every decision we make must result in determinate consequences. Karma is an impersonal law and should not be confused with the concepts of predestination or “luck.” Consequences do, indeed, result from every single decision we make; however, we make the free-will decisions that set this law in motion. Our thoughts, words, and deeds determine every effect we experience in our lives–positive and negative–not the “lucky star” we were born under, the “dark cloud” that follows us around, or the “Hand of Wrath” that reaches down from the heavens to punish us.”

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Karen Reed Hadalski was born in California and lived many years in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas of Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from Temple University and a Master of Arts degree in English and American Language and Letters from Boston College. She also did post-Master studies in the Ph.D. program at Boston University where she was awarded both a scholastic scholarship and teaching fellowship.

In addition to teaching literature, research and critical thinking, and expository writing at the college, adult, and preparatory school levels, Karen served as a VISTA volunteer in an Athabascan Indian village in pre-pipeline Alaska; did research and program development for both environmental health and educational software projects; social work with abused and neglected inner-city children; and was appointed to Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Commission on Literacy where she coordinated their city-wide Family Literacy program.

Karen has traveled extensively; her most memorable adventures being: The exploration of favorite writers’ homes and haunts in England and New England; as well as the many museums housing paintings and sculpture of favorite artists in Florence, New York City, and Paris; whale watch excursions conducted by famed naturalists and marine biologists; traveling by dogsled to a frozen, desolate region of Alaska in order to fully experience the magnificence of the Northern Lights; meandering through the Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, and Muir Woods; riding-out turbulent Caribbean waves during a tropical storm; making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where every Sunday School story and picture came to life; moving above, behind, and around Niagara Falls; and investigating the pyramids, temples, sphinx, necropolises and other ancient sites of Egypt. She still dreams of taking a “safari” trip to Africa. In addition to travel, Karen enjoys classical music and singing; nature and animals; the study of world religions, metaphysics and philosophy; and reading, especially biographies.

Her favorite literary genre is the essay and her favorite writers are Ralph Waldo Emerson and William Shakespeare. In addition to her books, Karen has also published articles in various journals, newspapers, and magazines and authors the animal advocacy and education column, “Perspectives,” for Pet Tails Magazine. She currently lives in Virginia Beach with her husband, John, whom she met when he was a student at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, along with their two dogs, Odin & Serena, and two cats, Lily & Chance.

Eleven Modern Mystics and the Secrets of a Happy, Holy Life ~ Victor M. Parachin

It often happens that a person wishes to embark on a spiritual path but immediately doubts surface:

>Can I really do this?
>What are the first steps?
>Where do I start?
>Which way do I turn?
> Who can assist me?

Such concerns can easily be swept aside by the simple realization that our world is teeming with spiritual mentors or as the Bible notes:, We are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. All we need to do is look at them, be inspired by them and permit them to show us the way.

This book profiles eleven modern mystics whose lives inform, instruct and inspire all who are travelling on a spiritual path. The eleven modern mystics chosen are: Dorothy Day, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ben Salmon, Bede Griffiths, Abraham Heschel, Oscar Romero, Etty Hillesum, Caryll Houselander, John XXIII, Thea Bowman and Eknath Easwaran. Included is a bibliography of their writings, reflections on lessons learned from their life choices and recommended actions to follow in their footsteps. This makes an excellent resource for a study group or book club.
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Victor M. Parachin is a writer and minister whose work focuses on experiences of grief and loss. He writes a monthly column for The Director, the journal of the National Funeral Directors Association. He is the author of Grief Relief from Chalice Press.

SQ 21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence by Cindy Wigglesworth

According to author Cindy Wigglesworth, Spiritual Intelligence is “the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation.” In her new book, SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence, Cindy helps us understand how spiritual intelligence is analogous to such concepts as IQ and emotional intelligence (EQ). Using clear, practical language she defines the “21 skills” that comprise spiritual intelligence and in doing so, teaches you the steps to begin developing your own spiritual intelligence.

Cindy refers to her method as “spiritual weightlifting”–a process whereby we work to develop our “muscles” to shift away from thinking with our self-focused ego to behaving from our more loving and peaceful Higher Self. Her model is both faith-friendly and faith-neutral, and SQ21 offers a way for atheists, people of faith, and those who are “spiritual but not religious” to understand each other and discuss our universal concerns. These skills are especially crucial for those in positions of leadership, since they help us to make decisions on a higher level while in the midst of stress, complexity, and high rates of change. If you want more peace, wisdom and compassion in your life– SQ21 is the book for you.

Cindy Wigglesworth is the President and Founder of Deep Change, Inc., a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations integrate and access their Deep Intelligence. She is the creator of the SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence self-assessment, the first competency-based spiritual intelligence assessment instrument. In addition to her many radio appearances, she has been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show and PBS television.

Gender & Spiritual Intelligence ~ Cindy Wigglesworth

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