The Effect – Where science and spirituality join forces ~ Linda Hoy

Parallel worlds… time-travel… life-after-death. The Effect cuts through the whole caboodle with a razor-sharp edge, ripping up distinctions between science and the spiritual with page-turning clarity. If you thought mysticism was only for the devout or gullible, or found physics unfathomable, buckle up your seat belt and hold tight. Linda Hoy’s journey careers through quantum mechanics, high-energy physics and ancient wisdom with turbo-charged vigour.

Can we predict the future?

What happens when we die?

Does life have a purpose?

Does God exist?

The Effect uses twenty-first-century science to validate what mystics and spiritual leaders have been telling us for centuries. It introduces us to groundmuts and dimension-hopping goldfish. It examines the increasingly-common phenomenon of near death experience. It turns what we think of as reality on its head. It makes us cry and laugh out loud.

Prepare to be amazed.

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Linda Hoy

Linda is the bestselling author of fifteen books for young people and an award-winning TV play. She’s given numerous interviews on radio and TV and entertained hundreds of school and university students. A fellow of the Royal Literary Fund, she’s worked for three years with biologists at Sheffield University. Because weird stuff happens to Linda… dreaming about things just before they happen, feeling surrounded by coincidence and synchronicity and thinking about her friends just before they phone… she’s embarked on a quest to discover just what’s going on.

A Quaker, she lives in Sheffield, with a large aquarium fitted inside her piano.

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