The Next Human: A Guide to Personal and Collective Evolution ~ Jason Lincoln Jeffers

Everything in nature evolves. This process is usually slow, taking millions of years. But every couple hundred millennia or so, an entire species takes a giant leap forward. Currently, 17,500 nuclear warheads on Planet Earth are considered operational and at least 4,000 of them are on hair-trigger alert. The nations of North Korea and Iran are scrambling to add their own warheads to the list. The human race now has but one option for world peace: evolution.

As we venture beyond the end of the Mayan Calendar at the end of 2012, a small percentage of humanity is evolving from an egoic, codependent, emotionally violent, self-destructive state of suffering into a heart-centered, egoless, Self-reliant, creative state of being. Ethereally connected to Gaia, Mother Earth, this burgeoning, spiritually enlightened, highly intuitive, and compassionate species of humanity will actualize the protective and balancing nature of the sacred feminine.

Ultimately, there is no way out of these current problems that we face together, only a way through. The way begins and ends with the personal evolution of the Self. Non-conformity to the current system of control through peaceful, spiritual revolution, both individually and collectively, is what is needed now if we are going to move beyond the social injustice, oppression, pollution, poverty, famine, and incessant wars that pervade our planet. As we learn to honor the body’s divine intelligence, an entirely new system of drug-free health care will emerge, as opposed to the disease care model that exists today. The time has come for us to look to solutions from higher levels of intelligence, higher levels of consciousness. Now is the time for us to draw a line in the sand and stand up for our divine Selves, to stop playing the victim as a species.

Your evolutionary journey begins and ends with Self-mastery, through the transformation of the Seven Selves. When you change your “little me who means nothing to the universe” perspective to an “I am the center of all creation” perspective, your whole existence and reason for living transforms. You awaken to your relevance, your significance, your duty to life, and you realize that the universe cannot evolve until you do.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a spiritual teacher, life and wellness coach, mystical artist, astrologer, metaphysicist, entrepreneur, author, and self-taught authority on transpersonal psychology and alternative medicine. His mission is to help humanity awaken to its divinity, access its untouched free will, and evolve into the Next Human.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers: You Are Who You Attract – It’s the Law.

Author of “The Next Human – A Guide to Personal and Collective Evolution,” Jason Lincoln Jeffers explains how you are who you attract in relationships; your Mirror Self.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers – All Problems are Ego-Generated.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. If you’re playing the victim to life, then you’ve already given up on life, and have declared that God, the devil, the universe, karma, or some mysterious “force” greater than yourself is somehow in control of your life, is the cause behind your suffering, and is for some unknown reason punishing you. In a way, you’ve succumbed to this force that, in reality, does not exist. Victimization is the ego’s way of attracting the spotlight back onto itself. It is unconsciously played out for the sole purpose of extracting power guised as attention and sympathy from others.

If you’re playing the victim, what you subconsciously fear the most is what you usually end up attracting to you. A dark cloud seems to follow you around wherever you go, and you’ll constantly be running into obstacles around every turn. Life seems to be a desperate attempt at solving one annoying problem after another, and this never-ending onslaught eventually takes its toll on your health, causing you to become addicted to food, or alcohol, or drugs, or you just become chronically ill. And the more you fight this horrifying reality that the universe inflicts problems on you, the more tragic life becomes.

When you play the victim, you won’t be exercising any free will at all. Zero. People take advantage of you. No, it’s worse; they walk all over you. From the perspective of the Next Human, victimization is artificially constructed from the reactive, resistant, reality-ignoring, presence-dodging, drama-creating, life-battling, egoic mind. To the ego, life is nothing less than an ongoing pummel of problems that must be solved and counted. But all these problems are nothing more than an outer reflection of the chaos within. They’re also energy for the ego to feed on. Over time, problems and conflicts become a necessity for the ego to sustain itself. Drama is drummed up so the ego can become the center of attention on the world stage.

If you’re ready to stop playing the victim to life, then you must first learn to stop creating your own problems out of simple challenges. Don’t put your challenges on the back burner and ignore them, hoping they’ll magically disappear on their own, because they won’t. The challenges will dissolve, one by one, but you have to give them the attention they deserve. It’s called presence. Otherwise they’ll keep coming back and situations will keep getting worse until you begin paying attention. The key is staying focused in the Now.

Jason Lincoln Jeffers – The Phantom Attack

A parasite of pain.
Just below the threshold of consciousness lies an opposite, a negative, a hidden self. The eminent psychologist Carl Gustav Jung believed that this negative self or shadow was created during ego development in childhood, when we are at some point deemed worthless, inferior, unacceptable, or inadequate. Subsequently, the pain from our wounded ego manifests as a cover-up process to prove to others that we are not these terrifying things. When we don’t want to face these feelings about ourselves, we project them onto others by way of moral deficiency. In his book, Aion, Jung sums up the shadow by writing, “Projections change the world into the replica of one’s own unknown face.”

This shadow of the ego also manifests in every human as an emotional body, energy field, and no doubt DNA encoding. Because every thought you have is a simple form of energy, when toxic, negative thoughts are allowed to accumulate, they fester, ferment, and become emotional in nature. If ignored or denied over time, these darker emotions tend to cling to our psyche and become tar-like and parasitical. The more your ego represses these primitive thoughts and feelings, the darker and denser they become. Left unresolved, these fear-based emotions inevitably manifest as anxiety, depression, disgust, hatred, anger, and rage. In the dungeons of the subconscious mind, these repugnant aspects of the psyche actually feed on emotional pain. Alternately masochistic and sadistic, this pain parasite preys on human hosts.

Jung viewed his collective unconscious as a secondary psyche, consisting of archetypes and imagery that were impersonal in nature and concurrent in all individuals. Conversely, a primary psyche was defined by Jung’s personal unconscious which stored our individual memories, repressed fears, and the dark shadows of unresolved pain. Contemporary spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle also believes in this “dark shadow cast by the ego,” which he refers to as the pain-body in his book The Power of Now.

​Like Tolle, I see the pain-body as a synthesis of personal pain that we unknowingly conceal from others based on our individualized repressions and a collective pain that resides within the energy field of a hive mind. I also view the pain-body as a psychic parasite and as a physical manifestation of the mental ego. The more you are identified with your emotions, the more they become a prominent part of the physical body.

The phantom predator.
An aggressive pain-body or “phantom predator” will prefer a violent argument over a civil discussion any day of the week, and will frequently become opinionated during a peaceful conversation just so it can stir up some debate, drama, or discord. The emotional charge that it reaps from the ensuing drama is pure energy for this pain parasite to feed on. In a discussion, it’s not the truth it seeks, but rather the energy harvested from wronging others while pushing all of their buttons. Bullies or super dense aggressive pain-bodies who thrive on hurting people both emotionally and physically are unconscious carriers of this psychic parasite. These predator pain-bodies are attracted to emotional and physical violence displayed in TV shows, video games, and movies.

You can recognize an aggressive pain-body simply by looking deeply into the eyes of its host. His or her voice may have a condescending tone to it and he or she will usually be deriding someone or something. These hosts are impatiently waiting for an excuse, any excuse, to provoke an argument so that they can sap your energy and feed on your anger. The conversation might begin with them probing for information about you, hoping they can find something with which to diminish you later on. Because the pain-body is deeply rooted in polarity, they’ll frequently bring up a topic such as religion or politics so they can take create an argument out of it and then take up the opposite side.

When the aggressive pain-body becomes active in you, it will quickly consume your mind until you are one with it. Your entire thought process and sense of self will be completely aligned with its agenda. The phantom will have taken over you, your speech, your sight, your perception, and most vital for it, your dark emotions. This is when you become your phantom self. The true you has “left the building.” And at that very moment, at the time of consumption, the last thing in the world you want is to be at peace. You want war. So what do you do? You go looking for trouble.

If you came upon a wise old sage when you were consumed by an aggressive pain-body and he said to you, “There is such a thing as life without pain,” you’d probably kick his teeth out. This is because the sage would not be talking to you, he would be talking to the phantom. Remember, you’re long gone. People possessed by aggressive pain-bodies want you to be angry with them; they want to provoke an attack from you. Their motto is “Bring it on!” These are people who become so completely consumed by their pain-bodies that they temporarily transform into the phantom self. This is what I refer to as a “phantom attack.” They are the rabble rousers, always looking for a fight, and they’ll enjoy making fun of you in front of others, the more public the better. If they can somehow humiliate you, they know there’s a good chance your pain will swell. And if your pain swells, they can feed on it. You won’t even have to utter a single word–––the energy of your emotional reaction alone will be enough to sustain it.
The phantom prey.
For every number of phantom predators there is a phantom who does not attack others overtly. Instead, they suppress their pain and keep it hidden. I call these passive pain-bodies or “phantom prey.” Because they seldom release their pain outwardly like aggressive pain-bodies, a good number of these individuals are in pain most, if not all, the time. Over the years, the passive pain-body festers, suppressing the host body’s immune system, and chronic anxiety or depression turns into a physical disease such as: cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, type 2 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, recurring migraines, chronic muscle and joint pain, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, systemic candida, and other chronic pain diseases. Often it forces the host to turn to substance abuse, addiction to prescription drugs, or food addiction to escape their chronic emotional pain.

One of the most common reasons people begin a path toward spiritual transformation is to cope with their emotional and/or physical suffering. It can be from an acute or chronic disease, an ongoing addiction to drugs or alcohol, or chronic emotional anxiety brought on from stress at work or a failing relationship. Most likely they come to the end of the same road over and over again until they have an epiphany that affirms, “What I’ve been doing is simply not working. The time has come for me to change my ways.”

If you possess the courage to heal, pain-body counseling works if you have the patience, desire, and dedication to stay on the path. Many times, people will make great strides but then fall back onto their old self-destructive patterns. The key is not giving up. If you fall, pick yourself up and get back into counseling. Faith, persistence, and a belief that you don’t deserve to suffer can get you over the hump and past your chronic pain.

Since we as a species are preconditioned to believe that life is supposed to be a constant state of suffering, that we all have our “crosses to bear,” and that we must “pay our dues,” then that will be the inevitable outcome. Whatever you identify with and believe with emotion will manifest as your reality. If you didn’t define yourself through misery and suffering, it simply wouldn’t happen. Yes, you are that powerful. To transcend suffering, what is required is a coming to consciousness that you don’t need to play the martyr anymore. It’s simply not your job to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Just because you’re in this world doesn’t mean that you have to be of it.

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