Awakening – Jyotish analysis of 2012

Given the amount of negative predictions for 2012. I approached somehow reluctantly to my regular analysis of the forthcoming year. But, lo and behold! In spite of everything, I found that next year, at least from the jyotish point of view is everything but dark and threatening! Actually, we have many reasons for hope and optimism.

And while for the previous years that optimism was an instrument for finding the light among many shadows, it is obvious now that the light is prevailing and that no extra effort is needed to find it.

From the jyotis point of view, previous year was called “standstill before awakening”. So, the one in front of us must be – the year of awakening!

For the most part, cosmic rhythms point out exactly this; mostly they are positive and they will not, in spite of all expectations, demand too painful cuts and/or purifications. But, as always, the year we are expecting with mixed feelings, is not free from some dark corners and tendencies.

I will talk about this latter. For now I want to explain my approach to jyotish, especially to those who are new to this kind of analysis.

I do not do predictions. Moreover, I know it is not possible to predict anything. The reality we are living in, as conscious beings, is not one-dimensional nor is it one-directional. We can’t accept any more the mechanical or deterministic model of our future. We live in a quantum mechanical universe in which there is a place for free will; for unpredictable events inside our consciousness; quantum fluctuations and the laws of chaos. However, we know that there are cycles in the nature, and those cycles create patterns in our life.

There is a delicate interplay between uncertainty and freedom inside the microcosms and visible cycles of macrocosms. That interplay is the basis for our future.

The skill I developed is called jyotish. This literary means the light. The light enables us to see the cosmic rhythms, but not the final decisions to be made by conscious beings. That’s why we can only speak about tendencies of the time, not about predictions.

It is true that the reactions of people, who live their life unconsciously, are conditioned and programmed. That’s why sometimes predictions come true. People think they are free, but actually the aren’t.

However, the purpose of jyotish, as the skill of illumination, is not to describe to sleepers what kind of forces will take over the future of their dream. That would be a complete loss of time and energy, since the sleepers cannot do anything anyway. They are just puppets who follow the one who controls the rope.

I use jyotish to sense the value of future periods and to explain that value to those who are conscious enough and capable of making their own decisions, and at the same time mature enough to accept the interconnection of our life with the life of the Universe, with all incentive and restrictions born from that interconnection.

From the technical point of view, jyotish uses sidereal zodiac – the real position of constellations behind the heavenly bodies of our solar system. In this moment sidereal zodiac is a little more than 24 degrees backwards from tropical zodiac (usual in western type of astrology) and moving slowly backwards due to precession.

At the end of every year I make a general jyotish analysis of the year to come. This analysis is based on relatively simple data about movement of visible planets, the Moon and the Sun, on the background of stellar constellations which jyotish calls nakshatras. Its purpose is not to predict concrete events. Actually, the events may differ from one part of the world to another, from one region to another. To make such distinction, we would need to include some additional data.

The purpose of this general and global analysis is to notice subtle energy and spiritual movements in the consciousness of the mankind that are connected to the cosmic rhythms.

Besides the knowledge about the quality of these movements, I give much more importance to advices what to do in each period during the particular year. Such doings may be compared with timely sowing or reaping. If you miss the right time, your success will be lessened.

And, besides timing, there are special “art of giving” procedures, to help us enliven the right energy and intelligence in our life, and in the life of the whole planet.

So, this is not the analysis you will read now, and latter check if I was right or wrong. It will be much more important for all of us to use all good moments, rectify the injustice and remove all the suffering we can.

In this case, I believe that good news and justified optimism will be helpful to many to overcome the fear from year 2012. as the possible end-of-the world year. Actually, it’s quite contrary – I believe that 2012. will prove to be a year of inspiration, creativity, spirituality and awakening!

Longer periods during 2012

I will start with the description of longer periods “created” by the transits of slower planets (or grahas how jyotish calls them) on the background of stellar constellations, so called nakshatras. These periods are general and not restricted on certain area.

Beside the planet Saturn who, with Chitra nakshatra, creates the “breaking apart” period, which is seemingly negative, the main role during the year is taken by Venus. It is her position and heavenly dance that creates the basis for the optimistic view of 2012.

Inside every period there will be recommended activities, so called upayas. Jyotish has very efficient technology of preventive measures. I suggest we call them “art of giving” procedures. These procedures are simple, mainly humanitarian activities, and they very obviously help to create certain quality around you – the quality that fits the best to the active cosmic rhythm. In this way we are actually “sowing” at the right time.

My warm recommendation for everyone is to do these simple and helping activities, and respect recommended timings. In that way you will most efficiently contribute to the positive characteristics and neutralise the negative characteristics of the given period.

Periods of Saturn (Shani)

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