Angels, Aliens and Prophecy: The Connection By Betsey Lewis

“In Angels, Aliens and Prophecy, Betsey Lewis, Intuitive, Earth Mysteries Investigator and host of Rainbow Visions Radio Show, explores the mysterious connec tion between angels and aliens since recorded history, and the startling prophecies given by these beings. Is it possible ancient aliens and time travelers have changed time lines and events? Absolutely says Lewis who investigated these enigmatic subjects for the past forty years. In 1983, Lewis uncovered surprising information about her UFO encounters from the hypnosis session conducted by renowned UFO investigator Ann Druffel, included in the book. A secret was given to Lewis as a child, but erased from her memory until recently. She reveals the secret, her predictions for 2012 and beyond, and the connection between angels and aliens. Earth has reached the twelfth hour where we can either create a new world or watch our planet die. It’s up to us as Rainbow Earthkeepers to dream a new world into being. Discover what destiny awaits humanity and our planet. Something wonderful is going to happen, Lewis says!

Angels, Aliens and Prophecy might forever change your views on reality, your place in the world and human destiny.

You’ll discover…

* Who was behind the Fatima, Portugal prophecies and vision in 1917? Were they angelic beings or aliens using 3-D holographic technology?
* Why the 13th day of the month significant to these beings and why have massive UFO sightings over major cities have been seen recently on the 13th of the month? One such UFO massive sighting took place over Phoenix, Arizona on March 13, 1997?
* Is there evidence atomic or nuclear warfare was used in ancient times?
* Was Japan warned by UFOs before the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami?
* Why have alien abductees been shown images of the mythical Phoenix bird?
* What did Betsey remote view on the planet Mars?
* What was the message given to Betsey as a small child and erased from her memory until recently that relates to earth’s future?
* Are aliens and angels connected?
* Are we being monitored by time travelers, dimensional beings, aliens or angels?
* Why have cattle been mutilated over the past 40 years? Who is the culprit–satanic cults, military or aliens?”

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Author, intuitive, talk show host, earthkeeper and earth mysteries investigator Betsey Lewis inherited the gift of prophecy from her mother. Since childhood she has experienced the paranormal, receiving prophetic dreams of earth changes taking place worldwide now. After her second UFO encounter at the age of seven, she was given a message of utmost importance but told she must forget it until her adult years.

Now that message can finally be revealed in her new book, Angels, Aliens and Prophecy: The Connection. Betsey has investigated UFOs, cattle mutilations, angels, aliens and other earth mysteries for the past forty years. She practices Kriya Yoga, Reiki healing, astrology, and numerology, and has spent many years with Native Americans throughout the Northwest and Canada, attending pow-wows, vision quests, and sweat lodge ceremonies. Besides writing, Betsey is the host of the popular Rainbow Vision Network since 2009, featuring many renowned authors and guests. She’s been a guest on television, radio, and speaker at UFO conferences. Authored books include: Angels, Aliens and Prophecy: The Connection, and an acclaimed children’s story, Rainbow Eyes, under the pen name Jane B. Lewis. “Through a vision I was shown “The Event” that will shake us all to our very core. Mother Earth wants us to awaken from our sleep, and realize our true nature-we are the power! If we don’t make the shift in values and commit to healing our Mother Earth, then she, in her need for a higher frequency, will bring about a cleansing that will balance the planet once again. Will we “catch on” and create a new world? Find out what I’ve been told by advanced dimensional beings in Angels, Aliens and Prophecy. You may be in for the shock of your life!

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