In the Beginning Was the Spirit: Science, Religion and Indigenous Spirituality ~ Diarmuid O’Murchu

An astonishing synthesis of humankind’s understanding of the Great Spirit that energizes, sustains, and runs through all creation.

Poets knew it. Mystics knew it. Indigenous people knew it. Now Diarmuid O’Murchu unearths what religion has often forgotten or ignored — the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the breath of all things.

Using insights from science and spirituality O Murchu recaptures the enduring fascination of an ancient belief. He gives us a contemporary and unforgettable understanding of the Source of everything.

In the Beginning Was the Spirit is the crowning achievement of an author whose seminal works have influenced the way we understand God, religion and the world.

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Diarmuid O Murchu is the author of a number of pioneering books that include
Quantum Theology (1996 – revised in 2004), Reclaiming Spirituality (1998), Evolutionary Faith (2002), The Transformation of Desire (2007), Ancestral Grace (2008), Jesus in the Power of Poetry (2009), Adult Faith (2010), and Christianity’s Dangerous Memory (2011).

A priest, missioner, and social psychologist, Diarmuid O’Murchu has worked with homeless people and refugees on three continents. His books have inspired people to ask him to lead workshops in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, and Peru and in several African countries. He lives in London where (when not reading every book every published and writing his own) he works as a counselor in bereavement work and with AIDS-HIV patients.

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