Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse

An intimate account of spontaneous spiritual enlightenment and its implications in a life lived beyond the individual self, Perfect Brilliant Stillness is a guidebook for the more advanced spiritual seeker who is ready to go beyond popular ‘new age’ ideas to explore in depth the perennial wisdom of the non-dual tradition of Eastern spirituality. Perfect Brilliant Stillness offers an invitation to finally let go of the false sense of individual self and to go, completed, beyond.

About David Carse

David Carse
lives in Vermont, where he continues to work as a carpenter. He does not teach. His search for the perfect brilliant stillness of enlightenment, David Carse became a rather reluctant Prophet, and his reluctance is not surprising given that the wild journey to his ultimate goal of self-realization involves some fairly disturbing annihilation of his self. For Carse there is no self, only the Presence, the Being, Consciousness, he as a man is merely a “thought construct”. With a glorious feeling of humanity and a real human being’s fight against a very uncomfortable conclusion, Perfect Brilliant Stillness takes you on a magnificent journey to the ultimate questions of existence.

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