Leap of Perception The Transforming Power of Your Attention ~ Penny Peirce

With this effective, easy-to-follow guide, readers can develop the power of perception and imagination to live effortlessly and joyfully.

As our holistic view of the world grows and we become more aware of personal and collective energy, our level of perception is transforming from something singular—the physical form—to a greatly expanded awareness that includes intuition, past and present, right and left brain, and heart and body.

As our perceptive ability evolves, we must unlearn and relearn the principles of how we live, create, and grow in order to be successful in the rapidly transforming reality of the Intuition Age. Written with clarity and insight, Leap of Perception offers a comprehensive guide on how to adapt to an expanding paradigm of perception.

Building on her first two books, The Intuitive Way and Frequency, author Penney Peirce once again translates a powerful and complex concept into an effective life practice that is accessible to all.

Readers will learn to materialize the situations they want, resolve conflict in relationships, expand their creativity, reduce exhaustion and anxiety from multitasking, ease fear caused by the transformation process, develop new attention skills, and more. Leap of Perception is an amazing gift.

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Stillness Speaks: Chris Hebard in an interview with Robert Rabbin

Robert Rabbin is a modern mystic who experienced a sudden awakening at 11 years of age. That experience set him firmly on his path in life, seeking answers to the perennial questions: Who am I? What is real? How shall I live?

His spiritual seeking took him on adventures throughout the world, from the ashrams of India to the forests of Finland, from the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California to the Sinai Desert of Israel, from Kabul, Afghanistan to Bangkok, Thailand.

After more than 15 years of intensive meditation and self-inquiry — including living and working with Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa for 10 years — Robert began his distinctive professional journey in 1985. Since then, he has developed an international reputation as a groundbreaking and inspirational speaker, self-awareness teacher, leadership adviser, and author. During these years, Robert launched several companies and projects, including the Hamsa Institute for Enlightened Leadership, Truth for President, Radical Sages, RealTime Speaking, and Authenticity Accelerator.

Robert has honed his unique style of public speaking in hundreds of workshops, meetings, lectures, keynote speeches, and conference presentations. In addition to presenting more than 300 of his signature meditative inquiry seminars, his résumé of speaking engagements includes State of the World Forum, Institute of Noetic Sciences, JFK University School of Management, American Management Association, International Coach Federation, the Third International Conference on Enlightenment, Church of the Fellowship of All Peoples, Inner Directions Gathering, Praxis Conference, Shanti Mandir, The Presidio Dialogues, Unity Church of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, California Institute of Integral Studies, and National Association of Drama Therapists.

As a sought-after personal adviser and public speaking guru, Robert has worked with a cultural cross-section of people, including corporate executives, professionals, rock musicians, best-selling authors, fashion designers, spiritual teachers, educators, and entrepreneurs. He has also provided consulting and retreat services to numerous organizations in the areas of leadership, communication, values, creativity, and individual and team performance.

Robert has published eight books and more than 200 articles on the themes of meditation, self-inquiry, leadership, authentic self-expression, and spiritual activism. He has been a featured columnist for The New Leaders, PlanetLightworker, and Insight Magazine. Robert was commissioned to write original essays for three leading-edge anthologies and was interviewed for The Awakening West, a collection of conversations with contemporary Western wisdom teachers.

In 2010, Robert synthesized his almost 50 years of spiritual study, practice, and inner experience into “The 5 Principles of Authentic Living.”

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