Breaking the Spell: The Truth about Money, Success, and the Pursuit of Happiness ~ Debbie LaChusa

Research tells us money can’t buy happiness. Numerous happiness studies have concluded that once basic needs are met, more money does not make people happier. Yet, it’s the American way to climb the corporate ladder, Keep up with the Joneses, and strive for more money, more success, and all the status symbols that tell the world you’ve made it.

However, many successful and wealthy people report that even after getting it all they still feel something is missing. Celebrities and athletes who have achieved fame and fortune often fall victim to drugs, alcohol, and even suicide, suggesting they’re still searching for something… they’re still not happy.

Breaking The Spell takes a look at why, despite all of the research, so many people continue to pursue happiness in the form of money, success, and achievement. It investigates the influence of the following factors and makes a compelling case for changing our priorities and how we live our lives if we truly want to be happy:

Our educational system
Youth sports
Professional sports
Self help industry
Social media and the Internet
Reality television
Generational trends
Personality type
And even how we define success

Breaking the Spell strives to help us understand why, as a society, we have become so spellbound by the pursuit of happiness, success, and financial security, so that we may break the spell and finally be happy.

Debie LaChusa

Despite becoming a vice president in her thirties, building three successful six-figure businesses in her forties, becoming a millionaire, speaking internationally, and sharing the stage with celebrity teachers from The Secret, Debbie LaChusa never felt satisfied.

After spending seven years and $200,000 constantly trying to achieve more, she realized she had become spellbound. She looked around and saw she wasn’t alone, prompting her to embark on a yearlong investigative journey to understand why, so she could heal herself and help others. Breaking The Spell is the result of that journey.

Free Chapter Excerpt Here

Here’s the trailer for my latest book, “Breaking the Spell: The Truth about Money, Success, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, showing how as individuals and a nation we’ve become spellbound in the pursuit of these three goals. It’s time to heal. Learn more at


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