The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth By Victoria Hanchin

The Seer and The Sayer is a true story, that is a tourbook guiding us into the landscape of a transformed post-2012 New Earth. Journey with Victoria Hanchin, hand-in-hand, as she and her co-travelers are led on a miraculous spiritual adventure that transforms them into Seers and Sayers.

Witness with them the ongoing revelations presented by the aware intelligence of Nature and Creation. Join with them, as they accept Mother Earth’s invitation to enter into a consciousness of Oneness, to become the eyes and the mouthpiece for the New Earth being revealed to them: a New Earth where all Life participates as conscious co-creators, writing the next story of creation together.

Vikki Hanchin

Victoria Hanchin, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Wholistic Psychotherapist, transformational writer, and visionary activist. Her writings are found at Victoria lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she raised her two sons. She offers wholistic psychotherapy in her private practice of over 25 years. She has become quite a fan of “Peaceburgh” and its sacred geography of the converging three rivers and the fourth underground river, which her research revealed are connected to the ancient Mayan 2012 prophetic teachings.

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PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Dec. 21, 2012, will be the end of the world and Pittsburgh will be at the center of it as predicted by the Mayans thousands of years ago.

Technically, the Mayans didn’t say it was the end of the world, but their calendar does end on Dec. 21, and strangely enough, there are references in their calendar to a geographical point on Earth where three rivers merge with a fourth river- the center of the universe.

“Our rivers are part of the ancient Mayan prophetic teachings that show unity,” Vickie Hanchin, a local psychotherapist, said.

Hanchin has become the unofficial spokesperson of the theory that Pittsburgh will be the portal to a new era.

“The three rivers were put in our landscape by the creator to show the promised time of the return of oneness,” Hanchin said,

Many spiritual leaders, including Mayan scholars and even the Dalai Lama, say that the convergence of Pittsburgh’s rivers is in fact that point, making the ‘Burgh one of the most spiritual places on the planet.

Whatever happens on Dec. 21, it will begin here.

“An alignment is happening in the heavens that is supposed to be supporting us to shift into a higher consciousness,” Hanchin said.

KDKA-AM’s Larry and John talked to Hanchin about the ancient Mayan prophesies and the end of their calendar, which she says is the marking the end of a 26,000-year cycle. On that day, the Point will become a source of healing and enlightenment, ushering in a 1,000 years of peace and love as the universe aligns to be one.

“We’re stewards to a very powerful place that has that message and we should be aware of it,” Hanchin said.

What do you think?
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The Twelve Holy Days and their Astrological Attunements ~ Humanity Healing Network

A belief commonly prevails that December 25th, celebrated as Christmas, brings to a close the spiritual festival of the mid- winter solstitial season. This is not true. It only marks the beginning or the entrance upon a period of deep significance. That period is the twelve-day interval between Christmas and Twelfth Night, days which embrace the spiritual heart of the year to follow. These twelve days have been very aptly termed the year’s Holy of Holies.

This work is designed for serious students of the Christian Mysteries, to assist them in placing themselves in more complete attunement with the twelve zodiacal forces released upon the earth during this time.

Every one of the twelve Holy Days is under the direct supervision of one of the twelve zodiacal Hierarchies, each one of which projects over the planet a cosmic pattern of the world as it will be when the combined work of the Hierarchies has been completed. Also, the twelve Disciples are correlated with these twelve Holy Days, as are the twelve spiritual centers through which the twelve forces operate in man’s body-temple.

Every earnest student will, therefore, make use of this sacred period for visualizing the perfected work of the Hierarchies, in meditation upon the life and work of the Disciples, and in directing the spiritual radiations from the Hierarchies through the inner centers in his body to which they are attuned. If he is faithful and persists year after year in this high endeavor, he cannot fail to receive compensation in the form of great spiritual unfoldment.

From the time of the Winter Solstice when the Christ light enters the heart of earth, the planet is swept by powerful solstitial radiations which continue, though somewhat abated, through- out the twelve Holy Days. Many and wondrous are the inner plane activities during this time. The early Christian Church concluded its esoteric ministry on the mystical Twelfth Night with the Rite of Baptism, one of its highest Initiations. Modern neophytes who have earned illumination know that it is then possible to enter into communion with divine Beings and the Lord of Light. It was such an experience that inspired St. John’s Gospel, frequently designated the “Gospel of Love.”

In the outer darkness of the present historical era man has largely lost contact with the Christ light and these days of spirit- renewing. By the travail of Soul through which he is now passing, he is destined to find them again and to make them a vital part of his daily life and his yearly consecration. May this work serve him to that end.

This information is taken from the work of Corinne Heline, New Age Bible Interpretation, Vol. VII Mystery of the Christos: The Twelve Holy Days. ISBN 0-933963-07-6

Consciousness is All: Now Life is Completely New ~ Peter Francis Dziuban

Consciousness Is All is a book on Absolute Reality, sometimes called Infinite Reality. It shows clearly why only Consciousness Itself – also known as the One Self, I Am, Love, Life, the Divine, God, and other terms – is being conscious right here, now. Consciousness is absolutely all there is of all there is. Simply nothing exists outside of, or beyond, Consciousness. As Consciousness is All or One – It thus is not a higher Self, but the only Self. It precludes there being another, lesser consciousness that has to or can become anything.

No transformation is necessary or even possible. This shatters the myth of a would-be secondary self struggling to get at-one with a vague “god.” Read this book as if It were Consciousness, the One Self, talking to Itself. This is the only “viewpoint” that is valid, true, and actually operating because, truly, the Self is the only One being conscious here, now, so this can be read! Stop and think what a marvelous book it would be if the Self, the One, wrote a book about Itself! What would the One Self say? It couldn’t speak of a human struggle of becoming the Self – It could speak only of already being the Self. It wouldn’t have to instruct how to get at-one with Itself, because It already is that! All the Self could speak of is Its own Presence – the immediacy of Itself to Itself. It could state only what It already, presently is – Oneness, Wholeness and Perfection. Would that leave you out? Not at all! That Self being conscious here, now, is the only You there is. After You read this book, You will see that now Life is completely new.

Words: all right here, at all nothing, love is all, love is all you, now this is, right here now, right here right now, say nothing at all, see clearly now, see you now, that is all, this is all, you say nothing at all
Peter Francis Dziuban (pronounced Joobin) is an author/lecturer on Consciousness, Awareness and spirituality.

Peter first became interested in spirituality and philosophy while attending the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. He later investigated many spiritual and mystical teachings and traditions, ranging from Eastern to Christian-based.

Peter’s first book, Consciousness Is All, and other writings are a thorough examination of this subject, with an experiential bias, enabling readers to experience for themselves. He lectures around the country and maintains a website and blog, “Reality Check.” His workshops/retreats are concerned primarily with awareness–however, not as a concept or theory, but as alive experience.

Peter also maintains a Youtube channel, currently featuring the popular Time Out! series of 23 videos, which challenge mistaken assumptions and beliefs about time.

Peter has just completed his second book, Simply Notice – Book 1, to be published early 2013. Simply Notice is intended to be a series of books, designed to make the deeper points of nondual awareness clear and accessible to the general public. Through simple, experiential noticing exercises Book 1 exposes and reverses the age-old belief of Life being on earth–revealing “earth” to be but mere perceptions in unlimited Life, Love.

Five important chapters are offered here
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Awareness Is the present, Peter Francis Dziuban on Never Not Here

Peter Francis Dziuban, noted author of Consciousness Is All. Gnana is the yogic path of “intelligence”, or true seeing. I think that Peter may prove to be the most radical Gnani alive today. What we said on this show is absolutely simple, and with a way of expressing it that we have all merely glossed over with inculturated assumptions for our total lifetimes.

NO ORDINARY TIME :The Rise of Spiritual Intelligence and Evolutionary Creativity A Book of Hours for a Prophetic Age ~ Jan Phillips

According to Jan Phillips we are living in no ordinary times! We are witnessing and participating in an evolutionary leap unlike anything in our history. There is evidence in the human family of an upward shift in consciousness, a maturing spirituality, a connectedness that grows more intimate and global by the day. And that uplift is countered by the dissolution of myths that no longer serve us, and the demise of institutions that have underpinned our culture since the beginning of our history.

Jan Phillips is an evolutionary artist, author, workshop director and social activist. She is co-founder and Executive Director of the Livingkindness Foundation (, a global network of grassroots philanthropists turning creativity into compassionate action. Jan is also co-founder of Syracuse Cultural Workers, publishers of artwork for social justice and global consciousness. (

She has taught in 23 countries, made a peace pilgrimage around the world, produced 2 CDs of original music, and created several videos on the power of creativity to transform consciousness. Her other books include The Art of Original Thinking-The Making of a Thought Leader, Divining the Body, Marry Your Muse, God is at Eye Level–Photography as a Healing Art, Making Peace, Born Gay, and A Waist is a Terrible Thing to Mind.

As a performing artist/speaker, Jan brings music, poetry, and images to all her audiences, using the arts to inspire as well as inform. Blending east and west, art and activism, reflection and ritual, Jan’s presentations provoke original thinking and evolutionary action. With stories, humor and cutting edge creativity, she connects the dots between science, spirituality and social action. Visit for her books, CDs, videos and calendar of workshops.

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No Ordinary Time with Jan Phillips

Jan Phillips: The Rise of Spiritual Intelligence

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