Beyond Angels ~ Gaile Walker

What exactly is enlightenment and how can this state of awareness be achieved without struggle? These are the most important questions that members of the New-Age movement currently face and this is the book which answers them.
As the mind-body-spirit consciousness that has emerged from the New-Age movement begins to permeate mainstream awareness, it sends out a plea: that this movement examines, and accepts, the limitations of its present practices. This book is a calling, written to stir the reader from slumber and to invite them ‘home’ in the fastest way possible. It teaches how healing and meditation practices will be made more spiritually expanding – and so more safe and effective – by adopting a ‘consciousness-first’ approach.

”There is much beautiful teaching and wisdom in this book. The author’s perspective is firmly rooted in Transcendence, and this priority consistently brings the reader back to first principles. Particularly useful is the timely and perceptive critique of many of the errors of the ‘New Age’ movement. This is an authentic and remarkable piece of work that deserves a very wide audience.” ~ Alistair Shearer, Author of ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ etc
Gaile Walker has been experiencing enlightened states of awareness since the age of 23. Her greatest pleasure is to teach about the nature of enlightenment and effective awareness-expanding meditation and healing. She lives in Cambridge, England.


• Author of ‘Beyond Angels’.
• Meditating since 1973.
• A natural healer since 1993.
• Studied The Radiance Technique® since 1995. Traveled to the United States to learn personally
from Dr Barbara Ray PhD (who was taught all seven levels of this technique by Mrs Hawayo
• Studied to The Sixth Degree in this transcendental light healing and meditation system in
• Became an Authorised Instructor of The Radiance Technique® in 2000.
• Practised daily Transcendental Meditation (TM) as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for 37
years including all the advanced techniques available.
• Taught by Dr Deepak Chopra in 1990.
• Qualified in the courses run by The National Federation of Spiritual
Healers (NFSH).
• Have a good knowledge of different spiritual healing and meditation techniques.

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