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A beautiful satsang dialogue and music, appropriate as a final post to this channel. May the contents of this channel continue to bless with the wisdom contained herein. Thank you.

An Upside-Down Look at Heaven and Near-Death Experience ~ Lloyd Glauberman, Ph.D

We’ve all read about near-death experience (NDE), the traumatically induced sensory phenomenon that many believe represents the gateway to heaven. The imagery (white light, tunnel, dead relatives, etc.), coupled with the intense feelings of bliss and oneness, typically make the most ardent nonbelievers reevaluate their beliefs after the experience. It is powerful stuff and, arguably, the most interesting of all mystical experiences.

With the publication of the book “Proof of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander, the issue of whether NDEs represent evidence for the existence of heaven is, once again, part of the cultural conversation. So let’s join the discussion.

Because of his credibility as a neurosurgeon, Dr. Alexander’s NDE generated a great deal of attention. His case is unusually strong, not simply because of his scientific credentials, but because of what apparently happened to his brain. Due to bacterial meningitis his entire neocortex, the part of the brain that makes us human, presumably became disabled. Without the neocortex functional, a scientific explanation for his NDE becomes impossible.

Most of his colleagues could not offer explanations for what he saw. A few, however, refute his claims, including Dr. Martin Samuels, who said, “there is no way of knowing, in fact, that his neocortex was shut down. It sounds scientific, but it is an interpretation after the fact.” And therein lies the rub.

The operative word in near-death experience is “near.” Nobody actually dies and talks to us from heaven. Those who experience NDEs end up back here talking to Oprah. And they all say very similar things.

NDEs tend to have certain universal characteristics, according to Dr. Gregory Shushan, a religion scholar with anthropological training and author of Conceptions of the Afterlife in Early Civilizations: Universalism, Constructivism and Near-Death Experience. In other words, regardless of culture or time, the NDE themes consistently appeared in the ancient civilizations that he researched.

Furthermore, Dr. Shushan noticed that the various cultural beliefs about heaven are quite similar to the core characteristics of NDEs. What’s interesting is that this cross-cultural thematic consistency about heaven does not hold true for creation myths. In other words, every culture has a different narrative describing how things began, but the same narrative about how things end.

Ironically, this leads to the possibility that NDEs, as opposed to providing evidence for the existence of heaven, might very well be responsible for creating our belief in it.

It’s not difficult to imagine how this paradoxical understanding of the relationship between NDE and heaven could have evolved. The NDEs that occurred during ancient history — especially if it involved a respected elder or priest — would have been so instantaneously transformative, so powerfully seductive, that it would have been impossible for a culture not to incorporate the experience into a model of heaven. Then, over the centuries, all subsequent NDEs would serve to reinforce the belief.

It doesn’t get more upside-down than this.

Assuming for the moment that this explanation of how heaven came into being is accurate, one question remains: does it matter?

On a very practical level, changing people’s religious beliefs is virtually impossible. Faced with incontrovertible scientific evidence about evolution, some folks still cling to the belief that the earth is 6,000 years old because the Bible says so. Not all people of faith take every aspect of the Scriptures literally but, in general, religious beliefs become hardwired into the brain. With the exception of those who experience NDEs, rarely are people changing their mind.

If the NDE is a transitional experience to make death easier and not the gateway to heaven, do nonbelievers have to discard the concept of heaven altogether? Or, can we turn everything upside-down again and simply label our experience of self — our tiny speck of consciousness — heaven? In other words, maybe heaven is ephemeral not eternal. And at the end, our energy goes back into the energy pool.

At some point in time each of us will know the truth. However, if you don’t believe in heaven and you’re right, you’ll never know it. If you’re wrong, people will be waiting at the other end of the tunnel saying, “We told you so.”

Dr. Llyod Glauberman

Dr. Glauberman has a Ph.D. in psychology and has been in clinical practice since 1980. In 1988 he founded Psycho-technology, Inc., a personal development audio company and created a series of state-of-the-art hypno-technology audio programs. His audio programs utilize a unique multiple storytelling framework developed by Dr. Glauberman which leads to changes in thinking, feeling and behavior. His website is Additionally, he speaks on a variety of psychological and health related topics.

Angels in My Hair ~ Lorna Byrne

Lorna talks about Angels in my Hair:

“This is a life story that’s very different to any that has been written before.

It’s about a person living between two worlds: the human world and the spirit world. I’m human of course, but for a number of reasons as a child I found it easier to live in the spirit world than in the human world.

This book isn’t based on anything anyone else has written; the only source of knowledge for this book is the angels. They taught me everything I know. As a child, I found learning very hard and I have dyslexia, so as a result I am uneducated in conventional terms. I only read books with difficulty and so I haven’t been influenced by other people’s thinking. This book is the wisdom and truth that the angels have given me as I have grown throughout my life.

I may not be able to prove it, but the wisdom in this book genuinely comes from the angels and God and this book is based on reality, on a true life that has been lived and continues to be lived.

Anyone who reads this book will discover that they are not alone, that there is always someone there by their side, to help them no matter what difficulties they are in. They will discover that they are loved unconditionally.

This book will help readers recognise times in their past when angels have helped them, even if they didn’t realise it at the time. We have all been helped at times by angels, and recognising these events, even in hindsight, is a very powerful support when we face challenges in our life.

It will help them to understand how easy connection with the angels can be. It’s so simple, all they have to do is ask. That realisation alone is something wonderful.

Readers will find answers to many of the questions they have deep inside themselves, the questions that they hide, that they may be afraid to ask in case they are ridiculed. It will stir questions in their minds about what is happening in their lives and give them insights which will help them.

I can’t say everyone will find the answer to every question though because at times the angels won’t answer a question; it’s simply not the right time in that person’s life to know the answer.

Anyone who reads this book will be given hope and affirmation that there is a reason for life. It will open them up to the world of the angels and of God, they will realise that they are not just flesh and blood, that they have a soul, that there is a meaning to life. They will understand more about how precious this gift of life is.

If you do read this book with an open mind, it will make a big difference to you. Even If you say you don’t believe in angels, read it for curiosity, suspend your cynicism for a short time and have a look. What have you got to lose?”

Book Description
In this uplifting autobiography, a modern-day Irish mystic shares her vivid encounters and conversations with the angels and spirits she has known her entire life.

For anyone who has ever wondered about the mysteries that lie beyond everyday experience, or doubted the reality of the afterlife, Angels in My Hair is a moving and deeply inspirational journey into the unseen world.

For as long as she can remember, Lorna Byrne has seen angels. As a young child, she assumed everyone could see the otherworldly beings who always accompanied her. Yet in the eyes of adults, her abnormal behavior was a symptom of mental deficiency. Today, sick and troubled people from around the world are drawn to her for comfort and healing, and even theologians of different faiths seek her guidance. Lorna is trusted for her ability to communicate with spirits and angels—and by sharing her intimate knowledge of the spiritual world she offers a message of hope and love to us all.

Angels in My Hair is an engrossing chronicle of Lorna’s incredible life story. Invoking a wonderful sense of place, she describes growing up poor in Ireland, finding work in Dublin, and marrying the man of her dreams—only to have the marriage cut short by tragedy. Already a bestseller in Ireland, her story gives readers a unique insight into the angelic help that is around us and available to us all the time. As Lorna says, “All you have to do is ask.”

Lorna Byrne has been seeing and talking to angels since she was a baby. Now that her family are raised she talks openly for the first time about what she has seen and learnt. She lives quietly in rural Ireland.

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Lorna Byrne – Why we should all support the Occupy Wall Street Movement


Lorna Bryne talks about Angels in Human Form

Lorna Bryne talks about Angels in Human Form

Possible Futures for the Earth by Lorna Byrne

The angels have told Lorna Byrne that it is up to us to determine our own future as a planet…. There are some amazing times ahead for humanity, if we all work and love each other.


Lorna Byrne, Author of International bestseller Angels in my Hair, talks about Angels, Islam, Mecca and people of people faiths praying together.

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BEYOND KNOWING Mysteries and Messages of Death and Life from a Forensic Pathologist ~ Dr. Janis Amatuzio

Working as a medical examiner, Dr. Janis Amatuzio has found that by listening and talking to loved ones of the deceased, she can offer them a sense of closure. In doing so, she has heard — and here retells — extraordinary stories of spiritual and otherworldly events surrounding the transition between life and death.

As in her first book, Forever Ours, Dr. Amatuzio presents the amazing, heartfelt accounts told to her by grieving family members, patients, doctors, nurses, clergy, and police officers. Along with these stories, she shares her own story — reflecting on the course of her career, the bonds she has formed over the years, the lessons she has learned, and her conclusion that “Everything truly is all right.”

This powerful book honors the mystery of life and death, exploring the realms of visions, synchronicities, and communications on death’s threshold. Told in the voice of a compassionate scientist who sees death every day, these stories eloquently convey the patterns of truth Dr. Amatuzio has found in what she sees and hears. Beyond Knowing explores the wisdom the living might find in these accounts and shows how that wisdom changes lives.

Janis Amatuzio, MD, trained at the University of Minnesota, the Hennepin County Medical Center, and the Medical Examiner’s Office in Minneapolis before founding Midwest Forensic Pathology, P.A. Board-certified in anatomic, forensic, and clinical pathology, she is a recognized authority in forensic medicine and has developed many courses on topics such as death investigation, forensic nursing, and forensic medicine in mortuary science. Dr. Amatuzio serves as the medical examiner and a regional resource for multiple counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin. A dynamic speaker, she is frequently requested to speak on her experiences. She lives in Minneapolis.
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Dr. Janis Amatuzio author of FOREVER OURS

The Power of Peace in You: A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing, & Happiness in the 21st Century ~ Marlise Karlin

Discover the Simplicity of Stillness Method to overcome life’s greatest challenges and achieve serenity, boundless energy and the realisation of your personal dreams as taught by leading coach and ‘inner peace expert’ Marlise Karlin.

In this important and inspiring book, US-based educator, coach and workshop leader Marlise Karlin explains how we can all access profound levels of inner peace and personal transformation through the practice of her revolutionary method: The Simplicity of Stillness. This method combines the power of prayer together with the principles of meditation to provide a very powerful tool. You will learn how to achieve clarity, equanimity, wisdom and peace, even in the midst of daily stresses and anxieties, by connecting with the universal energy that surrounds us. By tuning into this force you will be able to live your life with courage, resilience, compassion and creativity. Marlise’s method is both profound and practical and follows three key principles:

• Stillness Sessions – a new form of meditation developed from Marlise’s extensive teaching experience and infused with the energy of peace
• The Three Breath Awareness – a reconnection tool for accessing this deep inner peace within moments
• Power of Peace Practices – these show you how to integrate your newly discovered inner peace into your daily life. The practices include contemplation and journaling, as well as the cultivation of specific attitudes such as releasing resistance and learning to love

Part 1 of the book explains the principles of Marlise’s method supported by ancient scriptural teachings, modern scientific studies and Marlise’s own personal experience.

Part 2 outlines in more detail the steps we must take along the path to greater awareness and includes case studies and practical exercises to give the reader concrete support and guidance.

Part 3 describes what is possible in the future as you integrate these teachings into your daily life.

Marlise Karlin is a visionary pioneer, author and humanitarian, recognized globally for igniting an Energy of peace that brings exceptional healing to the mind and body. Being a teen runaway on drugs then becoming a successful entrepreneur and award winning film producer proved to be the perfect backdrop that inspired more than 25 years of study in ancient wisdom, healing traditions and evolutionary schools of thought.

In 2001, Marlise had a series of expanded reality experiences that shifted her purpose in life and taught her how to access an experiential Energy of peace. The Simplicity of Stillness is the groundbreaking methodology she developed, that teaches you how to integrate this profound Life-Force Energy into the practical of everyday. The Power of Peace in You delivers a method for higher learning that has transformed thousands of people’s lives around the world. This inspiring book, filled with stories of people from every culture, sets a new paradigm for living with an awakened mind and open heart that will empower how you see and do just about everything.

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Ignite the Power of Peace in You Course Introduction

The Power of Peace in You delivers a life-altering methodology that leads to the heart of your soul… Read inspiring, provocative stories of how people around the world faced life’s most difficult setbacks and found the courage to bring their gifts to inspire a future filled with possibility.

Embracing the Now: Finding Peace and Happiness in What Is. ~ Gina Lake

Embracing the Now: Finding Peace and Happiness in What Is. The Now—this moment—is the true source of happiness and peace and the key to living a fulfilled and meaningful life. Embracing the Now is a collection of short essays about the Now that can serve as daily reminders of the deepest truths. Full of clear insight and wisdom, it explains how the mind keeps us from being in the Now, how to move into the Now and stay there, and what living from the Now is like. Embracing the Now also explains how to overcome stumbling blocks to being in the Now, such as fears, doubts, judgments, misunderstandings, distrust of life, desires, and other conditioned ideas that are behind human suffering. Embracing the Now will show you how to attain the happiness, peace, and fulfillment that come from knowing who you really are and living in alignment with that. 290 pages

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A Talk by Gina Lake About Acceptance

Gina Lake is a spiritual teacher and the author of numerous books about awakening to one’s true nature, including Trusting Life, Embracing the Now, Radical Happiness, Living in the Now, Return to Essence, Loving in the Moment, What About Now? Anatomy of Desire, and Getting Free. She is also a gifted intuitive with a master’s degree in counseling psychology and over twenty years experience supporting people in their spiritual growth.

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