Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense By Judith Pennington

Even as we struggle to stay balanced amidst the hustle and bustle or worries and concerns of daily life, the psychic soul finds ways to guide us; and indeed, when we are at our worst, our soul does its very best work. It speaks to us in the “languages” we speak best and in a “voice” that is crystal-clear.

The purpose of this book is to show you, the reader, how to tap into the super-conscious knowledge and wisdom of your soul in order to reach your higher self and full life potential.

Peak inside and you’ll find stories, exercises, and meditations to awaken your psychic self, with:

Psychic Explorations: How to Read for Yourself and Others
The Brainwaves of Consciousness
The Super-Conscious Mind and the Angelic Higher Self
The Awesome Power of Dreams
Writing the Voice of Your Soul
The Light of Consciousness: The Body’s Subtle Energy System
Healers and Healing

The author strives to give you a direct experience of your soul’s inner wisdom and peace. Perhaps, like the author, what you learn will also lead you to teach others.

Judith Pennington is one of many visionary thinkers stepping forth to help bring about the flowering of peace on Earth. The author of a groundbreaking book about inspired writing and the science of spirituality, she teaches what she knows best: how to listen to the voice of truth within and be guided by it into the awakened, evolved mind of personal and spiritual mastery.

An internationally published journalist and coast-to-coast teacher of meditation and the evolution of human consciousness, she founded Eagle Life Communications as an educational outreach for personal and planetary peace. Her practical, profound teachings, integrating science and spirituality, evoke in people an inner certainty of higher awareness and happy, fulfilled lives of prosperity and freedom.

Eagle Life’s lectures, workshops, books, recordings, peace concerts and two popular e-publications call people to the voice within and an exciting step-by-step journey into healing, renewal, joy and transformation.

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