‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ is meaningless and unnecessary ~ Mandi Solk

Posted on January 4, 2013

There is really only one thing to do with so call suffering – it is to find out who is the one WHO suffers, over and over, until there is true ‘dissolving’.Sit down and stay quiet and instantly ask ‘ to whom are these thoughts arising?’ or just ‘who?’ And really look. Even if you are on the move or working and can’t sit and shut your eyes, do it in the moment wherever you are – but really look. Then just keep coming back to the sense of ‘I’ – just that inherent sense of your plain existence. Just ‘I’. This always ‘pulls you in’ to the pure spaciousness of what you are, because the ‘I’ has no content.

There doesn’t have to be any ‘ dark nights of the Soul’ either, although it can seem that way, because like a miner, as we drill deeper, we can hit hard nuggets of rock – or ‘old stuff’ re- surfacing, which seems to get more relentless for a while – like rocks that wont budge. So, the moment you hit these ‘rocky times’ you must allow yourself to really feel the fear, anxiety, anger or whatever arises, as soon as you can, BUT, drop all the ‘language’ about it – (the words of the thoughts) and focus intently on the actual feeling – that is, the VIBRATION. Where is the feeling vibrating? Is it in your tummy? Head? Throat? Now when you’ve found it, have the courage to sink deeply into it until that’s all there is. Go down so deeply into it (wordlessly) that you shake with it.

I can promise you that when you do this, you will come out the other side of it in minutes, often in under a minute. That’s because in Being, our True nature, there is no foundation for it. Our true nature is purely Benign – pure Love and fear is no part of it. Fear, anxiety, nightmares have NO SOURCE and are always illusion and have no reality in Truth so cannot last when faced head-on – when looked in the eye. Fear is an absolute imposter which can only persist when it’s NOT looked at – because then it is not ‘seen through’. But when we really look – without listening to the words, but instead go deeper, right into the underlying vibration that the very listening to the words have been causing, we see and experience their total nothingness, and then all that remains is peace.

Do this again and again the very second you notice the beginning of inner discomfort, and thoughts will lose all of their ‘bite’. They are powerless unless you give them power by buying their stories.

We have no need to fear loneliness or isolation either. There is no true isolation in all of this dropping away of our identity because in coming to recognise what we are and what we are not, it is slowly and lovingly being revealed that what we are and have always been, is pure LOVE, forever embraced in GOD, because we ARE that which embraces us. RIGHT NOW! Nothing else is true.

So when thoughts come up that are not joyful or peaceful – they are liars. Thoughts by their very nature can never be relied on. Positive thoughts can soon turn to negative and are always changing from happy to sad etc. Mostly meaningless rubbish. That’s why we must always go to the underlying vibration – underneath the thought – in order to get beyond it. What we are IS beyond thought, but we have to find this out.

Eventually this becomes automatic because there becomes a switch-over wherein the spaciousness of pure Presence becomes the dominant factor in your life, and thoughts, merely vibrations in the background, and the Light of our being sees them so fast, before they’ve time to take a hold, that they are instantly dissolved, so that we are never afraid of thought.
As Ramana Maharshi said:
“I leave my human life to unfold according to it’s destiny – I remain as I AM”

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