Self-Inquiry: Part 1 to 3, Satsang with Nirmala

In this three-part satsangs with Nirmala, he explores the process of self-inquiry into your true nature.

Nirmala is a nondual spiritual teacher in the Advaita tradition of self inquiry. He offers satsang gatherings across the United States and around the world as a celebration of the possibility, in every moment, of recognizing the limitless love that is our true nature. He also offers Nondual Spiritual Mentoring, or spiritual guidance, in one-on-one satsang sessions either in person or over the phone. He is the author of several books about nonduality, spirituality, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening, including a collection of spiritual poems entitled Gifts with No Giver.

Self-Inquiry Part 2, Satsang with Nirmala

Self-Inquiry Part 3, Satsang with Nirmala

Teleseminar from Global Oneness Day

Interview on New Leadership with Ervin Laszlo, Jean Houston and Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. Recorded live October 2012.

This interview is part of the Global Oneness Day Summit, a global tele-series that celebrates the oneness of life and where you can learn from some of the world’s leading spiritual thought leaders and musicians who share their deepest wisdom, insights, prayers, music and meditations in celebration of our oneness. View here for about an hour of Interview on New Leadership

HOW TO FIND GOD IN EVERYTHING An Invitation to Awaken to your True Nature and Transform your World ~ Amoda Maa Jeevan [updated Jan 26, 2013]

“Every experience of your life is a calling from God. Every experience – whether it be pleasurable or painful – is an invitation to embrace the fullness and depth of this moment as it is now. Deep intimacy with this moment offers the promise of liberation. It is an invitation to your true nature.”

In this enlightening book, Amoda Maa Jeevan speaks directly to the inherent wisdom within each of us, inviting us to recognize that everyone and everything is a manifestation of God. Based on the vision she received in 2002, she shows us how bringing this realization into daily life can make a real difference to our personal and collective reality.

The book outlines seven areas of life (Body, Mind, Self, Relationship, World, Planet, Spirit) that are gateways through which we can discover the truth of our divine nature and transform our lives from suffering to joy. Each chapter includes a meditation.

In this book, Amoda shares the collective vision that belongs to each and every one of us and shows us how it has lain dormant in our hearts until this very moment when the world stands on the threshold of transformation. And she shows us how learning to choose Love over Fear in every circumstance – however difficult, painful or challenging can transform our lives from suffering to joy.

This book is contemporary and utterly compelling it is full of spiritual nuggets and you can open it at any page to read like a prayer to the soul. Described as “one of the best metaphysical books in recent times” and rated “3rd most life-changing book in 2008″ read it and be empowered to become a part of the revolution in consciousness that has the power to change your world!

Your True Spiritual Power

Amoda Maa Jeevan speaks about the message in her book ‘How to find God in Everything’

7 Gateways to God

Video developed from the newly released book “How To Find God in Everything” by Amoda Maa Jeevan. A beautiful guide for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual journey.

Evolutionary Darkness at Alternatives (Part 1 & 2) Amoda Maa Jeevan

Published on Jan 8, 2013

A short excerpt from Amoda’s public talk on Evolutionary Darkness at Alternatives in London in December 2012 (part 1) – here she talks about the meaning of enlightenment.

Evolutionary Darkness (part 2) – Alternatives

Amoda talks about radical awakening and a total spiritual revolution…in which we are crucified on the cross of past fear and future hope to which we turn around 360 degree in a vertical dimension and experience the kingdom of Heaven within… of shifting out of the eyes of ego to the eyes of an unbounded heart…. a spiritual heart.

The Principle of Spiritual Sovereignty ~ Humanity Healing Network

Being the Owner of your Own Life

The concept of sovereignty may be well known when it is applied to the realms of a government, or to territorial dominions of a state or a country, but it is less known as a spiritual concept that permeates one of the fundamental birth-rights into the human experience: the right to be a sovereign being.

To be sovereign is to be able to withhold consciously the responsibility from your own acts through the expressing of the many aspects of the uniqueness of your Soul and the realities that you are helping co-create. It is one of the most valuable concepts that precede the efforts of the path of Self-Mastery. It does not, however, affirm an individual’s superiority in reference to another being, but reinforces your right to have your experiences and to consciously limit the interference of others into your reality, both internal and external.

All souls come with a life program and a series of life contracts to be played out in the current lifetime. The contracts are as diverse as the roles we have programmed to play as individuals on this planet. One may have chosen to play the simultaneous roles of a mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, wife, friend etc. Every contract comes with particular aspects to be worked out, but despite their differences, none can overrule one’s sovereignty as an individual, or interfere in his freewill.

Spiritual Sovereignty is not a divisive concept. It is one that reinforces the right to your individuality. The interesting aspect to be mentioned is that as we are not separated from Source, and ultimately an extension of “God’s life”, we are still autonomous; not separated per se, but autonomous in the selection of quality and intensity of our life experiences.

“If grass grows and withers, it can only mean that it is part of a greater thing, which is even more real; not that the grass is less real than it looks. St. Thomas (Aquinas) has a really logical right to say, in the words of the modern mystic, A. E.: “I begin by the grass to be bound again to the Lord.” ~ G.K. Chesterton, Saint Thomas Aquinas

This is a very important point, because the Divine Source has allowed you to come into existence in a dimensional matrix of duality to play your Life Plan using the gift of free will. God has consigned your soul with the authority to create your life experiences according to the thoughts and beliefs you have in your mind.

In this same thought, you are responsible for the quality of your life experiences. Nothing is predetermined to a point where you are stripped from your personal Divine power and transformed into a being that flows on the ebb tide of destiny. To be sovereign is to be free. It is important in the process to affirm your sovereignty so that you develop a watchful attitude to identify the demands of your Ego, because to be completely free, one must realize what they are NOT. But freedom is also recognizing the interference of other beings in your energy field, limiting you in your potential, intentions and life purpose.

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