The Ancestral Continuum: Unlock the Secrets of Who You Really Are ~ By Natalia O’Sullivan and Nicola Graydon

The Ancestral Continuum guides readers on an illuminating journey toward an understanding of how much our lives today are affected by the choices and life experiences of our ancestors. This groundbreaking book does for the subject of ancestor acknowledgement what The Secret did to explain the universal Law of Attraction to a wide audience.

The book combines first-person stories with practical, psychological, and spiritual advice, exercises, rituals, and meditations to help readers connect with their ancestors in a new and profound way. Drawing on many stories, traditions, anecdotes, and philosophies, this book describes the many ways in which our relationship with our ancestors continues beyond death. We learn how, if we remember and honor them in our daily lives, we can re-discover a rich source of gifts, communications, wisdom, and magical synchronicity. As our relationship with them deepens, so too does our understanding our own gifts and talents—our genius—and how to bring them into the world.

Amanda Roberts

Amanda trained as a medium and healer at the College. Amanda teaches classes and workshops at the CPS – many of these are to assist students to connect to their Guardian Angels and Archangels for support, protection, guidance and to assist with their spiritual journey.

Natalia O’Sullivan

Natalia O’Sullivan combines modern psychological thinking with ancient wisdom. She is a healer, psychic and counsellor with 20 years experience in the Mind, Body and Spirit field, and is the founder of the Sacred Healer Retreats and The Soul Rescuers Foundation Course. She is the author of Soul Rescuers, Psychic Power, Mind Power, and co-author of The Body Shop Book of Wellbeing. She regularly writes articles on spiritual and
alternative health issues and makes media appearances.

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