The Meaning : Poetic and Spiritual reflections by Steve Taylor

A collection of poems and pieces of spiritual insight, reflection and guidance in the tradition of Rumi and Walt Whitman. These poems by Steve Taylor show the experiential core of his best-selling books on psychology and spirituality. Written with the precision and descriptive ability of a true poet, the pieces communicate profound truths, and have the power to transmit spiritual experience to the reader. The book also includes an essay by the author on Poetry and Spiritual Experience

Steve Taylor is the author of The Fall, Waking From Sleep, Out of the Darkness and his latest book Back to Sanity. Eckhart Tolle has described his work as ‘an important contribution to the global shift in consciousness.’ Steve is a lecturer in transpersonal psychology at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK. In 2012 he was included (at no.31) in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s list of ‘The 100 most spiritually influential living people.’ He also writes poetry – his first book of poems, The Meaning, has just been published.

The Meaning by Steve Taylor

You can’t explain the meaning

Reduce it to thought or confine it to words

Break it down to basic building blocks

Or trace it back to an origin.

But when you see the meaning, you know it.

Just when you’ve forgotten it existed

You’re driving along the motorway

and turn your head to the side

As if someone’s tapped your shoulder

And it’s there, stretched across the evening sky

Filling the spaces between the clouds.

You open the door to empty the bin

And it’s there, rustling with the wind through the trees

Stroking your face softly like a lover.

You tilt your head back to catch the rain

And it’s there, falling with the infinite silver points

Bringing down benevolence from the sky.

Your eyes spring open in the middle of the night

As if there’s an intruder, an unfamiliar noise

And it’s there – in the dense, rich darkness that fills the room

And the glow of unconscious communion

Around you and your partners’ bodies.

The most familiar forgotten place

Your home from a previous lifetime

A mother’s soothing presence

And her warm enfolding arms.

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