The Proof: A 40-Day Program for Embodying Oneness by James F. Twyman, Anakha Coman

The saints and mystics are unanimous in their belief that we are not the separate beings we believe ourselves to be, but that we are in reality—One. Best-selling author, filmmaker, and musician James Twyman tested this in a dramatic experiment that has inspired hundreds of thousands of people, proving that our thoughts can be shared and that we are not as isolated as we once thought. There is a bond that exists between us, an unseen link that unites and satisfies us in ways that nothing else can. In the end, what we are seeking is not the riches of the world, but the richness of our souls; and this can only come from realizing that we are connected and whole. Simply put: We are One.

Join James and spiritual teacher Anakha Coman as they break down the process of discovering Oneness into 40 practices that can profoundly change your life and how you see the world. Through step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to tap into your own hidden power to achieve the miracles you only dreamed of before. This is more than an instruction manual—it’s a doorway into a new world.

James F. Twyman is the best-selling author of ten books, including Emissary of Light and The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking. He’s also an internationally renowned “Peace Troubadour” who has the reputation for drawing millions of people together in prayer to positively influence crises throughout the world. He has been invited by the leaders of Iraq, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia to perform The Peace Concert—often while conflicts raged in those areas. He has performed at the United Nations, the Pentagon, and other venues. James is also the executive producer and co-writer of the feature film Indigo, and the director of Indigo Evolution and the documentary The Moses Code.

Anakha Coman
is a sacred-heart mystic walking and teaching the path of embodied love and reclaiming the sacred feminine. She is an ordained New Thought minister and founder of The Fire Heart Sanctuary (, a beloved community of sacred activists devoted to resurrecting the essential teachings of Yeshua and Magdalene and living the Christ consciousness. Anakha is an inspired speaker who shares her intimate experience of the mystic’s path with churches, spiritual centers, and organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest and abroad.

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The Proof – PART 1 – James Twyman

Its time to prove, once and for all, that separation is an illusion, and in reality, we are one. Here’s The Proof. Someone has hidden a book somewhere in the Continental US, and the only person who knows where it is the person who hid it. This is not a trick and no ones in on the game. The woman who hid the book wont say a word just focus on the spot where its hidden. If James finds the book, then Hay House will make a $50,000 donation to charity. But if he doesn’t, James will make the donation himself.

It is possible that the saints and mystics were right when they said were not the limited, separate beings we thought we were? Is it possible that our power extends further than we ever thought possible? Well its time to find out. Watch tangible proof that we really are One. And then you’ll have the opportunity to do it yourself through a special Internet course offered by Hay House. Will he succeed or fail? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

The Proof – PART 2 – James Twyman

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