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BEYOND KNOWING: Mysteries and Messages of Death and Life from a Forensic Pathologist ~ Janis Amatuzio, MD

Working as a medical examiner, Dr. Janis Amatuzio has found that by listening and talking to loved ones of the deceased, she can offer them a sense of closure. In doing so, she has heard — and here retells — extraordinary stories of spiritual and otherworldly events surrounding the transition between life and death.

As in her first book, Forever Ours, Dr. Amatuzio presents the amazing, heartfelt accounts told to her by grieving family members, patients, doctors, nurses, clergy, and police officers. Along with these stories, she shares her own story — reflecting on the course of her career, the bonds she has formed over the years, the lessons she has learned, and her conclusion that “Everything truly is all right.”

This powerful book honors the mystery of life and death, exploring the realms of visions, synchronicities, and communications on death’s threshold. Told in the voice of a compassionate scientist who sees death every day, these stories eloquently convey the patterns of truth Dr. Amatuzio has found in what she sees and hears. Beyond Knowing explores the wisdom the living might find in these accounts and shows how that wisdom changes lives.

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Magraw Fuller Lecture with Janis Amatuzio at the University of Minnesota

Known as the “compassionate coroner,” Janis Amatuzio is an internationally recognized authority in forensic medicine. She serves as coroner and provides forensic pathology services for several counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Trained at the University of Minnesota, the Hennepin County Medical Center and the Medical Examiner’s Office in Minneapolis, she has been in the field of forensic medicine for nearly twenty-five years.

Choice Point: Align Your Purpose by Harry Massey, David R. Hamilton, Ph.D.

At this moment in history, we’re faced with one of the biggest choice points we have ever encountered. Individuals are making choices to change their nations; nature is giving us a wake-up call; economies are struggling; and for many of us, the future looks uncertain. Yet people are also rallying to have a voice, awakening from their apathy of previous decades. Collectively and individually, we are being given the opportunity to make extraordinary choices in order to change where we are headed.

Based on the extraordinary film Choice Point, which features insights from some of the world’s leading change-makers-including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Richard Branson, Arielle Ford, Tony Benn, James Caan, Gregg Braden, Dr. Larry Dossey, and His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa, this inspiring book reveals exclusive material not seen in the film, and explores its exciting discoveries in greater depth. It shows you how to understand your world like never before, how to align your own true purpose with the patterns of the universe, and finally, how to be the change that you want to see in the world around you.

Harry Massey

Harry Massey is a writer, director, entrepreneur, and visionary. He directed the full-length documentary film Choice Point and wrote the accompanying book. He also founded the Choice Point foundation to bring his vision for transforming the world to the general public. Its mission is both to inspire people to transform themselves—and so to be the change they want to see in the world—and to develop paradigm-changing technology that can assist us in solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. In addition, Massey co-founded NES Health Limited (, a company dedicated to furthering a 21st-century system of natural holistic health care based on integrating physics and biology. He has created several leading-edge health-related technologies, including the NES miHealth. His passion for changing the face of health care arose from his own health challenge as he sought to overcome a serious illness in his youth. Massey was also executive producer and co-writer of the 2009 best-selling documentary DVD The Living Matrix: A New Science of Healing, which championed the rise of a new kind of medicine based on energy and information fields.

Dr. David Hamilton

David R. Hamilton acquired an honors degree in biological and medicinal chemistry, and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry before working as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. His research into the mind-body connection ultimately led him to leave that profession and become a motivational speaker. He went on to co-found an international relief charity, and he appears regularly in the media. He spends most of his time writing, giving talks, and leading workshops.

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Choice Point: Align Your Purpose

Explore the second underlying principle of Choice Point: Align Your Purpose.
Learn how aligning your purpose with the patterns of the universe can help you to realise your dreams and make a difference in the world. Featuring wisdom from visionaries and change-makers including Sir Richard Branson, Desmond Tutu, Jack Canfield, Barbara Marx Hubbard, HH Dalai Lama, James Caan and many more. Learn more at and join movement to align your purpose and make a real difference in the world. Enjoy!

A Q&A With Harry Massey, Founder of Choice Point

1. What inspired you to start the Choice Point Movement and create the Choice Point movie?

Barbara Marx Hubbard said, “Crises often precede transformation and innovation,” and that’s exactly what happened to me. Twelve ago I was bedridden with a debilitating case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that left me broke and unable to take care of myself. After years of going from one practitioner to another I came to my own Choice Point. I had this idea of creating a home wellness system so anyone could self-diagnose and get better from home. I had no idea how I’d do it, but I had nothing to lose by trying. I managed to build a successful health business that has helped thousands of people. I thought that if I could do this, then we could help other people align their purpose so they could help themselves and help solve some of the world’s problems along the way.

2. What is the Choice Point Movement?

Choice Point Movement helps empower the individual to help global solutions happen. It does this in three ways:
–It provides the wisdom to Understand Your World in the form of movies, courses and books from global visionaries,
–It gives you the tools to align your purpose by making self-growth fun and it provides an exchange of idea’s to make change happen in our social network.

If you imagine the world is a jigsaw puzzle composed of all of us individually. If we can help people be the best puzzle piece they can be and then help those pieces connect to each other effectively, then we’ll be able to bring forward the solutions the world so desperately needs. Choice Point Movement helps that happen.

3. How did you ever get so many world change-leaders to commit to being a part of this project?

There’s a story behind every single one of them. I think the first question you have to ask yourself is what are you prepared to give that others will be open to hearing that request. Desmond Tutu was doing his last-ever public appearance in the UK which we offered to film. With Richard Branson, one of his nephews actually targeted our health company for a job, which we gave him, but it still it took six months for Branson to agree to do it.

I think ultimately though it comes down to persistence combined with an aligned purpose. Is your purpose worthy of other people’s time and energy? It isn’t just a case of thinking and attracting it, as that doesn’t take into account the value of your idea. I think these leaders came on board because the purpose aligned not only with their own interests, but also has significant benefits to people all around the globe, too.

4. The people who have made a positive global impact and those who have made billions have a secret we can all learn? What is it?

Patterns, global patterns.

In doing my research, I came across the idea of fractals both in nature and in time. And that these fractals had branching points where different possibilities exist. And I couldn’t help but to see a common pattern between physics and the science of fractals and also what happens in people’s lives. The branching of a fractal is the same thing as a Choice Point in someone’s life. And that if you could both identify a Choice Point and also recognize where those possibilities go, then you’re suddenly able to make much better choices which can have huge affects on your life. A major Choice Point is often recognized as a crisis, but you also get minor Choice Points, too, where you might just feel a bit uncomfortable and have that desire to do something different.

5. How can people know when they are at a Choice Point and what can they do to change their lives?

Once you’re at a Choice Point, the best thing to do is start to Understand Your World.

6. You say that “understanding your world” is vitally important. How does one go about doing that?

Your world is a tarot deck example of reading signs. Another way to look at it is put a question in your head and you can then tune into a random radio stations to get the answers.

Let me just talk you through that. You’re at a Choice Point, your life is in crisis and you don’t know what to do. First step, start to Understand Your World. Examine what your skills and passions are. Ask questions, Do research. Develop empathy and intuition and you’ll start to build up a picture of a particular part of your world.

From that knowledge, it becomes much easier to make choices that patterns in nature will support. In other words, from Understanding your World, you can define and then Align Your Purpose. Once your purpose is aligned with where the patterns are going, it can be like sailing with the wind behind you. You will have the world’s support, rather than always battling uphill –and you’ll achieve success using much less energy than before.

7. “Be the Change” is of course a famous quote from Mohandas Gandhi. How does it figure into the Choice Point paradigm?

Those two principles I previously mentioned—Understand Your World and Align Your Purpose– go an incredibly long way to success and are really the key to it. However there’s also a third principal, which is to Be The Change. To truly Align Your Purpose, you have to truly live it in every aspect. Being The Change helps you to overcome the finer detail of what might be getting in the way of your success, information that is all covered in our membership on the movement site. For instance, you may have a limiting belief over success, For example–although you want everyone to have integrity, deep down you feel you may have let others down yourself. For you to actually achieve your goals, you have to be what you want in others and totally live to those principles. Gandhi’s example is quite hard to follow, but luckily we don’t all have to go as far as he did in order to succeed and make a difference.

8. You were critically ill when you were young? Tell us about that and how it led you to where you are today?

Well, when I was I young I had chronic fatigue syndrome, which was entirely self-inflicted, due to too many years of destructive hedonistic lifestyle, with all the negative beliefs and poor self-worth that lifestyle often entails.

It was a horrible time – lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling, barely having enough energy to think, constant headaches, in a lot of pain all around your body and only being able to move just a few short steps each day. I had no clue what to do with myself or know what would happen to me. I had to live with my parents because I couldn’t earn a living or take care of myself. Imagine being like this day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

After the first four years of trying any and all kinds of treatments–however painful they were and with no results–I started to doubt that I would ever recover.

So I started to ask myself questions – questions like: How is this happening? And why is it happening to me?

I just wanted to understand what was going on from as many angles as possible. And asking questions seemed to me the most logical thing to do. I simply decided that the way to get myself better was to try to understand what was really behind health, how the body really worked and wouldn’t it be great if I could make a “home wellness system” that would give people the ability to work out what was wrong with them and– more importantly–to give them a way of getting themselves better again.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that was the biggest Choice Point in my life. I decided to align with a purpose that was bigger than my own self-centric desire to get myself well. I chose to make a home wellness system that added value to other people’s lives – and in doing that, I started to recover myself.

A few years into building NES Health, our practitioner business, I thought to myself – no one really understands how information and energy can help people or how any of it works. So I decided to make a film called The Living Matrix with Greg Becker which went on to do really well. After that film, I started to wonder if this had happened to other people; if once they shifted the focus of what they were doing to something that the universe would support, did incredible things start to happen to allow them to reach their goal? Once I began to investigate and interview the world’s leading visionaries, change-makers, scientists, philosophers and spiritual leaders I noticed a pattern developing over and over that once we are able to align our purpose with patterns that are supported by others, then the universe works with you to make it happen. I made the movie to show the world how this happens and spread the message that if we align our purpose, we will not only be happier and more successful, but we’ll be helping the world as well.

9. Tell us about the miHealth? You call it a portable health system in everyone’s pocket.

The miHealth is the manifestation of the dream I had 12 years ago to make a home wellness system. I met this incredible scientist Peter Fraser who had spent the last 25 years mapping out the information of the human body – the energy field. With this map, which is a bit like a blue print of how the body works when it’s working perfectly, we were able to create a device that could then both read the information and energy of the body, but also trigger a healing response back in it, too. The miHealth is a hand–held device similar to a smartphone with a touchscreen. Just by putting it next to your skin, it can both give you information about your body, but also trigger the healing response. The Hungarian Olympic team, from a very small country, won eight medals at the Olympics. And they attribute their speedy recovery and added performance to the miHealth. You can read about that on our site

10. What do you see as the future of where this technology is going and how will it affect healthcare?

We’ve had various technological evolutions which have changed everything – like the industrial age, telecommunications, computers and now the Internet age. However what’s coming really daunts it all. We are actually right now at The Dawn of The Quantum Age. Already industries have been creatively destroyed or radically altered because of the rise of the Internet age. You can point to publishing, communications, music, retail and the film industry, to name a few.

The healthcare industry, though, is as yet untouched, but will go through a similar creative destruction process as technology digitizes human beings and brings health monitoring and information to the fingertips of the individual, rather than holding it in the hands of a few, using outdated expensive tests.

The ability for the individual to know what’s going on in his body and monitor the effect of his health choices and treatments is here today. This then also enables the ability to share that data collectively for the benefit of all. The combination of technology and social networks, I believe, is going to change everything.

This however is only a precursor to where the future is going. The Quantum Age is the age where companies develop products based on the practical application of Quantum Physics. Specifically, that it’s possible to transfer information–and some believe energy–through space instantaneously. Already today we have health technology in our miHealth that uses these ideas.

Ultimately The Quantum Age will creatively destroy the existing healthcare, telecommunications, computing and energy industries. When I don’t know–as this is complex technologically and also politically.

However as these ideas take hold – just as the Internet has changed the world forever in only two decades – we can be pretty certain that such a major transformation will happen again.

11. Why is Choice Point so vital in this time of world shift?

As Einstein said, “The world’s problems cannot be solved by the same consciousness that created them.” The solution therefore lies in finding a way to help us all make better choices – after all, collectively we are the people who caused the problems in the first place.

And why is it so important now?

I think humanity is currently facing its biggest Choice Point ever, because of both the rapid rise in population combined with a shrinking of resources. Rather than doing the same things we’ve always done, now is the moment that we can all make better choices for our collective future… And while we may not individually be able to make a great impact, by aligning our purposes, connecting and working together, we’ll be able to make a massive, positive difference on the global outcome. Choice Point Movement is a social network which can bring us all together, supporting each other and learning from those who’ve trodden the path before us, while we can also collaborate on the solutions. Choice Point Movement helps us to Understand our World, Align our Purposes and collectively Be the Change.

12. Where can people see the movie?

It’s free on our website or you can order a DVD.

13. What can people do once they see the film or read the book?

Join the movement and tell all your friends. We’d love everyone listening to help us create the tipping point that the world gets behind it. Start learning from the incredible visionaries in 41 separate mini films we have on the site and start sharing your ideas with everyone else. Everything you need to know is on the site – just check it out.

14. What does Choice Point’s social network do that’s needed by the world that others don’t?

Well, it’s a social network with a social mission – which means that when you join, you can share your personal transformational journey with lots of other like-minded people from all around the world.

By helping others to transform, we end up thinking about our own behavior and actually start to Be the Change. It also enables our friends to transform as we help them by seeing things that maybe they can’t see themselves. And it helps the world, as the Choice Point social network ripples out positive change…

On our social network, not only are you able to connect with other visionaries, but you’re also able to inspire, support and collaborate with others on specific projects, too!

How it’s different is that you are able find other like-minded people, connect, exchange ideas, learn from one another, and inspire positive change across the planet.

15. How does one get started?

Just go to our website , watch the free film, read the book and join the social network.

16. What is your ultimate vision for the world and what do you see as Choice Point’s contribution to it?

Over the past 12 years I’ve met so many talented people with so many great solutions for the planet, yet so many of them have been blocked by themselves. Or they are not able to connect to the people they need and get the resources.

As the social network gains momentum, I’d like to form a fund to help promising individuals who have the best solutions. We’d leverage our R&D and business experience to help them. Ultimately, I’d like to see the balance tipped so that more of the solutions are able to come through with Choice Point playing its piece in the jigsaw of transformation.

17. What was Richard Branson like?

Well, he was surprising. I was really nervous to interview him. He was one of my childhood heroes. I think I read his book Losing My Virginity just around the time I was loosing mine. His nephew had told me that he was quite a shy person, but you don’t really believe that when someone has that kind of media presence. He was very humble and actually more nervous about the interview than I was.

I also hadn’t really realized just how much of his time he devotes to global issues. He told me that eight years ago he came to a Choice Point of his own, when he decided to dedicate most of his time to working on global issues (non-profit vs. profit). For example, now all of the profits from his transportation businesses, including Virgin Air, go towards global warming issues AND he’s also been changing all of the fuel on his airlines to algae biofuel instead of petro jet fuel. After the interview, I really wanted to film him being involved in these projects directly. He sent me four of the projects he was working on and I got his schedule for the following six months. I’ve NEVER seen anything like it. He was flying everywhere and it was true! Most of his time was committed to these philanthropic projects rather than business. Whereas, I had assumed he mostly spent his time running his empire.

18. You’ve covered a lot of people and issues in the movie. Which one struck you the most?

Pakistan. You think philanthropy is writing a check, but it can also be an opportunity to use your individual skills to help other people, regardless of how much money you have. On Christmas Day, I flew to Pakistan with James Caan, the successful British entrepreneur-turned-prominent- philanthropist. I witnessed first-hand the flood devastation that left 20 MILLION people homeless. You can see very vivid images in our Choice Point movie of the situation there.

James wasn’t just giving money, he had been flying out once a month for the past year using his entrepreneurial skills working with the people there–building villages, free schools, roads for the teachers and students to reach the schools, etc. In that moment, surrounded by these people, it struck me that the majority of the world’s population has really simple needs and people are incredibly appreciative when you help them. They take pride in carrying on building their villages and local economy, and need only a small hand up to get that started. I wanted to do more.

James takes volunteers and if more people knew that, they could volunteer and that would be great for them — AND the people they are helping. This was one of the seeds for Choice Point’s social engine so that we could help connect people who have skills to offer with projects that need those skills.

19. Brett’s story is pretty dramatic. Tell us how he came to his ChoicePoint.

Brett was a crack addict and armed robber who turned into a life coach. He had his Choice Point in jail while he was doing a drug deal. He was hiding heroine in the prison library behind some books when one fell out – The Art and Practice of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh. He picked it up and took it back to his cell and read the book over the next few weeks. Something in it hit him. That was the start of his journey that led him to explore meditation and Buddhism over the next few years. His impetus to change was really his daughter whom he didn’t see when he was a drug addict. Fast forward to today. Now he’s an addiction specialist and life coach and has a fantastic relationship with his daughter who simply adores him. I’ve never seen such a strong father-daughter relationship; it’s really something quite special.

20. You say no one is too young to start making a difference. Burke Baehr, who is 11, is a great example. What’s his story?

When he at six, Burke wanted to be a famous basketball player, but that all changed one day at the supermarket. He started reading the labels on the food and when he didn’t recognize the words, he began asking “Mom, what’s isopalminate fructose syrup?” His mum didn’t know what it was either, so he went home and looked up the words on the Internet. He was horrified! And the more he learned the worse it was. He ended up convincing his family to buy local organic food. And he decided he wanted to be an organic farmer, and to educate his generation about food and making healthy choices. He was featured on a TED-x video that got more than a million views on YouTube and now he’s being invited all over the world to spread his message. What really struck me when he flew over to be filmed was how incredibly moral he is. It was like speaking to a 60-year-old wise person, but with the innocence and purity of youth. He’s keeping to his mission and is the most incredibly passionate person I’ve ever met, young or old. He’s a shining example to the next generation coming along.

Eckhart Tolle – Opinions Of Others Is A Self Jugdement

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