The Ordinary Buddha: Stories of Awakening by Anatta Campbell

Entertaining and beautifully expressed, this book is a spiritual guide of sorts told as an unfolding of spiritual awakenings. The author traveled to many parts of the world seeking sacred truth from sage leaders, including Osho, and H.W.L. Poonja, a disciple of Ramana Maharshi.

Her experiences are honest and telling as she shares personal knowledge and detailed interviews with individuals that include Adyashanti and Byron Katie, two well known teachers of spiritual Truth, along with eleven other ‘ordinary people’. With an almost poetic beauty Anatta shares words and images to encourage everyday people to look for the peace and love of the Buddha within themselves.

The message is, waking up is for us all: no special path, method or background is needed. These stories are varied and each individual who has wakened up to the Beauty of their True Selves has come to it as a natural outcome of the unique lives each is leading. From Christian backgrounds to a wandering ascetic of India, Buddha Nature/Christ Conscious is the ultimate flowering of all of us.

A wonderful “secret” is revealed in these pages —that ordinary people are coming to the Highest Spiritual Experience from all variety of backgrounds. Enlightenment is possible here and now for each individual, absolutely regardless of background or training.

A huge momentum is happening, a universal movement toward “waking up.” Unlike in ancient times, now it is happening, to you and me, and the guy down the street. No particular path or religion is responsible for it.

Many backgrounds, life styles, nationalities, and ages are represented here in these stories. Most are not teachers of spiritual matters but live quiet, ordinary lives. Four have ultimately evolved in a natural way to become a help to many seekers along the way. Among these are Adyashanti and Byron Katie, two well known teachers who are the first and last interviews in this book.

Also included are personal insights into two, sometimes controversial Spiritual Masters, Osho/Rajneesh and HWL Poonja, and a “satsang” or spiritual talk by the teacher, Yudhishtara.

In beautiful and dramatic ways the thirteen interviews here share with us the journey from real-life, not so saintly pasts to the discovery of our true nature; The discovery that we are not who we thought ourselves to be all along, but something far more grand and yet sweetly ordinary. The Knowing sweeps through us like a fresh breeze on a spring morning. Their discovery is our discovery.

The Enlightened ones say there is not the slightest breath of separation. The message is, You Are That.

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