You Are More Than That A Guide to Embracing the Spiritual Being Within and Becoming Fully Human ~ Rajiv Juneja

Too many people go through life racing after proof of their self-worth along an external loop: the finest shoes or watch, the most expensive car, a bigger house – or a better-looking mate, a brighter child, another academic or professional degree, a promotion at work. Some of these items may be briefly satisfying . . . but soon the old hunger returns. You can avoid this senseless and exhausting pursuit by reconnecting with the spiritual Being that has lived inside you from birth.

In this compelling and enlightening book, Dr. Rajiv Juneja shows how acknowledging the spirit within offers new insights about the biological, psychological, and social aspects of our lives – helping us manage mindless responses, build emotional intelligence, find a life partner, enhance our relationships, and follow a purpose-filled highway at work. You Are More Than That describes rich strategies and practices for mastering your emotions and walking out of the comfort zone that hinders your growth. Your internal sense of soul will release your mind’s full energies and let you fall in love with life.

This book clearly demonstrates that you are more than the limited creature you may perceive, and you can follow a different story than the often-negative narrative cobbled together unconsciously from childhood experiences. You are more than that.

T. Rajiv Juneja, MD, MS, is double board-certified in Adult Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. Currently, he is a fellow at the University of Arizona, studying Integrative and Alternative Medicine under Dr. Andrew Weil. He also chairs the committee on public education for the American Psychiatry Association’s New Jersey chapter.

At the age of six, Dr. Raj moved to the United States from India with his family and began what he later recognized to be a journey of transition and transformation. His initial desire to become a doctor mainly stemmed from cultural and familial pressures to ‘do the right thing’. Only much later when he completed his medical degree did he begin looking for real understanding of self. He says, ‘I realized that self-worth is something we’re born with, and a sense of purpose can never come from the outside; it must be found within. We want to address our problems before they lead to complete breakdown and result in illness. Insight and prevention are the key to a more fulfilling life.’

1.Oprah Special John Of God film 2. John of God Interview 3. John of God Documentary on Oprah HD

An excerpt from the film mainly used in the Oprah special. John of God (Joao de Deus) is a Brazilian medium who claims to work with spirits while working through prayer and meditation on the thousands who come to see him in his healing centre, the Casa Dom Ignacio in central Brazil. Seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show NOV 2010 and 2011.

Joao de de Deus Interview – John of God Interview

Extract from the DVD “Joao de de Deus – Just a Man”
Medium Joao de de Deus/John of God from
Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola Abadiania

Der brasilianische Wunderheiler Joao de Deus aus Abadiania, Brasilien
The Miracle Healer John of God from Abadiania, Brasil

HEALING – John of God Documentary on Oprah HD

HEALING – Miracles, Mysteries and John of God.

Through this award-winning documentary you will witness the outstanding abilities of John of God, one of the most powerful and respected healers in the world today.
During the past 50 years over a million people have visited this remarkable man in Brazil. As a result of his extraordinary gift, many have received healing for illnesses believed to be incurable. Featuring leading doctors of medicine and scientists, as well as testimonials from people who have been healed, this film provides an insight into their physical and emotional journeys which go beyond conventional medical knowledge.

Through their experiences, Healing sets out to answer fundamental questions regarding life, faith, and interaction with the spiritual world.
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