The Flight of Consciousness: A Contemporary Map for the Spiritual Journey ~ Richard Harvey

Many people today are experiencing a deep longing to find their true nature. “The Flight of Consciousness” provides a description of the spiritual journey in 10 stages, from self-recognition through awareness, lessening, surrender and oneness, to enlightenment. Many people will recognise unannounced moments in their own lives which relate to these stages, particularly the earlier ones. Although it draws on the major religions, and on mysticism, the book is aimed primarily at the circumstances of the modern-day spiritual seeker, for whom the spiritual path is a unique, individual way to the Higher Self.

We have arrived at a new period in our spiritual evolution, when established religions are being replaced by a spiritual life which can be led in the world, without renunciation or prescribed beliefs or even external form. The first challenge of this newly-evolving spiritual life is to give form to our path through individual method and personal mythology.

The book encourages people to follow their inner wisdom and guidance. Although the metaphor of the journey is used throughout, consciousness (or freedom or enlightenment) is not truly a journey, but our natural state. The “journey” describes the return to the forgotten Self. This book is challenging yet accessible to general readers of spiritual literature as well as to the more committed seeker.

About the Author
Trained in humanistic, existential, bodywork and psychospiritual psychologies, Taoism and Zen, Richard Harvey leads groups, workshops, and training courses in England and abroad.

(extract from The Flight of Consciousness by Richard Harvey, Ashgrove Publishing UK)
Download the contents, introduction and first stage of this book.
sample-flight-consciousness (1)

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