I Ching for a New Age The Book of Answers for Changing Times Edited by Robert G. Benson


For over three thousand years, the Chinese have placed great value on the I Ching–also called the “Classic of Changes” and the “Book of Changes”–turning to it for guidance and insight. The I Ching is based on the deep understanding that our lives go through definable patterns, which can be determined by “consulting the Oracle”–the book of I Ching. Throughout the centuries, I Ching devotees have used the book as a means of understanding past, present, and future events, as well as exercising control over some events. The book highlights hundreds of different possibilities we might face in daily life, both on a professional and on a personal level.

For over ten years, researcher Robert Benson worked towards making the English text of the I Ching easier to understand and use. The result is a book that focuses on the text’s essential meaning and is highly accessible to the modern Western reader. In addition, Benson provides an illuminating history of the I Ching, explaining how the text was created, discussing how it works, and exploring its many mysteries. Here is an I Ching that stands alone, providing a book of answers for anyone who faces a time of personal crisis and change.

Robert G. Benson is an systems specialist. He has a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from the University of California—Santa Barbara, and a master’s degree in political science from San Diego State University. In addition, he earned a professional credential in information systems management from the University of California—San Diego. For over thirty years, Benson has studied the I Ching and other related divination systems, using his knowledge of history, political science, and cutting-edge information gathering and analysis. Mr. Benson currently lives in the San Diego area.




1. Methods–How to Use the I Ching
2. History–How the I Ching Came to Be
3. Theory–Understanding the I Ching

I Ching: The Hexagrams With Interpretive Text
Traditional Hexagram Lookup
Alternative Hexagram Lookup
Hexagrams in Number Order
Hexagrams in Line Order
Hexagrams Interconnections

How To Consult The I Ching Oracle

The Rauzabal Shrine of Srinagar- The Tomb of Jesus in Kashmir

Govt of India Documentry on Jesus in Kashmir named “The Rauzabal Shrine in Srinagar”

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU’RE DEAD: A Former Atheist Interviews the Source of Infinite Being ~ Sondra Sneed

“As for the skeptic or fundamentalist, I have no interest in the exhaustive attempt to prove that I talk to the creator of the universe, or even that this great being talks to me. I leave that up to my reader to decide. To believe or not believe that I have had a discussion with the supreme nature we call God does not affect the content of this book.”

What to Do When You’re Dead is a fascinating dialogue between the creator of the universe and a 46-year-old woman who, in her life, has been to hell and back. Imagine finding out that you may hold the secret to man’s survival. Imagine also learning for the first time why you were born and that your work on earth is already recorded in the book of life. It happened to Sondra Sneed, and you get a front row seat to the life of a reluctant messenger bringing forth a message that could save humankind . . . if humans are willing to listen.

What you are about to read will change the way you think about your life. You will remember that you are a process of God. And when you discover what you are, God discovers you. You will find in this book the very reason you were born, and why it is so important to find your place on that path. This is not a touchy-feel-good spiritual guide as much as it is an awakening with a warning about man’s self destruction. The warning comes with a unique responsibility however, and that is to learn why death is not real, and that our experience of crossing over to the other side is directly linked to our state of mind while on earth before passing. Darkness must be overcome, or the soul will remain trapped in the past and attached to things of the world, rather than following spirit to the light of God.

Available Soon

Sondra Sneed is a science and technology writer for industry, and a former atheist with a secret. All the years she spent interviewing scientists and engineers, translating their high-minded knowledge for lay persons, she has also been interviewing the highest mind, the Creator of the Universe. She is also the author of two as yet unpublished books, The Real Story of the Garden of Eden, and The Meaning of Life’s Design
My books came today

Intro: WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE DEAD, upcoming book by Sondra Sneed

To introduce her recently completed manuscript, WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE DEAD, this video essay describes branching, inter-connected networks as being the indications of life, and they work to facilitate flow. This manuscript was produced, she says, when Sneed sat down to write a book “for the rest of the world,” after seven years “in secret communion with God.” She comes forward with “great reluctance” because, she says, these messages have evolved from profound, spiritual teachings to all out warnings about the future of humankind. These warnings are that human beings are “on a path of self-destruction and may not make it past the next two generations.”

In the course of her years as a godscribe, Sneed noticed a pattern that repeats itself throughout nature. She says this pattern reveals nature as a creative being and becoming. She also says that while some of us can think of this essence as God, it is just as easily modeled through the lens of evolution by way of observing its processes. She believes these processes have meaning and indicate consciousness, but not the way humans think of cognition.


“In this pattern there are mechanisms that uncover a process of life creating life,” she says. Sneed also says it is within this life-creating-life cycle that we have disrupted an ancient, bifurcating pattern, a replication of nature’s systems. As such we are now killing off our future as a viable species on the planet. This pattern, dubbed in 1996 as the constructal law of physics, is formed by the distribution of supplicating nutrients. “These nutrients are a product of the ‘will of being’ constructing a never-ending pathway toward the nature of becoming,” she says.

Her next video will reveal disturbing news about the conditions facing humankind today that may result in self-destruction in less than a few generations.
Are Humans Wiping Themselves Off the Planet?

Here are the issues facing humankind today, according to God and Science:

• We are choking ourselves off from our resources and the source of all life;
• We are depleting the oxygen levels that are essential for sustaining human life;
• We are making a big mistake to think fossil fuels are causing the planet to heat-up, what’s causing this is the destruction of the biosphere, and the elimination of trees that enable water cycles
• We are also poisoning our own food supply

The Neuroscience of Change: A Compassion-Based Program for Personal Transformation Kelly McGonigal

Personal Transformation Based on Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

What’s your most important goal? Why does it matter so deeply? How will you overcome the obstacles? Answer these questions with sincerity, proceed with mindfulness and compassion, and you have just set in motion a revolutionary method for personal change that is supported by both the latest science and traditional wisdom. On The Neuroscience of Change, psychologist and award-winning Stanford lecturer Kelly McGonigal presents six sessions of breakthrough ideas, guided practices, and real-world exercises for making self-awareness and kindness the basis for meaningful transformation.

Practical Methods to Retrain Your Brain to Support Your Goals

Our understanding of the incredible power of the human brain is at an all-time high, with the emerging fields of neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and psychophysiology opening new possibilities for greater health, happiness, and freedom from suffering. Drawing on her training as a research scientist and longtime practitioner of meditation and yoga, Dr. McGonigal reveals these startling findings—including the clinically supported methods for training the mind away from default states and negativity that no longer serve us and establishing behaviors and attitudes aligned with our highest values and aspirations.

The First Rule of Change: It’s Already Happening

As the world’s wisdom traditions teach and science is now verifying, our lives are in fact defined by constant change. Whether you’re looking to change a behavior, improve your health or other circumstances, or simply for a way to bring hope and resilience into your life as it is, The Neuroscience of Change will help you trust yourself and unfold your true capacities for personal transformation.


Willingness, self-awareness, and surrender—how to nourish the seeds of change

  • Focusing on the process, not the outcome
  • How to overcome the “trigger-to-instinct” reaction
  • The proven benefits of meditation—and how to start practicing yourself
  • How to transform self-criticism into self-compassion
  • Why your mind creates habits—and how to consciously create new ones
  • Making values-driven commitments
  • Visualization and the principle of “encoding prospective memories”
  • The power of the vow
  • “Deep activation” and the danger of rejecting what is
  • Working with inner experiences as the key to making outward change
  • Six hours of breakthrough science, practical wisdom, guided exercises, and mindfulness meditations for making positive change that lasts

Kelly McGonigal, PhD, is a health psychologist and award-winning lecturer at Stanford University. A leading expert on the mind-body relationship, her work integrates the latest findings of psychology, neuroscience, and medicine with contemplative practices of mindfulness and compassion from the traditions of Buddhism and yoga. She is the author of The Willpower Instinct and Yoga for Pain Relief.

Kelly McGonigal, PhD: The Science of Change

Popular Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal, PhD, spoke at East West about how the latest discoveries in neuroscience have bridged cutting edge science with ancient, time-honored wisdom.

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