Ellie Roozdar – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

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I was born and raised in Iran and moved to the US in 1979. I am a happily married woman for 29 years. We have been blessed, with two beautiful children, our lovely daughter and our sweet son.
Have graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook, I have been a math teacher in high school and community colleges. After a while, I changed my career to Information Technology and worked as a Quality Assurance Manage for many years.

Since childhood, I was seeing myself as a vision, which was not associated with the body at all. The question was arising “Who am I?” This was never answered and it was there in my heart for a long time…
Since year 2001, I have been inspired:
1. To get to know who I am
2. To find what I am searching for (which was a true authentic Joy of being, that I remember from somewhere)
For the past few years, I have had wonderful experiences by going within, meditating and discovering the Truth. The Truth reveals itself to itself by itself.
I would like to share this experience with you.

I hope by reading this path, you also get excited to go within and “discover” who you really are, and also find the true inner joy that resides within. This is a discovery and not to become anyone or anything. Remember: Joy is already there, it just needs to be uncovered.
We learn to go within and to be a witness of the “nothingness “We call this “Adaam” or “Lamakan” in Farsi.
It will be very scary at the beginning. All our life we want to be somebody and add something to ourselves and now we will face “nothingness.”

Meditation, points into what is eternal here and now. The Truth reveals itself in the midst of the silence. Although I have had some deep esoteric experiences, however; that is not truly require, for the Truth to reveal itself to itself. Truth is witnessing the silence. The silence and peace is the reflection of the Truth and not the Truth itself. The Truth is one that which can’t be negated. It is always here in the midst of thoughts or no thoughts. It is here before, during and after each experience. As simple as this….

The “nothingness” or “Adaam” is one side of the coin, since on the other side, everything arises from this “nothingness” such as our peace, joy, intelligence, and creativity. They all come from this inner space of pure silence and nothingness. This is very paradoxical.
By doing so, not only we discover that we are that pure authentic Truth, but also the true joy is arising from there. It is residing there and we could feel it at any time.
For the first time, the freedom will be felt at peace to be “Home”.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience this body, and it is such a loss not to find and feel this wonderful mystery in our hearts.
I wish you all the patience and best of luck on this path. Please know that this is the best thing and the most important thing that you can do for yourself. You will be happy that you took time and discover your True Self.
Love and light!
Ellie Roozdar
Interview recorded 10/16/2011

Dr Imke Bock-Möbius : Qigong Meets Quantum Physics – ‘Experiencing Cosmic Oneness’

Quantum physicists have reached a point commonly only attained by mystics: they understand something with amazing clarity yet can only talk about it in parables and metaphors. In this context, qigong with its Daoist background is a powerful way to integrate these apparently opposing ways of apperception and understanding. It allows us to realize cosmic oneness in the activities of daily life.
This book succeeds in presenting both an easily accessible outline of quantum physics and also an appreciation of mysticism beyond vagueness and obscurity. From here it describes the physical and mental movements of qigong as a way of integrating body and mind, head and heart, detailing specific exercises and outlining their rationale and effects.

Imke Bock-Moebius
holds a Ph. D. in physics, worked in China and began active qigong training; back home she studied Chinese language and philosophy. Experienced in other forms of energy and light work, she resides in southern Germany where she teaches qigong, practices shiatsu, and gives lectures at both academic and popular venues. http://www.qigong-shiatsu-

Author of ‘Qigong Meets Quantum Physics’, Imke studied Nuclear Physics and Particle

Physics and became interested in Qigong after she experienced a dramatic healing in Beijing. During her teens she had questions such as, ‘What operates behind visible reality?’ and ‘How was the Universe Built?’

She explains how Qigong and Quantum Physics meet, Non-local interactions, the Observer effect and Entanglement.

‘All things only exist because they arise together with their complementary opposite’. ‘There is no such thing as an isolated particle; can there be such a thing as an isolated human being?’. ‘The oneness of emptiness and the world of apparent phenomena is the last secret on the path to understanding reality’.

The Essence of Religions: A Glimpse of Heaven in the Near-Death Experience ~ Christophor Coppes

The Essence of Religions was written to discourage the misuse of religions. This book provides the tools we need to reconsider many of the dogmas of the five major world religions that have proven detrimental to both human coexistence and our planet’s survival. Furthermore, it seeks to replace these misguided belief sets with a more unifying and uplifting outlook that will benefit mankind as a whole. The author urges our alignment with “The Light” of unconditional love that can be found in the teachings of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism–and The Light of compassionate love in visions recounted to us by those who have undergone near-death experiences (NDEs).

The author of The Essence of Religions, Christophor Coppes, examines the NDE phenomenon as if it were a religious experience, placing it in context by comparing it to the five major world religions. Coppes gives a compelling argument that many characteristics of these religions’ view of the afterlife are analogous to the life-changing sensations and visions reported by those who have undergone an NDE. But he concludes that although the essence of these beliefs of the major religions can be found in NDEs, not all of the positive elements of an NDE experience can necessarily be found in the religions.

The Essence of Religions examines the major world religions with an eye to their positive aspects as well as their contradictions and fixations. Coppes delves into both the commonality of the religions, their fundamental differences, and how they relate to NDEs. The Essence of Religions is a vital tool for those curious about the NDEs and how they can inform us about our own spiritual beliefs to help us lead happier and fuller lives.

Christophor Coppes holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Groningen. Since 2008, he has been President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) in the Netherlands. He currently works at the Dutch Central Bank in Amsterdam monitoring developments in the international financial markets. He has published many scientific articles on finance while maintaining a strong interest in humanitarian issues.
Mr. Coppes’ first book was published in 1995 and is based on the true story of how friends and family lovingly looked after a terminally ill AIDS patient and helped him through the final stages of his life.

His second book, was written as result of his disgust and horror over the ethnical cleansing that took place under the eyes of Dutch soldiers in Srebrenica during the war in Bosnia Herzegovina, in 1995. He has written extensively on NDEs, his recent book Messages from The Light is about the messages that people had during their Near-Death Experiences.

“As we move away from worn-out dogma from both the religious and scientific realms toward a contemporary synthesis of understanding about our existence, Christophor’s refreshing and comprehensive analysis of major religions in light of the profound lessons from numerous NDE journeyers offers a rich new tapestry of understanding that I find most valuable.”
— Eben Alexander III, MD

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Christophor Coppes – Lives changed; the world changed

NDEs don’t only change the lives of those who have the NDE, but they also have, in principle, the potential to change the world at large. This is because they hold messages for everyone. From NDEs we understand that we are part of a Unity Universe, which surpasses our material four-dimensional world. In it we are thoroughly interconnected. Whatever we do, it has an effect on the rest of unity universe. All our actions, even the seemingly insignificant ones, ripple through universe.

Through this we have a creative but also a potentially destructive power within us. For instance, the Great Recession, which still affects especially the US, Europe and Japan, can be seen as the consequence of the many negative ripples that we caused by focusing on our short-term self-interest. Therefore, it is best for us to change our focus towards a longer-term “our-interest”. This is the most important message that can be derived from NDEs. The change of focus would really change the world. This would mean a next step in our human development. The way to do it is by becoming more aligned with The Light. These are extraordinary times and many NDErs are convinced that we will eventually succeed in realizing that change and that we are destined for a more wonderful world, materially as well as spiritually.

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