Presence: The Intimacy of All Experience – Volume 2 ~ Rupert Spira

“All that is known is experiencing and experiencing is not divided into one part (an inside self) that experiences and another part (an outside object, other or world) that is experienced. Experiencing is seamless and intimate, made of ‘knowing’ or Awareness alone. This intimacy, in which there is no room for selves, objects or others, is love itself. It lies at its heart of all experience, completely available under all circumstances.” ~ Rupert Spira

“Presence is one of the most exciting and illuminating books on non-duality I have encountered and its precision, articulateness in naming the nameless, unparalleled depth and ability to inspire were constantly appreciated. This book succeeds in taking the reader beyond concepts and into the experiential level. The irony is that this work, which is so advanced and sophisticated in its use of language, thought and conceptualization, is inexorably directed towards pure experiencing. It is a brilliant and lucid work carrying great strength and authority suggesting it is an indisputable source of Truth.” ~ Victoria Ritchie Former Manager of Watkins Bookshop and Editor for Eckhart Tolle

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Rupert Spira – ‘The Seamless Intimacy Of Experience’ – Interview by Rena

Rupert has appeared on several times before and we very much value his wisdom and clarity. He has two new books coming out on Non-Duality Press this Autumn entitled, ‘Presence: The Seamless Intimacy Of Experience’ and ‘Presence: The Art Of Peace And Happiness‘ These two deep, intimate interviews are great trailers for these two books.

Extrasensory Perception – Telepathy ~ Humanity Healing Network.

No one can tell, when two people walk closely together, what unconscious communication one mind may have with another” ~Robert Barr

ESPTelepathy is an extra-sensorial power developed by the human mind. It is also present in many other living creatures. It can be defined as the ability to communicate information from one mind to another, without the use of additional tools such as body language or speech.

Telepathy is considered as a kind of mystical perception, and often is associated with different paranormal phenomena such as clairvoyance and precognition. It is important to highlight, however, the fact that even though there has been a considerable amount of evidence and scientific experimentation on telepathy, the scientific community does not accept this as a natural power of the human mind.

The energy levels that the human mind is capable of producing, through the scientific perspective, are shown to be somewhat insufficient to allow the information to be transmitted. So how does it happen?

Telepathy is not a modern phenomenon. There are a very few references about these extra-ordinary capabilities in ancient cultures along with some other paranormal abilities. One of these is the Bible, where there are many mentions of super–human aptitudes (see: ).

Telepathy is an occurrence that may be spontaneous or experimental. Experimental telepathy occurs in the case of clairvoyance, where there was no conscious transmitting agent to which the receiver appears to catch the mental content from.

One often hears of a close telepathic communication between twins, or between intense caring relationships as parents and children. Feelings of strong emotion, such as panic from imminent danger, can travel between the parties and are excellent conductors of telepathic transmission. Moreover, the distance to the telepathy is not an obstacle between the transmitter nor to the receiver. They can take up a trip telepathic and we usually name this astral travel.

The study of telepathy is considered by the scientific community as a sort of pseudo-science, and most of the critics who are against such research say that telepathy does not have adequate scientific rigor. We cannot fail to mention the fact that just as there are some people who have developed the power of telepathy, there is also evidence of false telepaths. Many times, the desire or the need to want to communicate through telepathy has such power, the person believes autosuggestion. The problem can even be considered bigger as it so happens to many people with schizophrenia, who often have the false feeling of being in telepathic communication with others. It is important to understand that in this particular case, the sender and recipient are the same person.

Developing extra-sensorial perception skills such as telepathy can, for some people, be very simple; while for others, it turns into a fairly complex adventure. When we talk about how to develop telepathy, we must first realize that we do not have the limitation of time and space, since the brain does not perceives impediment. Besides, we do have a multidimensional nature in essence.

One of the most common exercises of telepathy is carried out with the Zener cards. There are 25 cards and the telepathy exercise begins with the extraction of these letters. By chance, the person performing the action has 5 chances of hitting the pull letters: a 20% chance. Learning telepathy allows us to capture the thoughts of different people who are far from us and through the improving of this “spiritual skill” we can communicate beneficially and harmlessly.

To know how to develop telepathy, it is necessary above all to know what our “Manipura Chakra is. This chakra is located above the navel and is related to the solar plexus telepathy. Kicking off telepathy exercises, experts recommend finding a comfortable chair and relax deeply and imagine our radiation, all in the solar plexus. To learn Telepathy requires a lot of concentration and the meanders of the connections that exist between body and mind. When you reach a point of readiness, vocalize the letter U.

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