Ellie Roozdar – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview (2)

Published on May 15, 2012

This is my second interview with Ellie. You might want to listen to the first one before listening to this one: http://batgap.com/ellie-roozdar/

Ellie is a happily married woman for 29 years. She has been blessed, with two beautiful children—a lovely daughter and a sweet son.

She has graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook and has been teaching mathematics in high school and community colleges. After changing her career, she worked in Information Technology as a Quality Assurance Manage for many years.

Since childhood, she was seeing herself as a vision, which was not associated with the body at all. The question was arising, “Who am I?” This was never answered and it was there in her heart for a long time…
Since the year 2001, she has been inspired:
>To get to know who she is
>To find what she is searching for.

For the past few years, she has had wonderful experiences by “going within,” meditating and discovering the Truth. The Truth reveals itself to itself by itself.
She would like to share these experiences with you.
She hopes that by reading her story, you also get inspired to “go within” and “discover” who you really are, and also find the authentic joy that resides within.

This is simply a discovery, not to become anyone or anything. Remember: Joy is already there, it just needs to be uncovered.
We learn to go within and to be a witness of the “nothingness.” It may be frightening at the beginning. All our life we want to be somebody and add something to ourselves and now we will face “nothingness.”
She wishes you all patience and the best of luck on this path. Please know that this is the best thing and the most important thing that you can do for yourself.

You will be happy that you took time and discover your True Self.

Love and light!

Interview recorded 5/12/2012

Kissed by God: An Interview about StillnessSpeaks with Chris Hebard

Michaels Jeffreys interviews StillnessSpeaks.com founder Chris Hebard on his path to seeking Truth and why he started the website.

MESSIAH’S HANDBOOK : Reminders for the Advanced Soul ~ Richard Bach

The famous little handbook from Illusions is back in print! Over 60,000 copies sold, and translated into 10 languages!

“Where did you learn all this stuff, Don? You know so much,or maybe I just think you do. No. You do know a lot. Is is all practice? Don’t you get any formal training to be a Master?”
“They give you a book to read.”

And here is the book. Donald Shimoda, the mysterious hero of Richard Bach’s bestselling book, Illusions, which is soon to be a major motion picture. Shimoda seemed to carry the keys to universe with him as he barnstormed the Midwest in a Travel Air biplane. Is he a teacher or a messiah? Part of Shimoda’s secret was a small book, bound in what looked like suede, called Messiah’s Handbook, which he carried with him and frequently quoted. “Open it,” he said, “and whatever you need to know is here.” As Bach was taught by Shimoda, hold a question in your mind . . . close your eyes . . . open the handbook at random . . . pick left page or right . . . open your eyes and read the answer to your question. Here is never-before-seen wisdom, taken from many of Richard Bach’s extraordinary books. The wisdom in this book is profound. As in: “Here’s a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.”

Richard Bach’s inspirational classic Jonathan Livingston Seagull is one of the few books that dominated the #1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller List for two consecutive years. With humor, wisdom and insight that could only come from one of the world’s most beloved authors and an accomplished pilot, his most recent book, Travels with Puff, recounts Bach’s journey from Florida to Washington state in his small seaplane, Puff. With over 50,000,000 copies of his books sold, Richard Bach remains one of the world’s most beloved authors. A former USAF fighter pilot, Air Force captain and latter-day barnstorming pilot, Bach continues to be an avid aviator-author, exploring and chronicling the joys and freedom of flying, reporting his findings to his devoted fans. His website is http://www.richardbach.com.

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Being Richard Bach

Being Richard Bach’. Full length trailer for the upcoming documentary film about the famous American writer.

Illusions By Richard Bach Book Trailer

Teachings of Rumi edited by Andrew Harvey

Jelalludin Rumi (1207-1273) led the quiet life of an Islamic teacher in the central Anatolia (modern Turkey) until the age of thirty-seven, when he met a wandering dervish named Shams Tabriz—through whom he encountered the Divine Presence in a way that utterly transformed him. The result of this epiphany was the greatest body of mystical poetry the world has ever seen, and the establishment of a spiritual movement that would eventually stretch from Africa to China, enduring to our own day.

This collection of versions of Rumi by Andrew Harvey contains some of the master’s most luminous verse, along with selections from his lesser-read prose works, with the aim of presenting a balanced view of his teaching that includes both the high-flying love of God and the rigorous path of discipline essential for those who seek it.

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Andrew Harvey

Interview with Andrew Harvey, world leading scholar and translator of 13th century Sufi poet, Rumi

Deepak Chopra – Religion of Love

Deepak Chopra, with Andrew Harvey, Rabbi David Ingber and Banafsheh Sayyad, celebrate the Sufi poet, Rumi. At ABC Home & Carpet, NYC. In association with CitizenGlobal, Lora O’Connor Executive Producer By The Creative (Re)Directors: Producer/Director: Jonathan Pillot Photography: Nat Prinzi, Guy Shahar, Chris Vernale Sound: Andrew Finkel Editor: Kala Mandrake

Everyday Consciousness and Primordial Awareness by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, edited by Susanne Schefczyk

This introduction to Buddhist psychology supplies essential instructions for successful meditation practice. Rinpoche presents meditation practices that can powerfully influence and ultimately transform the mind into the purified mind of a Buddha. He clearly describes how consciousnesses operate in everyday perception and how at the time of Buddhahood, these same consciousnesses express the five primordial wisdoms of the five Buddha families.

The Very Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche was born in Kham in 1933 and was formally recognized at the age of five as the ninth incarnation of the great Thrangu tulku. One of the most highly regarded masters of Mahamudra meditation, Rinpoche has touched the lives of students from all parts of the world through his compassionate presence, his immense knowledge, and his way of making even complex teachings accessible.

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The Challenge of the Soul: A Guide for the Spiritual Warrior by Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein

In times of upheaval, many of us seek guidance from a spiritual mentor, someone who has confronted challenges and become a stronger person as a result. Here Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein draws from his own hard-won insights and personal experiences as a congregational rabbi, martial artist, FBI chaplain, and limit-pusher and interweaves them with the teachings of sages, biblical figures, and thinkers of all stripes to help us get beyond our own perceived limitations and face life’s challenges with fearlessness and fortitude. Goldstein identifies eight essential qualities that he believes we must cultivate to live a life of self-empowerment and then uses a programmatic approach to explore these qualities and the ways we can develop them in ourselves.

Rabbi Goldstein is known for challenging himself physically, mentally, and spiritually. He counseled law enforcement officers at Ground Zero, has traveled to numerous remote and inhospitable places to learn and teach, and has sought out difficult experiences to rigorously test himself and the meaning of his faith.

Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein is the founder and Rabbi Emeritus of The New Shul in New York City. His essays and poetry have appeared in various publications, including Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, and the Forward. He has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Glamour, Real Simple, and the Jewish Week, as well as on television and radio.

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