Eckhart Tolle – Awakening Is Not About Attempting To Achieve A Future State

We live in fragments
We live in fragments. You are one thing at the office, another at home; you talk about democracy and in your heart you are autocratic; you talk about loving your neighbours, yet kill him with competition; there is one part of you working, looking, independently of the other. Are you aware of this fragmentary existence in yourself? And is it possible for a brain that has broken up its own functioning, its own thinking, into fragments. Is it possible for such a brain to be aware of the whole field? Is it possible to look at the whole of consciousness completely, totally, which means to be a total human being?

Jiddu krishnamurti

Natural Presence * Being Embodied ~ FlorianTathagata·

This video is a 30 minute interview, taken during the SAND Science & NonDuality Conference in San Rafael, California in Oct 2010. It covers 8 fundamental subjects on being consciousness, embodiment, resting, habitual functioning, identification, the sense of ‘I’, natural presence and oneness. Enjoy the exploration.

Dolano -1.The play of Lila 2. How Can I be sure? 3. Who is afraid to Die? (Part1 & 2)- Enlightenment series

Enlightenment series – Dolano speaks of life as play, the Play of Leela, versus life as a “game”, the win and lose game of Samsara, which is suffering…
Dolano offers a month long Intensive Satsang which is “The Last Satsang” where one can wake up and free the mind from the wrong vision forever.

Dolano Open Satsang | How can I be Sure? Enlightenment series

Enlightenment series – Dolano is responding to the question asked: “In this understanding of who I am (who am I), how can I be sure it is coming from my true nature and not from my mind?”

Dolano open Satsang – What is afraid to Die (part 1) Enlightenment series

Enlightenment series. Dolano answer question regarding spiritual healing, what are the fundamental aspects of it? …healing in the level of the soul – profound healing. (Part One)
Dolano points out: “You need first to come to know who you are, your very nature, which is pure intelligence and health and does not need any healing.” And she speaks rather of freeing – liberating the mind which is still deluded with the appearance and is in the duality – boundary vision and suffers because of that.
Dolano: “You need to take care from the very root. You can’t just cut and cut the branches, they will grow again and you can go on endlessly with that.”

Dolano Open Satsang | What is Afraid to Die (Part 2) Enlightenment series

Enlightenment series. Dolano answer a question regarding spiritual healing, what are the fundamental aspects of it? …healing in the level of the soul – profound healing.
in this part Two of the video Dolano speaks about: Mind is busy with healing the illusion …And shocking situation like Japan earthquake – when mind stops – when everything stops –
A Wake Up Call!

Meeting in the Heart with Prajnaparamita – Ever present, unborn mystery

Published on Apr 4, 2013

Meeting in the Heart
Talks with Prajnaparamita on Awakening, Love, Truth and Compassion

Born and living in the Netherlands, Prajnaparamita has been in search of her true nature all her life. Initially investigating and studying psychology, religion and philosophy, she eventually met a truly awakened soul and surrendered her heart, her mind and her life. Over several decades Prajnaparamita received a rich vista of non-dual teachings: Advaita Vedanta, Mahayana Buddhism, Zen and Ch’an.

After her enlightenment, more than a decade ago, Prajnaparamita was assigned by her spiritual Master, ShantiMayi, to be a Guru herself and ‘spread the light all over the world.’

Since then she has unceasingly offered satsang* and intensives worldwide, inspiring all who are longing to awaken to their inherent Buddha nature.

Her teachings are no teachings really. In the togetherness of the satsang, in her response to questions being asked about all aspects of life, there is a spontaneous expression of universal truth, as an ongoing encouragement to come to rest in natural peace.

Oprah Winfrey Master Class Surrender

Uploaded on Jan 28, 2012

Oprah sharing her story as a Spiritual Entrepreneur. When you have worked as hard and done as much and strived and tried and given and plead and bargained and hoped – Surrender. When you have done all that you can do, and there is nothing left for you to do. Give it up. Give it up to that thing that is greater than yourself and let it then become a part of the flow.

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