The Great Undoing ~ Stuart Schwartz (Author)

In love with Presence, Stuart’s vision is radically “non dual” – a perfect foil for the thoroughly conditioned, dualistic image maker, story teller called the mind. At first, his approach to mind might appear too pithy. “Your mind is not your friend. Leave it alone.” And “if you want a quiet mind, don’t listen.” But wisdom often hides behind simple, direct phrases. Most of Stuart’s verse offerings included in the five chapters of this book have arisen out of silence during the past few months, while others have appeared over a longer period of time.

While the words and phrases themselves could not be more modern and colloquial, the poems have arranged themselves nicely into classical yogic themes:

  • Vedanta’s ‘world-as-object’ or Illusion;
  • Attachment to the Illusion brought about by wrong identification with ‘body/mind’;
  • the separate, isolated Me as the centerpiece of limited, egoic ‘becoming’;
  • Mind, which is merely another word for thought which conditions all existence; and, finally
  • Awakening to and in no-thing.

    Some of the aphorisms are presented from the first person perspective of the individual who at times exults in new found freedom and at others awakens only to a new found appreciation of his or her awful predicament as a body/mind. Others bespeak teachings directly from the mouth of the Impersonal Itself. Whatever the form, these Western sutras are uncompromising in their spirit and message. Characteristically, when asked, Stuart describes them simply as ‘disarming.’ They are both a map of Advaita’s ‘pathless path’ and a statement beyond fact.

    Click here to browse inside.

Stuart Schwartz – ‘Death and Non-Duality’ – Interview by Renate McNay

Stuart Schwartz – ‘Death and Non-Duality’ – Interview by Renate McNay

Stuart is a satsang teacher and author of ‘The Great Undoing.’ He talks about his life and work and explores with Renate the experience of the death of their sons.


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