The Power of Patience: How This Old-Fashioned Virtue Can Improve Your Life ~ M.J. Ryan

It has become the norm in our everyday busy lives: we expect everything to happen instantaneously and become instantly aggravated when it doesn’t. The result is that we can feel frantic and rushed, stressed and unhappy nearly all the time. Not to mention how the people around us feel.
In The Power of Patience, M. J. Ryan teaches us how to slow the rush and reclaim the forgotten virtue of patience on a daily basis. She shows how doing so allows us to make better decisions and to feel better about ourselves every day.

As a co-creator of the bestselling Random Acts of Kindness books, and author of Attitudes of Gratitude, M.J. Ryan discovered that the classic virtues have enduring power to bring light and love into our lives. With The Power of Patience, she shares what she has learned about the gifts that this old-fashioned quality can bestow, the attitudes that foster a patient outlook, and the practical tools that help us to respond patiently in any given moment.

The Power of Patience calls on us to reclaim our time, our priorities, and our ability to respond to life with a firmly grounded sense of who we are. It is the best gift, we soon learn, that we can give ourselves.

M.J. combines a practical business perspective gained as a CEO of a publishing company with a strength-based approach to help clients reach professional and personal goals. Using methodologies from positive psychology and neuroscience, she is able to quickly identify a client’s underlying thinking talents and helps them efficiently use them to overcome challenges and maximize success. She has coached many high level executives as well as entrepreneurs and individuals around the world who want lives of greater purpose and success.

Her clients include Frito Lay, Microsoft, Royal Dutch Shell, the U.S. military, Hewitt Associates, SRAK (a joint venture between Shell and the Saudi Arabian National Oil Company), the Cowell Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club, and the town of Paradise,

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