Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power By Stuart Wilde

In Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power, Stuart Wilde teaches you how to consolidate your inherent power and transcend all limitations by releasing yourself from the constraints of your ego. Your ego traps you, according to Stuart, and it is never happy for long, always wanting more, whether it’s a new job, new relationship, or bigger bank account.

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The Eternal Now – Stuart Wilde. Mix by James Wild

Striking fractal slide show with narration from Stuart Wilde meditation. Music by James Wild. Audio is from the Quiet Earth production Meditations for Inspiration and Affirmation.

In Loving Memory of Stuart Wilde
World Renowned Author & Metaphysical Teacher Stuart Wilde Dies, Age 66

Friends & Family sadly announce the passing of globally respected Author & Metaphysical Teacher Stuart Wilde. Wilde suffered a fatal heart attack on a scenic drive through Ireland on Wednesday May 1st, 2013.

As Author of over 20 books (translated into 27 languages and selling millions of copies) on Spirituality & Personal Development, Wilde was considered by many to be one of the greatest metaphysicians that ever lived. Many famous New Age, New Thought writers & teachers privately studied with him including Deepak Chopra & Dr. Wayne Dyer.

The 33rd Sage and the Initiate by Geof Spalding

“It was 3 days before the Solstice and the sage must prepare him;” was the beginning of the stunning first spiritual novel by Geof Spalding. In The 33rd Sage and the Initiate, Geof Spalding once again weaves into this story profound elements of spiritual teaching. This modern day fable allows the reader to access worlds and dimensions which have been previously hidden from view, except to those who have been initiated into the mysteries.

Conway’s journey begins when he meets an old hermit who allows him access to the teachings of an ancient brotherhood who guide the evolution of the planet. The brotherhood sends Conway off on a quest to discover the true story of Jesus and the Holy Graal. On the quest Conway meets many strange characters who help him on his journey; including an old hermit, a Chinese Sage, a Buddhist Monk, the keeper of the Garden Tomb, his wife from a life long forgotten and a being from another dimension. The quest allows Conway a window into his own soul and the discovery of who he had been in a previous life and the reason he incarnated into the planet at this time and place.

“The 33rd Sage and The Initiate,” takes the reader on the ultimate journey of self-discovery; the journey to find their own inner truth. The key to finding other worlds is to first find them within yourself.

This transformational novel is a must read for anybody who has ever asked the big question why am I here and where am I going? Readers will make the journey with Conway as he walks the path of the initiate and is transformed into a person who has a deep understanding of his place in the universe. In a similar vogue to the Celestine Prophecy and the Alchemist this is a story that changes lives.

Come with Conway as his quest takes him from the beaches of Bali, to Portugal and the apparition, to Glastonbury and the Graal, to the Himalayas where he finds love and the ancient manuscripts, to Jerusalem and the tomb of Jesus, to another dimension and to Macchu Picchu where he meets the ancient brotherhood and finally understands the reason for his quest.

The earth and mankind are currently going through great change. The old mystics called it the quickening. It is now more important than ever to take the journey within because during times of transformational change, your infinite spirit will be your best guide on this magical journey.
Geof Spalding is a homoeopath, teacher and writer who has traveled the world in search of spiritual teachers and teachings. The teachings have led him on many adventures through many lands where he has met and studied with many wise men and women. Through dedication, persistence and especially patience he was able to gain a deeper understanding of his place in the world.

Over the millennia teachers have passed on their wisdom and insights to their students who have in turn upheld these traditions and then passed on them in their own way to their students.

During the last twenty eight years Geof Spalding has been fortunate enough to study with many teachers. The teachings have led him on many adventures through many lands where he has met and studied with many wise men and women. Through dedication, persistence and especially patience he was able to gain a deeper understanding of his place in the world.

After 28 years he has decided to share this knowledge in his own unique way through a trilogy of spiritual novels which take the reader on the ultimate journey; the journey for inner truth. These books are not written as a guide but as one man’s journey and to honor the teachings and the teachers that came before him. His first novel, ‘The 33rd Sage,’ is a modern day fable which has the potential to change lives.

Spiritual growth is an individual accomplishment. Others may point the way but it is up to the individual to do the growing.

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Book Trailer: The 33rd Sage

One minute, Conway is suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and loses everything in life; the next, he is an apprentice to an old Chinese sage who teaches him that just as there are seasons within nature, there are seasons within man and mankind. During his training, Conway is sent off on a quest that has the power to change the world, while at the same time leading him on the ultimate journey: the journey for inner truth.

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