Adyashanti and A. H. Almaas: Realization Unfolds

Two Visionary Teachers Invite Us to Explore the Path to Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual realization expresses itself differently through different teachers. With Realization Unfolds, two of our generation’s most pioneering and influential spiritual teachers present a six-session on-demand online course that explores their respective perspectives on spiritual awakening and what it means to live an awakened life.

As you watch the video of the dialogue, we invite you to reflect deeply on what is being discussed and its relevance in your own life. After each video presentation, you will be offered a series of questions and contemplations. If you wish, you may write out responses to these in the online journal provided.

For the duration of Realization Unfolds, Adyashanti will be referred to “Adya” and A.H. Almaas will be referred to as “Hameed,” the names most commonly used by their friends and students.
Is psychological self-knowledge necessary for spiritual realization?
What about human uniqueness and individual personhood after awakening?
What is the role of the spiritual teacher and transmission in the awakening process?
The Diamond Approach—a way to investigate reality and work on oneself that leads to maturity and liberation

Silent Power ~ Stuart Wilde

Silent Power, book & CD, is like its bestselling predecessor Life Was Never Meant to Be a Struggle, is filled with practical advice on living more fully using your “silent power.” Author Stuart Wilde claims that there is a silent power within you, an inner knowing that grows because you understand its infinity. Silent power teaches you hour by hour; it is with you this very minute! As you begin to trust your power, it can lead you step by step to the next person and place in your life. Stuart Wilde is a bestselling author and lecturer whose style is humorous, controversial, poignant and transformational.

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Stuart Wilde – Silent Power

Stuart Wilde is considered by many the greatest living metaphysician in the world today. Many of the most famous New Age, New Thought writers and teachers have privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by his work.

5/06/12 Stuart Wilde: Silent Power, Fringe Dweller & The Tao

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