The Angel of the Presence ~ Humanity Healing

“Life is a pure flame and we live by an invisible Sun.”
~Sir Thomas Brown

Certainly no other concept in the spiritual genesis of the soul is more misunderstood than the Angel of the Presence. The relationship between these luminous beings and the souls of humans have been matter of great questioning and are considered to be one of the bigger mysteries of Faith in many schools of knowledge and wisdom.

The Angel of the Presence, also known as the Solar Angel, is a highly evolved being; one that has completed various stages of initiation in various degrees. He is called into existence to guide the first twelve cells, or Lotus Petals that one day will bloom to be fully a self-realized and ascended soul, with its guidance and assistance. The Lotus is also called the “Chalice” or “Holy Grail”, and it has twelve distinctive luminous energies. When the Solar Angel builds the Chalice, the transcendent Ray of the Monad is conceived in this “womb” as the seed of the future human soul.

For love and for selfless service to the Logos of the Solar System, these angels were sent forth to assist the new Monads to anchor the higher energy from above to foster their extensions, and in turn, to manifest them to the realm of experience, or third dimensional planetary life.

“Matter is the Vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit and these three are a Trinity synthesized by Life, which pervades them all.”
– The Secret Doctrine, from Bailey’s The Soul and Its Mechanism,

Through the Law of Grace and with great compassion, our Solar Angels make a commitment to stay with these twelve soul extensions for eons, until we ourselves graduate from Earth School.

They are our fellow travelers, but with the differences that are given from millennia of previous evolution, with energies and responsibilities that go beyond what a mere human experience can encompass.

This guardian angel is called by various names. It is the Solar Angel, a radiant Being, the Meditator who is in continuous meditation trying to come in contact with the human soul. It is also called the Integrator, the bridge-builder between the human soul and his future glory.

Saint Peter called the Solar Angel, “Christ within you, and the hope of glory.” This expression is not referring to Christ, but to the One who changes you from within. Christ is the Solar Angel for the entire Humanity just as a Solar Angel serves an individual.

A “secret code” in Leaves of Morya’s Garden[1] indicates the passage through the Soul to Spirit, the Essential Divinity within:

Night fell. Christ was seated at a threshold. A scribe approached and asked: “Why dost thou sit in the passageway?” Christ answered: “Because I am the threshold of the Spirit. If thou wouldst pass, pass through me.”

This same message is given in the Biblical passage, “I am the way, the truth and the life: no one comes to the Father, but by me” (John 14:6); that is, by way of the Soul or Christ-consciousness.

“The disciple, having developed two divine aspects, the creative activity of the personality and the impersonal, inclusive love of the Soul, now approaches the highest aspect, the “Will, the Life, the Father, the Monad, the One.” [2]

The Solar Angels have many different names throughout different cultures, it is known in Psychology as the Super Consciousness, and elsewhere as the Inner Presence, the Solar Deva, Agnishvatta Pitri, Manasputra. Some psychologists have made some confusion about this concept; they think the Self in the human core is the Transpersonal Self, while the Transpersonal Self is the Solar Angel, not the human Self. The human Self is the Transcendental Self.

“The Presence of the Soul abides with me. I walk with God by night and day. I stand with God upon the ways of men; the shadow of His Presence, which is the Presence of my Soul, reveals the God on every hand, in every man. I see divinity on every hand in every form.”
– Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I

In the Tibetan tradition of occult meditation, the way of contact with this Being is through the Vajrasattva Meditation and through the recitation of the ancient mantra with 49 devanagari letters used in Sanskrit and 26 roman letters. The Vajrasattva is known to be the white entity or deity that appears during the meditations as sitting above the mediator’s head.

The Solar Angels have their own lives on their own dimensional reality, thus they are considered to be the Fire Devas of the mental planes[3]. Their energies are strong enough to organize our physical, mental and spiritual bodies and keep them in perfect alignment. Even being master organizers and incubators of human souls, the Angels of the Presence are not “the human soul”. Solar Angels came and indwelled in man as Guides, and, for a long time, it was the Solar Angels which acted as man. The Monad was concealed, and the human soul was in preparation for birth.

Waking the Global Heart: Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love~ Anodea Judith Ph. D. [Updated May 24, 2013]


Waking the Global Heart articulates a guiding vision for the transformational passage of our time. Positing that we are an adolescent culture in search of our future humanity, our maturation into the next era of human civilization will occur through an initiatory process that is at once both personal and collective. The agents of our initiation are the very by-products of our culture––from population expansion and environmental degradation to scientific breakthroughs and the blossoming of the World Wide Web. Such rites of passage force a shift in identity and awaken a fundamental change in values. A new identity must emerge that is based on planetary stewardship and global community, rather than ego-based individualism.

This requires the enchantment of a new myth––a fundamental awakening to an inspirational vision. Lasting transformation cannot be generated by fear, guilt, or control, but must be motivated from the heart. This comprises a shift from our current values based on the love of power to those motivated by the power of love. What awakens the heart is the soul of the world itself and the very real possibility of a wondrous future.

The primary focus of the current era, oriented to power, aggression, and personal ego must change. The old story of warring empires struggling for power must give way to a new myth of interdependent reciprocity. An era of the heart, based on values of integration, compassion, human rights, and environmental sustainability, is essential if we are to survive into the future. This shift takes us from opposition to synthesis, competition to cooperation, separation to integration, markets to networks, and most importantly: from power to love.

Waking the Global Heart chronicles the story of this passage. It takes the reader through an examination of three basic questions: Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? The answers take us on a tour through 30,000 years of the human story, examining the mythic themes that guided past eras. Each era is compared to stages of individual psychological development from birth to adolescence, and correlates these stages of collective evolution to the levels of consciousness related to the chakra system and to masculine and feminine archetypal dynamics.

The book then describes the elements of a new organizing principle based on self-organizing networks, values of compassion and cooperation, synthesis of divorced polarities, and the awakening of both transcendent and immanent forms of spirituality. Through a fundamental shift from seeing our world as an object to embracing it as a complex and divine subject, we can fall back in love with the world once again, and join together in balance and respect with the original partner in our evolutionary journey. By this act we can send the message through the global brain that it is time to awaken the global heart.

Anodea Judith, Ph. D.

Long concerned with the future of humanity, and passionate about awakening our collective potential, Anodea Judith has dedicated her life to healing the wounds in our personal and collective psyches, by addressing the archetypal splits in our guiding mythologies. With the recognition that our world is teetering on a dangerous precipice, Dr. Judith decided to step back from bandaging the wounds that paraded through her private practice as a therapist, and instead take a stand against the beliefs and assumptions that were causing those wounds. With a proclivity for perceiving patterns, honed by two decades in the therapist chair, she now takes her lifetime study of history, psychology, mythology, and religion, to illuminate a guiding vision for humanity’s future.

Anodea Judith holds a doctorate in Health and Human Services, with a speciality in Mind-Body healing, and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Her best-selling books on the chakra system, marrying Eastern and Western disciplines, have been considered groundbreaking in the field of Transpersonal Psychology and used as definitive texts in the U.S. and abroad. With under 1 million books in print, and translations in 15 languages, her books have won her the reputation of solid scholarship and international renown as a dynamic speaker and workshop leader.

Waking the Global Heart- book trailer

Winner of the 2007 Nautilus Book Award
-Best Book of the Year for Social Change

Winner of the 2007 Independent Publisher Award (IP)
-Silver Medal for Mind, Body & Spirit

Will we survive into the next age? If so, what will it look like and what will it take for us to get there? For the first time since the planet cooled, five billion years ago, humanity is capable of influencing—-for better or worse—-the trajectory of evolution. This requires a tremendous responsibility and maturity of the heart, and in this revolutionary book, best-selling author Anodea Judith charts the challenges and opportunities of our time.

Only through a rite of passage will humanity shift from the love of power to the power of love. This initiation will uproot and transform every aspect of human civilization. It will demand of humankind a new myth, one that insists on cooperation rather than competition, co-creation rather than procreation, networks rather than markets, and sustainability rather than exploitation. Waking the Global Heart is a handbook for this initiation, taking us on a journey through the twists and turns of our collective history to emerge with a guiding vision for our next awakening.
Anodea Judith, Ph. D.

Anodea Judith, Ph.D., is a prophet for our time. Her books include Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind, with 500,000 books in print in 12 languages, as well as several audio products, and an award-winning video. A former therapist, she now teaches workshops nationally and internationally on cultural evolution, human psychology, spirituality, and healing.

Anodea Judith – Template for Transformation

Join author Anodea Judith in this one-minute video as she describes humanity’s shift from the love of power to the power of love as a new organizing principle, combining personal and collective transformation using the map of the chakra system .

THE WESAK FESTIVAL – the full moon of the Buddha

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Full Moon – April 25th 2013
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